Name the remedy in Homeopathy Materia Medica

red-question-markName the remedy in Homeopathy Materia Medica

Compiled by Dr Lizme Ajith
Asst. Professor
Govt. Homoeopathy Medical College Calicut 



  • Child cries & whines if any one touches it, will not let you feel the pulse – Ant tart, Ant crud, Sanicula
  • Women esp. widows, children & girls who generally careful becomes awkward & let things fall while handling them – Apis, Bov, Natrum mur
  • Excessively nervous, easily frightened by the slightest noise or an unusual sharp sound, a cough, sneeze, a cry, lighting a match, etc. – Bor, Asar, Calad, Tarent, Nux, Therid
  • Constantly dwelling on suicide – Naja, Aur met; but afraid to die – Nux vom
  • Children fear of falling, grasp the crib or seize the nurse – Borax, Sanic, Gels
  • Chronic blue condition, everything seems so dark that it can grow no darker – Lil tig, Lyc, Puls
  • Assumes strange attitude & positions in bed. – Plum met
  • Afraid of sharp pointed things – Spigelia
  • Faint & weak esp. when going downstairs , can go up well enough – Stannum, Borax, (opp – Calc)
  • Naturally of a sweet disposition, now on the borderland of insanity – Tuber
  • Hereditary tendency to alcoholism – Syphil, Asarum, Psor, Sul, Tub, Sul ac
  • Cannot sleep lying on the back – Acetic acid, Amm c (sleeps better on back – Ars)
  • unrefreshing sleep more tired on rising than when resting – Mag.c, Bry, Con, Hep, Opium, Sulph
  • Cannot get asleep unless legs are crossed – Rhododendron
  • Cannot read what he writes – Lyco (BOERICKE)
  • Feels that death is near & must hurry to settle affair – Petroleum
  • Always washing the hands – Syphilinum (BOERICKE)
  • Ailments : from suppressed grief and terrors of conscience; from duty not done or bad act committed – Cyclamen


  • Great falling of hair, after chronic headache or at climatric – Sepia
  • Headache as if a tornado in head; as if head had  been  blown  to pieces – Carb an
  • Headache, as if a rubber band were stretched tightly over the forehead, – Carbolic acid, Gels. Plat., Sulph
  • Eating a little too much causes headache – Nux mosch
  • Headache in occiput, which is as heavy as lead – Petroleum
  • Headache of students, teachers and overworked business men – Picric acid
  • Headache always hungry during; > while eating – Anac. psor Kali p
  • Headache from too much thinking, too close application or attention – Sabad, Arg.n
  • Coldness of the vertex with headache – Sepia, Vert alb
  • Heat of vertex, Calc., Graph. Sulph.
  • Headache at sunrise, at its height at noon, declines till sunset – Spigelia, Nat. m., Tab. Glon, Kalmia
  • Sweat on the face on a mall spot only while eating – Ign
  • At puberty : acne in anaemic girls with vertex headache – Calc phos 


  • Eyes burning, biting, smarting as from smoke, must rub  them – Allium cepa
  • Eye  strain  from  sewing – Ruta, Natr mur, Arg nit
  • Sunshine, light & wind are intolerable, cold air or water very pleasant to the eyes. – Asarum
  • Hemiopia;   sees   only the  lower half – Aurum met
  • Hemiopia;   Sees only the left half, Lith. c, Lyc.
  • When reading, the letters seem to turn, go up or down or disappear – Cicuta, Coc
  • Eyes – sensation, as if room were filled with smoke – Crocus
  • Intolerable pain in eyeballs; could not turn the eyes without turning the whole body. – Spigelia – seems as if eyes were too large for the orbits – Actea, Comocladia


  • Hearing confused; cannot tell from what direction a sound comes – Carbo an
  • Eustachian tube closed; catarrhal deafness and otorrhoea in psoric children – Merc duls


