Classical Homoeopathy for an impatient world by SK Banerjea

Rapid Classical Prescribing by Subrata Kumar Banerjea

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali 

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Which School of Homeopathy is right?
Now a day’s students and practitioners are exposed to various schools of homeopathy.  Lot of adjectives are added to homeopathy. Some of those methods are difficult to digest without years of experience, and some are far away from Hahnemannian teachings.

There are many books on rapid prescribing, but this book  highlights six methodologies which will enable the prescriber to reach the simillimum efficiently and quickly. These methods are simple and never confuse the beginner’s. 

Six methodologies are

Emphasis on aetiology  – including physical and emotional
Totality of physical symptoms
Totality of emotional symptoms
Behaviour, gestures, posture, past time
Miasmatic totality
Homeopathic generalities

Similimum can be reached by combination of any three of the above methodologies.

Author says -this approach towards prescribing is scientific, classical, practical, time tested and repeatedly verified which has been practiced for centuries by Master homeopaths including Drs Kent, Hering, Lippe, Tyler, Nash, etc

This book is the outcome of years of experience of Dr S.K. Banerjea who has mastered the understanding of homeopathic literature and practiced both in India and UK, that vastly differing in environment and culture.


  • M-THE is the classical and practical prescribing approach in drug dependent, impatient and observed consistent results.
  • M=TEK denotes
  • Miasm – 50% emphasis
  • Rest 50% emphasis on
  • Totality
  • Essence
  • Keynotes 

There  are innovative  discussion on different concepts of homeopathy needed for a correct prescription ranging from miasms, case taking,mother tinctures, methods of taperinf other system of medicine,LM ptecy, gropu study of drugs, effective drug picture etc…

Major section are

  1. Modern classical miasmatic prescribing – for drug dependent & non drug dependent
  2. Classical methodology for case taking and case analysis with emphasis on miasmatic diagnosis
  3. Effective potency tip – Hexoganal method
  4. Fast acute prescribing techniques
  5. Common characters of Group remedies and utility in prescribing
  6. Drug picture of  polychrests
  7. When well selected remedies fails – utility of nosodes, sarcodes etc..
  8. Personification of polychrests – looks and spot the medicines
  9. Emotional etiologies and their corresponding manifestations
  10. Psychiatry, mental essence & post traumatic disorders
  11. Consequences of vaccination
  12. Repertory of personality profiles
  13. Scope and use of mother tinctures of Latin an Indian drugs
  14. Repertory of mother tinctures
  15. Organopathic  medicines – how to handle drug dependent cases and tapering methods

Author beautifully described different aspects of miasm in  particular conditions.

For example – Hair falling

Alopacia with dry lusterless hair and bran like dandruff – Psora

Circular or spotty baldness – Sycotic

Diffuse hair fall – syphilitic

Thick yellow crusts in hair – tubercular

Like this he described many conditions with respect to miasmatic states

Weaning allopathic medicine
He explained how to tapper the medicine by giving the organopathic homeopathic medicines. After weaning 50% on conventional medicine, suppressed symptom come to surface and the patient  give much clearer symptoms. He described eight homeopathic bronchodilators with their indications dose  and potency to wean allopathic medicines.

Case taking Performa
This Performa is suitable to Indian and foreign sub-continent, but it is too lengthy for a busy practitioner

Potency tips
The hexagonal representation in the book will enable the prescriber to understand the keywords of the medicine on which major emphasis should be given for prescribing.

I recommend
 this book to every serious student and practitioner of homeopathy – since this work is   the outcome of years of experience of Dr S.K. Banerjea who has mastered the understanding of homeopathic literature and practiced both in India and abroad – his methods are simple and never confuse the beginners.

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