Crude Cinchona to Potentized Vaccines: Pleasurable Journey of Homoeopathic healing agents

Dr Jaimin R Chotaliya

In Homeopathy, Homoeopathic healing agents are called “Homeopathic medicines”, always occupying a central role for discussion. Sources of Homeopathic medicines and their modes of preparation are made their own unique place in field of pharmacological science. Whenever any layman was asked to tell about Homeopathy, the word “White sweet pills” comes immediately in his mind. So, Homeopathic medicines and their sources are one of the most famous and curious matter of Homoeopathic science. Each and every homoeopath in this Homoeopathic field is well aware about sources of Homeopathic medicines, i.e. Plant (vegetable), Animal, Mineral, Nosodes, Sarcodes, Imponderabilia, Synthetic source, Allersodes, Isodes and their potentization processes. But their journey from Hahnemann’s era to present time is interesting one to study. Contributions of the Homeopathic physicians in their respective eras are made them more glorious. So, let’s take some glimpses of this wonderful journey of medicines.  

Keywords: Homeopathic pharmacy, sources of medicine, potentization 

From the birth of Homeopathy to the present time, this horizon called “Homeopathic pharmacy” is continuously developing in its own way. Due to strong principles of Homoeopathic potentization and broad acceptance to the sources for preparation of Homeopathic medicines, day to day new medicines are getting entry in our Homeopathic Materia Medica. So, it is mandatory to have some knowledge about this area of Homeopathy. Hahnemann’s cinchona experiment was considered as a wonderful origin for birth of Homeopathy. That crude preparation of cinchona bark was the first milestone of Homoeopathic pharmacy.  After this successful experiment, Hahnemann was all prepared for further observations and experimentations to establish a new science in therapeutic field. His keen observations and rational mind help him to focus on this pharmaceutical field. Hahnemann’s knowledge of chemistry and exhaustive study on old literature regarding healing methods led him to develop this field called “Homeopathic pharmacy”. His lesser writings and commentaries on old school pharmaceutical methods were strong indicators of his interest in preparation of these healing agents. “Examination of the sources of the common materia medica” and “Contrast to old and new systems of medicines” clearly reflects his thought processes. [4]

Sources of Homeopathic medicine:
It is difficult to understand the sources of Homoeopathic medicines due to its huge domain. So, a retrospective study will help us to understand it in lucid way and explore some new ways for thought processes. 

Plant, animal and mineral sources are from early era became basic sources of Homeopathic medicinal agents. Dr. Hahnemann in his lesser writings mentioned about Mercury, Squilla and other medication used during his era and their therapeutics utility. [4]

Drug proving is one of the soul parts of the Homeopathic pharmacy. Sources of Homeopathic medicines are first passing through this process called “Drug proving”. Apart from human proving in Homeopathy, discovery of therapeutic utility from seemingly inert substance/matter was one of the greatest achievements in the therapeutic field. With the exploration of therapeutic utility of substances like Club moss to Silica, Dr. Hahnemann explored a new and wide route for the Pharmacy field. During his lifetime he had proved 99 Homeopathic medicines which were collection of pure symptoms of Homeopathic medicines on human being. 

Plant/vegetable kingdom: This is the largest one among the all sources of Homeopathic medicines. Many types of families and geniuses of plant kingdom were serves themselves as healing agents for treating patients. A simple proving of Aconite Napellus by Hahnemann to randomized placebo control trial of Okoubaka like medicines are solid proofs of this massive source. After Hahnemann and his fellow provers, all Homeopathic physicians in their respective era were gave a huge contribution to develop medicines from plant kingdom. Medicines that are prepared from the two different parts of same plant exhibit different characteristics from each other. These qualities of plants were making this kingdom as the largest source of Homeopathic medicines. For example, medicine named Nux Vomica prepared from seeds of Poison nut is useful for disorders originated from nervous system, while the decoction of leaves from the same plant is useful externally in rheumatism. Another interesting thing is similar active principle strychnine and brucea are presented in both plants i.e. Poison nut and Ignatian bean. But their different proportions are playing a unique role and exhibit similar effects at one level and different in another level in symptomatology of both remedies. [2] 

Animal kingdom: This is also a vast source like vegetable kingdom for our Homeopathic medicines. Classification and description by Dr. Farrington in his Clinical materia medica [3] is still considered as a classical source for basic understanding. As the time passes, groups like mollusk, insects, ophidian etc. are growing in all direction with their own pace. It’s a wonderful contribution from animals to the human species in this novel therapeutic field. In today’s time, there are many physicians across the globe are continuously with their hard work expanding our medicinal sources. 

Mineral kingdom: Apart from a great physician, one of the important roles of Dr. Hahnemann was as a Chemist. In his writings, his keen interest towards chemistry field and evolutionary experiments during that era was appreciable. His knowledge of chemistry was beautifully expressed in his method of mercury dissolution. This wonderful experiment was a great proof to consider him master in another field apart from Homeopathy. In mineral kingdom, understanding of simple metal remedy to study of Periodic table is essential for each and every Homeopath in our field for better practice. As it is a basic source which gives its presence in both animal and plant sources for their composition, it gives a deeper action than other sources when presence of suitable indications for their use.    