  • Epistaxis: when coughing; at night during sleep; hangs in a dark clotted string from the nose, like an icicle – Merc sol
  • All    irritating   things   –   salt,  wine,    vinegar,   pepper    –   immediately    produce   cough – Alumina
  • Cough, during pregnancy – Apoc, Con, Kali brom, Caust, Nux mos
  • Laughing   excites   cough – Arg met, Dros. Phos,  Stan
  • Dyspnoea or asthma, where the patient can only breathe by standing up – Cann sativa
  • With every explosive cough there escapes a volume of pungent, foetid air – Caps
  • Lumps of mucus fly from mouth when coughing – Bad., Chel, Kali carb
  • Want of  breath in those engaged in athletic sports – Coca
  • Cough has a gurgling sound,  as if water was being poured from a bottle – Cuprum met
  • Cough only in the day time – Euphr
  • Cough only in the night – Petroleum
  • Great weakness and loss of breath on going upstairs – Calc.; during the menses – Iodum, Alum, Carbo an, Coc
  • Dyspnoea  > by lying down – Kali bi
  • Dyspnoea worse when lying down – Aral., Lach, Ars, Grindelia
  • Cough deep hollow, like coughing in a barrel – Medr
  • The least thing coming near mouth or nose interferes with breathing; – Lach
  • Dyspnoea and sense of constriction; can inhale with ease, but no power to exhale – Medor, Samb
  • Cough going from warm to cold air – Phos (opp: Bry.)
  • Cough returns every winter – Psorinum
  • Expectoration  profuse, like the white of an egg – Stannum met
  • Expectoration   salty – Kali i., Phos, Stannum, Ambra, Sep.


  • Stammering, slow difficult speech – Bovista, Stram, Kali brom
  • Excessive flow of saliva, it runs out of mouth when sleeping – syphilinum
  • Saliva and all food has a salty taste – Cyclamen
  • Saliva – tough, ropy, viscid, frothy in mouth and throat, with constant spitting – Lyssin, Hydr
  • Continual rising of white froth into the mouth – Mag mur
  • Hay fever squirming sensation in the nostril, as of a small worm; brought on by exposure to hot sun or intense summer heat – Natrum mur


  • Sensation of lump in throat; descends on swallowing, but returns immediately – Rumex 


  • Spine aches from base of brain to coccyx, very sensitive to touch or pressure – Lac can, chin. s., Phos., Zinc
  • Sacrum extreme sensitiveness; cannot bear the slightest touch, even of a soft pillow – lobelia
  • Violent stitches in upper left chest, below the scapula, extending to neck – Theridion, Anis. Myr., Pix, Sulph
  • Great sensitiveness between vertebrae, sits sideways in a chair to avoid pressure against spine – Chin. S, Theridion


  • Sore   and   raw   spots  on   feet, especially   heel,   from  friction – Allium cepa
  • Hamstrings   feel   painfully    short  when  walking;  tension  in  joints  as  from shortening of the muscles – Amm mur, Caust. , Cimex
  • Gout  and  rheumatism, with great  fear  of being  touched  or struck  by  persons coming  near  him – Arn
  • Ulcers : irritable, inflamed, sloughing, varicose; painful as if beaten (Arn.); excessive secretion of pus – Calendula
  • Unsteady walking and easy falling of little children – Causticum
  • The fingers “go to sleep” frequently and easily – Digitalis
  • Affects left shoulder- and right hip-joint – Led pal, Agar. Ant. t., Stram
  • Painful contractions of the hamstrings – Natrum mur, Am. m., Caust. Guaiac
  • Acute inflammatory swelling of joints, wandering from one joint to another; severe at night; < in rest and during rough stormy weather – Rhododendron, Kalm
  • Lameness after sprains, especially of wrists and ankles – Ruta (chronic sprains, Bov. Stron.)
  • Burning of soles of feet; must uncover or put them in a cool place – Sanicula, Lach. Med., Sang., Sulph
  • When singing or using the voice, aching and weakness in deltoid and arms – Stannum met


  • Heart   troubles   from reflex symptoms of uterus or   ovaries – Actea
  • Angina pectoris intense throbbing of heart and carotids – Amy nit, Bell, Glon.
  • Palpitation, worse from least exertion – Iodum, Dig
  • Palpitation, From least mental exertion – Cal. Ars, Lith carb
  • Palpitations violent when lying on left side – Lac can, Tab – go off when turning to right.
  • Sensation as if heart is suspended by a thread – Kali carb, Lach.
  • Sensation of coldness about the heart – Petro, Carbo an., Kali m., Nat. m
  • Irritating, dry, sympathetic cough of organic heart disease – Naja, Spon
  • Pulse suddenly increases and gradually decreases below normal – Vertram viride


