Comparison of Kent’s Generalities with TPB and BBCR

Generalities is the last chapter in Kent’s repertory.There are 248 rubrics. The chapter starts with rubric “daytime” and ends in “wounds”. The chapter covers about 82 pages.

This section covers maximum physical general symptoms of the patient.They are listed in relation to:

  • The man himself- Eg: Different sensations, age, pathophysiology related to different structures in general like brittle bones, inflammation of the muscle etc…
  • Those symptoms related to the environment- Eg: Time, weather, food etc…


  1. AGE: Nursing children, old people, etc…
  2. CONSTITUTION: Dwarfish, stoop shouldered, emaciated, obese,lean people, sycosis, syphilis etc
  3. TISSUES:Bone- caries, non union, slow union , softening, muscle shortening, glands fistula, inflammation blood vessels etc.
  4. SENSATIONS: Hard bed sensation, heaviness, pain, plug sensation etc..
  5. AILMENTS FROM & OTHER MODALITIES: Gonorrhoea suppressed, measles after, vaccination after etc.. Aggravation menses before, motion, pressure etc..amelioration change of position,hand laying on part etc.
  1. CLINICAL CONDITIONS: Anaemia, cancerous affections, cyanosis, inflammation etc..
  1. CHARACTER OF SYMPTOMS: Contradictory and alternating states, pain appears gradually and disappears gradually, side symptoms on one side..etc
  1. REACTION OF THE BODY: Anxiety physical, irritability, mucus secretion increased, sensitiveness, reaction lack of , lassitude,plethora,weakness etc.. 


  • TIME: Daytime, morning, evening, night etc.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Weather [ wet,winter etc], sun, moon light, air draft of, high places etc..
  • FOOD: Breakfast , eating, hunger, fasting etc..
  • TOXINS: Arsenical poisoning, coal gas from , lead chronic effects of etc..
  • OUTSIDE AILMENTS FROM & OTHER MODALITIES: A/F shocks, from injuries . Aggravation- crowded room, exertion, lying, noise, uncleanliness, uncovering… etc.. Amelioration- rubbing, warm bed, bathing face etc… 


Abscess skin
Air ,open aversion to  S&C sensations
Anaemia Fever-Circulation- anaemia Fever-Circulation-blood –anaemia

Sensation- chlorosis[anaemia]

Apoplexy S & C Sensations
Arsenical poisoning  Agg & Amel – arsenic fumes < Agg
Atrophy , glands Glands- atrophy[ see flaccid] Glands
Brittle bones Bones
Bruises [ see injuries] S& C [ see contusion] Agg- injuries[including blows, falls , bruises]
Burns Skin Agg , sensation
Caries of bone Bone Bone
Chlorosis S & C Sensation
Collapse S &C Sensation- death apparent
Congestion of blood S &C [see surgings] Fever-Circulation- congestion
Cancerous affections S&C cancerous cachexia

Swelling [tumor] in general

Contradictory & alternating states Mind- alternating with physical symptoms.

Contradictory intentions are

Mind- alternating moods
Crawling [see formication] S&C-Formication [see tingling] Sensation-crawling[as of a mouse]
Discharges[ see different sections] S&C –discharges, secretions  Different sections
Drunkards[ see alcoholic stimulants] Mind- alcoholism Agg-Drinkers for hard[ old toppers]
Dwarfism S&C- growth affected
Exostosis Bones
Fat people [ see obesity] S&C- obesity ,corpulency Sensation- obesity
Fistula of glands Skin & exterior body- ulcer fistulous Skin- ulcer, fistulous
Food agg & amel Agg & amel Agg


Gangrene[see inflammation gangrenous] Skin Skin
Glanders Agg & amel Agg
Hysteria[ see mind] S&C –Hypochondriasis & hysteria Sensation- Hysteria[ & hypochondriasis]
Inflammation- blood vessels Fever-Circulation – blood vessel inflamed, phlebitis Fever-Circulation
Jaundice[skin yellow] Skin Skin
Lifting ,straining of muscles & tendons from Agg & amel Sensation
Metastasis S&C
Necrosis- bones Bones-necrosis[septic osteomyelitis] Bones
Non-union of bones
Nursing children Agg & amel suckling[nursing] infant agg Agg
Old age Agg & amel
Painlessness S&C -Insensibility Sensation-painless
Paralysis agitans S&C
Periodicity Paroxysmal/recurrent effects
Plethora S&C Fever-Circulation-blood-plethora
Pulse Fever-Circulation Fever-Circulation
Reaction lack of S&C- reaction poor Irritability physical lack of
Slow repair of broken bones Bones- fracture-slow union Bones-healing of broken bones slow
Softening bones Bones-soft as of  Bones –softening
Stiffness [see part affected] Stiffness & want of suppleness in Rigidity
Suppuration[see abscess] S&C Skin
Tumors  Swelling[tumor] in general
Varicose veins Fever-Circulation-blood vessels-varicose Fever-Circulation-varicose
Wounds Skin Skin


  1. Feels as if she could feel every muscle and fibre of her right side – Sepia
  2. Foreign bodies, sensation as if small foreign bodies or grains of sand were under the skin:Cocaine
  3. Convulsion’s –Addison’s disease in- Calc
  4. Frail as if body were- Thuja
  5. Injuries- Tendons- Anac
  6. Inflammation cartilages- Arg-m , nat-m
  7. Shot , rolling through the arteries, sensation- Nat-p
  8. Silica, from over use of- Fl-ac
  9. Sitting- must sit up in bed with knees drawn up, rests her head and arms upon knees- Ars
  10. Starving- Ign
  11. Thrombosis- Ars
  12. Trembling, externally- music- Ambr
  13. Tumors- atheroma- Bar-c
  14. Tumors-cheloid-Sil


  1. Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica – J.T.Kent
  2. Reperire-Dr.Vidhyadhar Khanaj.

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