Collection of Medicinal Plants used in Homoeopathy

High quality pictures of Medicinal Plants used in Homoeopathy

Photographs by  : Dr Rejikumar R Nair

Name of the Plant – Name in Malayalam – Botanical name – Family – Parts used 

Very delighted to note that some dedicated & enthusiastic Homoeopathy Medical Officers working under NHM AYUSH Primary Health Centres in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala have taken the pain to collect these medicinal plants buying them at market rates from different Govt. institutions including the Tropical Botanical Garden, Palode & Panchakarma institute, Poojappura as well as private nurseries with financial support from NAM and maintained it nicely for International Ayush Conclave Kerala exhibition.

Total images : 144

The stall was arranged by
1) Dr. Sumam
2) Dr. Anitha
3) Dr. Sheelakumari N. S
4) Dr. Sunithamani. B

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