  • Belching; eructations; foul, putrid, like rotten eggs – Arn, Ant t, Graph, Psor – (Like Onions – Mag carb)
  • Stomach; pressure as from a load in one spot – Bismuth
  • All-gone sensation in stomach, in tea drinkers – Puls
  • Chronic heartburn,  sour eructations, sets teeth on edge – Sulph acid, Rob
  • Nausea from placing hands in warm water – Phos
  • Pressure   as   from   stone at pit of the  stomach – Bry
  • Eructations,  frequent, of  very little wind, as if stomachs  were full  of  dry food – Caladium
  • Distention, flatulence, excessive tympanitis; meteorism – Terebinth, Colch.
  • Colic  from cucumbers, salads  & over eating –  Allium cepa
  • Colic : < at once by uncovering an arm or leg; with very sour stool – Rheum
  • When passing flatus, sensation as if stool would pass with it – Aloes, Olean. , Mur. ac.  , Nat.  m. 
  • Chronic  eructation  for years – Alumina
  • Vomiting : as soon as he raises head from pillow; from a bright light – Stram
  • Gagging until he vomits the breakfast just eaten – Euphrasia, Bry
  • Swashing sensation in intestines, as from water, before stool – Crot tig (rumbling before stool, Aloe)
  • Stomach:   sensation  of fasting “all gone,” comes  on  only  when stomach is empty and is  >. by eating – Chel. Iod
  • Stomach: feels relaxed,  as if hanging down – Ipecac, Ign, Staph, Tab
  • Better during process of digestion – Anac [rev.  of Bry. , Nux].
  • Better going without regular meals; – Natrum mur
  • Gastric affections; from bread and pastry; acids, esp vinegar; – Anti crud
  • Constant  discharge of flatus, up and down, for  years;  belching – Anti crud
  • Belching accompanies most gastric ailments – Arg nitr
  • At every attempt to eat, colic pains in abdomen – Calc phos
  • Vomiting of drunkards, in pregnancy, cancer; of dark, olive-green fluid – Carbolic acid, Pyr
  • Child vomits : curdled milk, in large lumps; as soon as it has nursed, after mother has been angry – Valeriana, – Convulsion – Cham, Nux vom


  • Urine passes unconsciously day and night – Arg nitr, Caust
  • Enuresis   nocturna   of  delicate children, strong characteristic odour, excess of uric acid  – Benzoic acid
  • Child screams before urine passes – Borax, Lyc, Sanic, and Sars
  • Urine involuntary when coughing, laughing – Caust, Puls, Squil, Ver, Natr mur, Rumex
  • Enuresis diurna et nocturna;  where habit is the only ascertainable cause – Equisetum
  • Urine of a deep orange red color; copious red sediment – Lobelia
  • Constant desire to urinate on seeing running water – Lyssin, Canth, Sulph
  • Enuresis – nocturnal; after catheterization – Mag phos
  • Severe pain (backache) in renal region, > by profuse urination – Medo, Lyc
  • Renal colic with sensation of passing of calculus – Medo, Berb. Lyc., Ocim. c
  • Quantity of urine voided is larger than the amount of water drunk; – Merc
  • Enuresis : from vesical paresis; during full moon, obstinate cases – Psorinum
  • Severe pain at conclusion of urination – Sarsa, Berb. Equis., Med., Thuja, Apis, Natrum mur, Equis.
  • Haematuria : blood thoroughly mixed with the urine; sediment, like coffee-grounds; cloudy, albuminous – Terebinth