Nosodes: Ah! Whenever we speak about nosodes, all physicians from Homeopathic field are giving their full attention to Psorinum, Medorrhinum, Syphilinum and Carcinosinum. Apart from this 4 popular basic nosodes, Diptherinum, Parotidinum, Influenziunum, Hippozaenium, Ustillago maydis like plant nosodes and Dysentery co. like bowel nosodes are also proved their efficacy in day to day Practice. Most of the Homeopaths are using medicines from this source as an Intercurrent /Anti-miasmatic and Prophylactic remedies. But if we focus on their other role as constitutional remedies, there are many scopes to explore their full potential for treating our patients. From the concepts like original idea of nosodes comes from Hahnemann’s theory of Miasma to correlation with its nearer Sibling “Isopathy”, this source is being a most controversial source among all the medicinal sources.         

Sarcodes: If medicine could be prepared from the disease’s source, so why would not from healthy one? This source deals with the medicines prepared from the healthy tissues and healthy glandular secretions. From Cortisone to Placenta Humana, many sarcodes are now slowly occupied their places in Homeopathic dispensary with their own unique role. [7] Nowadays, sarcodes are getting popularity with their role in organ specific prescriptions and explore a new venture in field of Homeopathy.     

Imponderabilia: The dynamic source of this dynamic concept-based healing system. Among all sources, this source is considered as a unique one due to its non-material entity and astonished effect when used as indicated medicine Homeopathically. Medicines from this source like Son, Luna, X-Ray to latest proving like Mobile radiation are proved their role as medicines, their existence as source in their own glorious way. [8] 

Synthetic source, Allersodes, Isodes: A successful extension of Homeopathic sources, Tauopathy is one of the famous words in field of Homeopathic medicines in present era. Medicines from other healing systems are used in potentized form with successful Homeopathical applications in management of cases like deep pathological diseases and cancer like degenerative malignant diseases. Medicines like Carboplatin, Cisplatin, flutamide, tamoxifen are prepared from allopathic drug source and are helping immensely in practice. [9] One new system is also rising in its own dimension called “CEASE Therapy”. This therapy is working appreciably in treatment of Autism by using Homeopathic medicines. A potentized vaccine for treatment of Autism and other disorder like ADHD is opened a new path to establish plausibility of our Homeopathy in medical science. Detoxification in vaccine injury and treatment of post vaccination syndrome are impressive steps of this CEASE Therapy. [10]

It is an extraordinary process for the preparation of Homeopathic medicines. As we all know that it is considered as one of the cardinal principles of Homeopathy. This potentization/ dynamization is a process by which our medicines develop their hidden healing powers. History of these cardinal principles is also interesting one to study. Small description about dose of Arsenic Album in “Treasury of medicine and collection of selected prescription” to explanation of full process about dynamization in his organon of medicine, Dr. Hahnemann had created a memorable history in field of potentization. His interest in other field like botany, zoology and chemistry helped him to develop two types of processes; Trituration for insoluble and Succussion for soluble substances. After Dr. Hahnemann, some of our pioneers like Korsakoff of Russia, Jenichen of Wismar, Carroll Dunham, Bernhardt Fincke, Thomas Skinner, Samuel Swan were ready to give their contributions for modified potentization techniques. Along with centesimal and decimal potencies, other potencies like Straight potency, jumping potency, fluxion potency, Back potency all are well known to even neophytes our science. [7] 

Discussion of potentization is never get completed without a special note on LM potency. This 50-Millesimal/ Q-Potency is getting popularity among all Homeopaths due to its quick acting and less aggravating characteristic qualities. It has been popular discussion among Homeopaths, whether the matter of its repetition and administration part by Dr. Hahnemann in his Organon or useful information by Dr. Boenninghausen with Dr. Croserio (a close Friend of Dr. Hahnemann) through Hahnemann’s cases. [6] 

Liquid form of potentized medicine instead of globules/solid form and its controversy thorough the 5th and 6th editions for understanding of administration is still debatable matter in Homeopathy.   

Organon of Medicine, Materia Medica and Repertory are essential subjects to understand Homeopathy but importance of Homeopathic pharmacy is not at a lesser degree compare to them. From neophytes to senior Homoeopathic practitioners, it is necessary to understand this aspect of Homeopathic science as it creates a solid base to Understand and Practice Homeopathy. So, this article is intended to help neophytes to understand Homoeopathic pharmacy as well as Homeopathic science. 


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Dr. Jaimin R. Chotaliya (M.D. Part – II)
Department of Repertory
Dr. V. H. Dave Homoeopathic medical college and research Centre, Hahnemann House, Amul dairy road, Anand, Gujarat. 388001


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  2. when the evidences are getting collected with educational – institutional methods . who is that non human being criticizing homoeopathy system and theory of hahnemanns dramatization . he is just immature / mongrel. negative criticizes should not be exposed like this .in media . this is my request aliji

    • This article is intended to help neophytes for providing..infomation regarding homeopathic science and there is nothing any kind of criticism against master’s method of, please read the article carefully Umesh sir and then comment on media.
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      • I think you are against master Hahnemann. Because you wrote “Hahnemann’s dramatisation” instead of “Dynamization”. So be careful about your words and comments on others hard work and some efforts to give tribute our great Master Hahnemann. So, I’m insisting you to read carefully and with calm mind, as well as understand the content well.

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