Difficult words Old terminologies in Homoeopathy

studentsDifficult words Old terminologies in Homoeopathy

Dr Jagathy Murali.  Kerala

Hundreds of  such words and terminologies explained

Majority of the students and practitioners in Homeopathy experiencing great difficulty in understanding the meaning of old terminologies in various repertories and materia medicas. Hence this is an attempt to lessen the difficulties of practitioners and students.

Acetonemia:  The presence of acetone bodies in relativly large amounts in blood,manifested at first by erethism,later by progressive depression

Acne : An inflammatory follucular,papular and pustular eruption involving the sebaceous apparatus

Acne rosacea :Rosasea;a chronic disease of the skin of the nose,forehead,and cheecks,marked by flushing,followed by red colouration due to dilatation of the capillaries,with the appearance of papules and acne like pustules.

Acne simplex: Acne vulgaris

Acrid : Sharp,pungent,biting,irritating

Actinomycosis : An infectious disease caused by actinomyces,marked by indolent inflammatory lesions of the lymph nodes draining the mouth,by inatraperitonial abcess,or by lung abcess due to aspiration.

Adenitis :  Inflammation of a lymph node or of a gland

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