  • Constipation : of nursing children, from artificial food; bottlefed babies – Alumina
  • Soft stool requires   great   straining – Alumina, Anac, Plat,  Sil, Ver, Nux mosch
  • Constipation sensation in abdomen as if something tight  would break  if  much effort were used – Apis mel
  • Constipation stool large, hard, great straining, lacerating anus; painful extorting cries – Lac deflor
  • Obstinate constipation, causing retention of the urine; constriction of anus – Cann sativa
  • Constipation:   obstinate;  ineffectual desire;  stools  of  hard, round balls, like  olives – Asterias rub
  • Constipation : with the odor of limburger cheese – Sanicula, Sel
  • Sense of weight or ball in anus, not > by stool – Sepia
  • Obstinate constipation for years; rectum seems tied up with strictures; when enema was used the agony of passage was like labor – Syphi, Lac c, Tub
  • Diarrhoea: watery, brown, gushing out in a violent jet – Asterias rub, Crot. t, Grat. , Gamb, Jatr, Thuja, Phos, Podo
  • Liquid   stools running right through the diaper – Benzoic acid, Pod.
  • Diarrhoea < in morning,  on  moving, even a hand or foot – Bry
  • Diarrhoea : of children with sour smell – Cal., Mag. c.-(child and stool have a sour smell, Rheum); clay-colored stool – Hepar sulph, Cal., Pod
  • Diarrhoea : violent cutting pains after stool,  lasting for hours – Nitric acid, Rat., Sulph.-during and after, Mer.)
  • Diarrhoea : from boiled milk; – Nux mosch
  • Diarrhoea when she urinates – Alumina
  • Diarrhoea as soon as he drinks – Arg nitr, Ars, Crot. t, Throm.
  • Diarrhoea : only, or usually at night; cold food or drinks, ice-cream – Puls
  • Diarrhoea : painless; not debilitating; – Phos acid
  • Diarrhoea : with sago-like particles; – Phos
  • Dysentery; with ischuria, fruitless urging; long interval between the  stools – Arn
  • Sour smell of the whole body; child smells sour, even after washing or bathing – Rheum  Mag. c
  • Early morning diarrhoea; from 5 to 10 A.M. – Rumex, Aloe, Nat. s., Pod., Sulph
  • Piles swollen, pain most severe when sitting – Thuja


  • Discharge of blood from genitals during every stool – Lyco
  • Sensitiveness of vagina, rendering coition painful – Lyssin
  • Coition prevented by extreme sensitiveness of the vagina – Thuja (Plat.-by dryness, Lyc., Lys., Natr.)


  • Amenorrhoea  after fright – Aconite
  • Chorea, hysteria or epilepsy during time of menstrual function  – Actea, Caulo
  • Severe left-sided infra-mammary pains  – Actea, Ust
  • Menses; exhausted physically  and  mentally,  scarcely  able  to  speak – Alumina, Carbo  an. , Coc
  • Amenorrhoea   in young  girls, with bloating or dropsical extension   of   abdomen and  extremities – Apoc
  • Least mental excitement causes profuse return of menstrual flow – Calc carb, Sulph, Tub
  • At puberty : acne in anaemic girls with vertex headache and flatulent dyspepsia, >> by eating – Calc phos
  • Menses : by putting hands in cold water – Conium mac, Lac d
  • Menses : too early; too profuse, black and clotted; membranous (too late, pale, scanty, Puls.); better during flow – Cyclamen (worse, Act., Puls.)
  • Menses : painful, regular,  now lasting only one hour – Euphrasia, Bar
  • Will bring on the menses, when Nat. m., though apparently indicated, fails – Kali carb
  • Menses: flow on lying down – Kreos
  • Menses flow only when moving about – Lil tig, Cactus, Puls, Caust.
  • (on lying down, Kreos., Mag. c.), (Bor, Amm mur – night)
  • At every menstrual nisus, throat and tongue become intolerably dry – Nux mosch, Tarentula
  • Menses : too early, too profuse; sadness before; pain in malar bones, during – Stannum met
  • Menorrhagia, has not been well since her last miscarriage – Sulphur


  • Itch appears each year, as winter approaches – Aloes, Psor
  • Warts on palms of hands – Anac, Nat. m, Natrum carb, Ruta, – sore to touch – dorsum – Dulcamara
  • Eczema : no itching – Cicuta
  • Intense itching of skin, so tender > by gentle rubbing – Crot tig
  • Ulcers : red edges and vesicles; decubitus; violent pains – Fluoric acid
  • Ulcers, irritable, inflamed, sloughing, varicose painful as if beaten – Calendula, Arnica
  • Urticaria, acute or chronic; over whole body, especially after violent exercise Natrum mur, Apis, Cal., Hep., Sanic., Urt
  • Shingles, vesicles may have a bluish appearance – Ranunculus bulbosus
  • Eczema white bran-like scales; – Tuberculinum


