Complete Dynamics Repertory Editor

Complete Dynamics version 17.2,  software lab has finalized the development of the Repertory Editor.

Repertory Editor! It is a highly professional tool, more sophisticated than the tools used by most repertory authors in the world! Yet, so simple to use!

About the Repertory Editor

Making your own additions to the repertory (add remedies and rubrics), is the most simple function of the Repertory Editor.

Extremely easy to do.

But it also allows you to create your own repertory, with all the professional details you find in the wold’s largest repertories.

In short, here is what the Repertory Editor is capable of:

  • All your additions are immediately integrated into the Book module.
  • Fully integrated with all the powerful functions of Complete Dynamics, like Find and Analysis.
  • Creation of multiple repertory files. This allows you to keep your work well organized.
  • Repertory files can easily be shared with others, like colleagues or students. Files can be shared with the world via the internet.
  • Create new chapters in the repertory.
  • Add rubrics, and sub rubrics.
  • Rubric texts in multiple languages.
  • Add remedies to rubrics.
  • Inrease the grade of remedies in the Complete Repertory.
  • Create new remedies, not yet in the Complete Repertory.
  • Work with multiple information sources, like books/magazines/seminars. Remedies can have multiple sources.
  • Automatic copying of remedy additions to more generic rubrics.
  • Personal remedy additions can be highlighted in the Book or Find modules.
  • Fast and easy switching between multiple repertory files.
  • Preview of all rubrics and remedies in a selected repertory file.
  • All functions are available through menu bar options, popup menu’s, and through an easy to use Repertory Editor Assistant window.

More information?

For the full documentation in English, click here.

The Repertory Editor is part of the Master Edition of Complete Dynamics.

If you currently have a license for the Practitioner Edition (or Student), you can upgrade to the Master Edition in our webshop, using program menu option Help / Buy license. The price depends on your remaining license period, and is calculated automatically by the webshop.

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