Crack the Entrance – MCQ Examinations in Homeopathy

By Dr.Jithesh.T.K. & Dr.Anil.K

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali  K R

Full name of the book :   Crack the Entrance- A preparatory manual for MCQ Examinations in Homeopathy-  For UPSC, KPSC,RPSC, Md Entrance etc.

Published by
B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
1921/10 Chuna Mandi
Paharganj, New Delhi-110055
Ph :9811959189
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Price : Rs. 249.00 INR

This book is not only useful for those who are preparing for competitive examinations but also for BHMS & MD students for their theory & viva voce – since this book contains lot of authentic study materials on materia medica in addition to multiple choice questions.

We are living in an era of tough competition. Unless & until you have a well planned strategy you will miss the target.

The main difficulty faced by the students appearing for competitive examinations was the unavailability of an authentic books with study materials on Materia medica. Authors had tried their best to make this book as interesting, exciting and reader-friendly as possible.

The Book written by Dr.Anil K. & Dr.Jithesh T.K, who had cracked many competitive examinations in Homoeopathy has   been compiled after years of tireless hard work, thorough analysis of the previous question papers of various competitive examinations in Homoeopathy. Having appeared for various competitive examinations in Homoeopathy the authors are very well aware of the tricks of the trade and have incorporated this experience in compiling this book.

This book is the first part of a series of books on the homeopathic subjects of BHMS syllabus.

This book is essentially meant for those students who are interested in appearing for various competitive examinations. There are many books in the market which contains lot of mistakes and repetition, however this book is more comprehensive and helps the students to remember the facts and conceptualize the subject in a novel way and also for the last moment revision. Care has been taken to avoid repetition of questions, and also to include different types of M.C.Q Questions in each section.

Guide lines for preparation
Important guidelines for preparing and attempting Materia Medica Questions in different examinations are given in a separate chapter. The book also provides lot of information for undergraduate and postgraduate students during their written and viva-voce examinations in Materia Medica and also useful for practitioners.

Getting proper concept is the base for a good preparation and performance. The kind of information available in many materia medica text books depend on author’s school of thought and the students are in a dilemma – which school or materia medica is correct. Without having the basic concept in classical text books it is not possible to answer in twisted MCQs and also to practice. The answer must strikes the candidate as soon as he finishes reading the questions of an MCQ. This book will give you the concept and offers subject in a precise and well formatted manner.

Previously asked Questions
A separate section of previously asked questions in various examinations like Union Public Service Commission (U.P.S.C), Kerala Public Service Commission (K.P.S.C), National Institute of Homoeopathy (N.I.H), Rajasthan Public Service Commission (R.P.S.C), Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (M.P.P.S.C), Post Graduate entrance examinations in Homoeopathy of various states etc are given under each chapter. Questions from the most recent competitive examinations have also been included.

Flow charts
Authors has used flow charts, graphs, tips for easy study, re-caps, diagrams and examples based on frequently asked questions  to communicate the concepts and points covered in each medicine, so that it is very easy to comprehend and retained long in the memory  of students.

The topics have been arranged system wise and each drug have been covered thoroughly. Important information about various drugs is given in the form of charts and boxes for ready reference. There is extensive thoroughly verified and updated compilation of drug details.  By this approach authors has achieved their objective to provide an ESSENTIAL and QUALITY study material on Materia medica for the students and practitioners – the readers get all the aspects of materia medica in one book. In one word it is complete and authentic.

The lessons are planned systematically keeping in view, the various patterns of questions asked in major competitive examinations. Detailed references are given in the last part of the book which also useful for further reading.

Chapter wise study materials
The study material based on authentic textbooks given in 13 separate chapters is the main attraction of this book. This book will stimulate the students really, to study the materia medica in a serious and scientific way without much strain.

In each chapter there are charts, tips for easy study, re-caps etc, which are based on frequently asked questions. The candidates have to be well versed in this chapter as it has been seen that questions based on these study materials have appeared differently in different question papers.

  1. How To Study Materia Medica for M.C.Q examinations
  2. Important Books on Materia medica & their authors
  3. Provers / Authorities
  4. The Vegetable kingdom
  5. The Animal kingdom
  6. The Mineral kingdom
  7. The Nosodes, Sarcodes & Impoderabilia
  8. Constitution
  9. Desire, Aversion & Intolerance of important medicines
  10. Important Modalities of medicines
  11. Relationship of remedies
  12. Tips from Boericke`s Materia medica.
  13. Previous Questions Revisited 

Chapter-wise arrangement of M.C.Q Questions
Great efforts have been taken to segregate the questions and put them under different headings, so that the student can study them systematically. This arrangement is easier to memorize too. MCQs are available under the following headings in Part.2 of this book.

  1. Mind
  2. Head & Vertigo
  3. Eye & Vision
  4. Ear & Hearing
  5. Nose, Face & Mouth
  6. Throat & External throat
  7. Stomach, Abdomen, Rectum & Stool
  8. Urinary organs
  9. Male Genitalia
  10. Female Genitalia
  11. Chest &Respiration
  12. Back & Extremities
  13. Sleep
  14. Fever
  15. Skin
  16. Generalities
  17. Miscellaneous
  18. Assertion and reason

In short, I can say that – no such MCQ book on materia medica, complete in information and authentic at the same time, has appeared so far and therefore I recommend this to all students.

In the subsequent editions it is better to include few model question papers/mock papers since self assessment/time management is an important part in preparation.

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