  • Fever paroxysm returns at 11am and 11pm. – Cactus
  • Fever annually returning, paroxysms every spring – Lach, Carb veg, Sulph
  • Fever paroxysm at 7 A.M.  with great loquacity during chill and heat; – Podo


  • Useful after Nux and Sulph have improved, but failed to cure piles – Actea
  • Useful after Colch fails in gout – Benzoic acid
  • Phos. often cures lasciviousness when Hyos. Fails – Hyos
  • When Rhus seems indicated, but fails to cure in chronic urticaria – Bovista
  • Fever annually returning; paroxysm every spring – Lach (Carbo v., Sulph.),
  • If vertigo and headache be very persistent, or prostration be prolonged after Natrum, Nux will relieve
  • Phos. removes the bad effects of Iodine and excessive use of table salt
  • Sulphur follows Psorinum well, in mammary cancer
  • Has cured colic after Col. and Nux had failed – Collinsonia
  • After Bell. fails in scarlatina – Sang
  • Blatta orientalis has cured bad cases of general dropsy, after Apis, Apoc and Dig failed. For   bad effects  of  vaccination when Thuja fails and   Silicea   is  not indicated – Anti crud
  • As a dynamic remedy for the narcosis of OpiumSang
  • When Psor., Sulph., or the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently  improve; follows Psor. as a constitutional remedy in hay fever, asthma .Often removes bad effects of excessive use of alcohol and tobacco


  • Great    prostration:  after injuries, after   surgical    shock;    after anaesthetics – Acetic acid
  • Lack of vital heat in chronic disease – Sepia
  • Lack of vital heat in acute disease – Ledum
  • State of collapse, wants to be fanned all the time, skin cold yet throws off covers – Med, Camph, Secale
  • When   symptoms  reappear  they change  locality or go from one  side of the  body to the  other – Anti crud
  • Extraordinary  craving  for  apples – Anti crud, Aloe
  • Cold air or cold water very  pleasant to  the eyes; sunshine, light and wind are  intolerable – Asar
  • Cancer of mammae acute lancinating pain, drawing pain in breast;  – Asterias rub
  • Mosquito  and  insect  bites  burn  and  itch  intensely – Caladium
  • Stammering children – Bovista, Stram
  • Complaints of drunkards, after abstaining; craving for alcohol – Calc ars, Sar., Sul. ac.)
  • Complaints of fleshy women when approaching the menopause – Calc ars
  • Surface cold to the touch, yet cannot bear to be covered; throws off all coverings – Camph, Med., Sec
  • Sensation as of drops of water falling on or from single parts; on the head, from the anus, stomach, heart – Cann sativa
  • Pains are < by slightest touch, but > by hard pressure – China, Caps., Plumb
  • Sweat day and night,  as soon as one sleeps, or even when closing the eyes – Conium mac, Cinch
  • Should never be given in syphilis; always aggravates the condition – Ferrum met
  • Increased ability to exercise without danger  – Fluoric acid, Coca
  • Cancer; hard, adherent; skin mottled, puckered; pains knifelike – Hydrastis
  • Sweat on the face on a mall spot only while eating – Ignatia
  • Pains as if bones were all torn to pieces – Ipecec (as if broken, Eup)
  • Cannot bear to be touched; starts when touched ever so lightly, esp. on the feet – Kali carb
  • Persons suffering from ulceration of the lungs can scarcely get well without this anti-psoric. – Kali carb
  • Chronic blue condition, every thing seems so dark that it can grow no darker – Lac can, Lyc, Puls)
  • When walking, seems to be walking on air; when lying, does not seem to touch the bed – Lac can, Asar
  • Foetus appears to be turning somersaults – Lyco
  • Hydrothorax, if occurring from heart or liver diseases; dyspnoea, has to sit, cannot lie down – Merc sulph
  • Idiopathic or traumatic tetanus; brought on or < by slightest breath of air from a person passing – Phyostigma, Hyper., Lys., Nux, Strych
  • Want of vital heat, always chilly, even when taking active exercise – Silicea, Led., Sep
  • Chronic alcoholism; dropsy and other ailments of drunkards; “they reform, ” but are continually relapsing – Sulphur, Psor., Tub
  • Sensation as if trembling all over, without real trembling; internal trembling of drunkards – Sulph acid
  • Antidotes, for abuse of tobacco, are :
    • for excessive nausea and vomiting. – Ipec.,
    • for bad effects of tobacco-chewing. – Ars.,
    • for the gastric symptoms next morning after smoking. – Nux,
    • palpitation, tobacco heart, sexual weakness. – Phos.,
    • for annoying hiccough from tobacco chewing. – Ign.,
    • for tobacco toothache. – Clem. or Plant.,
    • neuralgic affections of right side of face; dyspepsia; chronic nervousness,especially in sedentary occupations. – Sep.,
  • for impotence, spasms, cold sweat from excessive smoking. – Lyc.,
  • ·occipital headache and vertigo from excessive use, especially smoking. – Gels.,
  • potentized  to relieve terrible craving when discontinuing use  – Tabacum 

