Cracking Homeopathic Codes in Breast Cancer

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali 

Dr Sunirmal sarkar PhD
Dr Shruti Shah PhD

Treating a Breast Cancer patient with Homeopathy is a tough job as no textbook was yet available. If you are really wants to treat breast cancer effectively – please read this invaluable book thoroughly. 

This book is based on the author’s vast clinical experience gained at “ Prayas Homoeopathy and Cancer research foundation” while treating cancer cases + experience of master of Homoeopathy such as TF Allen, Grimmer, Bernoville, Boericke, Kneer, Clarke, Lilenthal and Pulford. 

Setting up a cancer clinic is not a difficult task, we will get lot of patients. But treating patients with grave pathologies came out to be most difficult. 

Dr Sarkar successfully applied Cancer-specific remedies of Dr Grimmer. But still, variety of cancer cases including virgin cancer cases compelled authors to search remedies in various books and research papers. 

They studied current findings of our cancer remedies and integrated with materia medica after studying thousands of research papers to understand pharmacognosy, toxicity, phytochemistry and molecular behaviour of each drug. Cancer remedies, the Materia Medica presented in this book is integrated and updated with the latest scientific findings which were never done before.

This book acts as an Atlas which comprises a deeper, concise study of more than 80 Breast Cancer remedies in an innovative manner.

 This is being compiled from different homeopathic sourcebooks after a thorough study and only the most noteworthy symptoms are picked up. 

This unique compilation helps the physician to treat Breast Cancer patients in an easier way and will surely bring a new paradigm in Homeopathic Oncology.

The remedies are segregated alphabetically according to their kingdom and described aptly.

This book aims to make prescribing for breast caner easy, by bringing all the scattered information at one place. 

Major sections are 

  • Breast cancer – its clinical aspects
  • Clinical approach in breast cancer 
  • Homoeopathic remedies for breast cancer
  • Plant remedies and its indication 
  • Animal remedies 
  • Mineral remedies
  • Nosodes
  • Sarcodes
  • Radioactive substances
  • Synthetic remedies 
  • New Plant remedies for cancer 

DrSunirmal Sarkar is a Renowned and Busiest Homeopathic practitioner from West Bengal. He holds 40 years of clinical experience with mastery in cancer cases. His innovative thinking, tremendous knowledge, art of clinical application and success ratio in clinical practice are the source of inspiration for homeopaths across the globe.

DrShruti Shah, a very promising Homeopath, practising in Gujarat for 18 years. With her innovative ideas, she is doing scientific work on the role of Homeopathy in Cancer. A Researcher in herself, she has a very unique way of understanding remedies

Pages: 200

Rs. 229 

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