Communication Skills in Medicine

patients6Communication Skills in Medicine

Prepared & published by BCPS and DGHS

With WHO support


Nearly all the problems of present-day medicine including dissatisfaction of patients and their family members result from poor communication. Overall improvement in the Communication Skill will bring the confidence of patient population on doctor and is expected that number of patients seeking treatment abroad will be reduced.

This module was reviewed by the top level scientific committee and provides a frame work informations and suggestions about different types of communication skills in a coordinated manner.

Communication skills are learnt and developed by “doing” rather than “reading a book”.

However, the path will be easier if a guide is provided. I sincerely hope that this module will bring about the positive impact among doctors in the field of Communication Skill.

The module on “Communication Skills in Medicine” is indeed a well-prepared document that highlights various aspects of communication between doctors and patients and can serve to be a model in the teaching of communication skills to our young doctors’ community.

The Module on “Communication Skills in Medicine” is the research products of the author carried out with the assistance from the BCPS under HNPSP of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is a matter of great satisfaction that research carried out such is posing to be an important teaching tool.

It is recommended that this printed module will help in teaching of trainee doctors of different specialities. This type of teaching and learning module is going to be published first time in our country and shall be of significant value as a teaching material in general in the country and abroad.

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