2. Boericke’s Materia Medica

  1. Cold shivering as if blood were ice – Abies Can, Aconite
  2. After operation upon chest, a pressing sensation remains – Abrotanum
  3. Stomach feels as swimming in water – Abrotanum
  4. injurious effects of fruits esp. more watery ones – Ars
  5. Reduces the refractive index of blood serum – Ars, China, Ferr phos
  6. Gives quiet & ease to the last moments of life when given in high potency –          Ars
  7. Corresponds to the symptoms of air sickness in Aviators. – Bell
  8. It is a princely remedy for old labourers, esp. gardeners – Bellis
  9. Rachitic enlargement of femur in infants – Calc flour
  10. As a heart stimulant for emergency use, the most satisfactory remedy –    Camphor
  11. Dislocation of patella on going upstairs. –  Cannabis sativa
  12. Hearing confused, cannot tell the direction of sound – Carbo anim
  13. Indicated in persons who have never fully recovered from the effects of     some previous ill-ness – Carbo veg
  14. white mucus in stool like small pieces of popped corn – Cina
  15. In fever, face is cold & hands warm – Cina
  16. Post operative gas pains, no > passing it – Cinchona
  17. Snoring esp. in children. – Cinchona
  18. Vesicular eruption, itches terribly, worse washing in cold water – Clematis
  19. Cough from excessive use of voice, minister’s sore throat. – Collinsonia
  20. the slightest abrasion or ulceration will cause the intense photophobia –     Conium
  21. Diarrhoea after every cup of coffee – Cyclamen
  22. Throbbing pain at the neck of bladder, as if a straw was being thrust back &          forth – Digitalis
  23. Headache > by conversation – Dulcamara
  24. During fever want to be held, because he shakes so – Gelsemium
  25. Goitre of puberty & pregnancy – Hydrastis
  26. Backache, must use arms in raising himself from seat – Hydrastis
  27. Wedge like pain from ovary to uterus – Iodum
  28. Dyspnoea, suffocation compels the patient to spring from bed & rush for   open window – Lach
  29. Acts esp. well at the beginning & close of menstruation – Lach
  30. Angina pectoris with pain in right arm – Lil tig
  31. Cannot read what he writes – Lyc
  32. Ailments from cutting wisdom teeth – Mag carb
  33. Albuminuria in early pregnancy – Merc cor
  34. Albuminuria in late & full term – Phos
  35. Albuminuria in whole pregnancy – Helonias
  36. Yellow substance like pulp of orange in stool – Natrum carb
  37. Infallible for stopping a cold commencing with sneezing – Natrum mur
  38. Vesicles & burning on tongue, as if there is a hair on it. – Natrum mur, Sil
  39. Feels that death is near & must hurry to settle affairs – Petroleum
  40. Hearing difficult esp. human voice – Phos
  41. Bad effects of eating too much of salt – Phos
  42. Nervous cough provoked by strong odours – Phos
  43. Constipation of travelers who are constantly changing food & water –        Platina
  44. All the symptoms of acute nephritis with amaurosis & cerebral symptoms –           Plum met
  45. Fear of being assassinated – Plum met
  46. Great loquacity during fever – Podo
  47. Very hungry always must have something to eat in the middle of night –    Psorinum
  48. Often indicated after abuse of iron tonics – Puls
  49. Aversion to sweets & ice-cream – Radium brom
  50. Complaints from straining flexor tendons – Ruta
  51. Prolapus ani every time the bowel move – Ruta
  52. Sudden stopping of catarrhal of respiratory tract following diarrhea – Sang
  53. Sleep prevented by pulsation in all vessels – Selenium
  54. Rheumatism in hot season – Rhododendron
  55. Patient will not improve while using coffee – Psorinum
  56. Rotten egg taste when coughing, whopping cough that drags on – Sepia
  57. Fixed ideas, thinks only of pins, fears them, searches & counts them –     Silicea
  58. Child refers to the navel as the most painful part – Spigelia, Granatum,   Nux mosch
  59. Very sensitive as to what others say about her – Staphy
  60.  Very selfish, no regards of others – Sulphur
  61. Talks, jerks & twitches during sleep, cat naps, slightest noise awakens – Sulphur
  62. Excessive flow of saliva, it runs out of mouth while sleeping – Syphilinum
  63. Asthma in children – Thuja, Natrum sulph
  64. Fear of dogs, animals esp – Tuberculinum
  65. To fatten patients after tuberculosis – Hydrastis
  66. Neuralgia in brachial plexus, arms feels swollen – Vertrum alb
  67. Will raise the opsonic index against diplococcus pneumonia – Vertrum      ver
  68. Dull aching about the last dorsal or 1st lumbar vertebra, worse sitting –       Zinc met
  69. Can be used effectively in gastric & duodenal ulcers & stimulates the growth of     epithelium on ulcerated surface – Symphytum
  70. Tea tasters cough – Kali iod
  71. Sleeps with legs far apart – Platina.
  72.  —– is followed by, Kali bi. in nasal catarrh Calc-carb
  73. A strong, sweetish, metallic, copper taste in the mouth with flow of saliva Cup-met
  74. Abnormal appetite for chalk and indigestible things; for coal or charcoal; child eats them with apparent relish Cic-v
  75. Acrid, exhausting leucorrhoea ; in little girls ; with “moth spots” on forehead. Caul
  76. Acts well in potency as in tincture, applied locally and my be administered internally at the same time. Calend
  77. Adapted to book-worms; sensitive, romantic girls with irregular menstruation. Coccul
  78. Adapted to persons with dark hair and rigid fibre; weakly, psoric, with excessively yellow, sallow complexion Caust
  79. Affected parts very sensitive to contact and motion. Colch
  80. After appearance of menses so weak she can hardly speak Carb-an
  81. After heart is relieved old piles reappear, or suppressed menses return. Collins
  82. After pains: after long exhausting labor; spasmodic, across lower abdomen; extend into groins Caul
  83. Aggravation. – After shaving Carb-an
  84. Aggravation. – Anger and indignation; mortification caused by offense Coloc
  85. Aggravation. – From butter, pork, fat food Carb-veg
  86. Aggravation. – In clear, fine weather; Caust
  87. Aggravation. – Sudden mental emotion; excessive joy Coff
  88.  Aggravation. Motion: if the patient lies perfectly still, the disposition to vomit is less urgent. Every motion renew it Colch
  89. Ailments: from suppressed grief and terrors of conscience; from duty not done or bad act committed. Cycl
  90. All our progress as a school depends on the right view of the symptoms obtained by proving with — & Opium. Camph
  91. All sequelae of measles Camph
  92. As the coldness of the body increases, so also does the ill-humor. Caps
  93. Autumnal dysentery, discharges from bowels contain white shreddy particles in large quantities; “scrapings of intestines” Colch
  94. Aversion to food; loathing even the sight of still more the smell of it. Colch
  95. Aversion to light without inflammation of eyes; worse from using eyes in artificial light. Conium
  96. Aversion to motion; dreads to move Calad
  97. Bad effects: from mountain climbing or ballooning Coca
  98. Burning and smarting sensation, as from cayenne pepper, in throat and other parts, not > heat. Caps
  99. Burning of soles at night, puts feet out of bed Cham
  100. Burning, or icy coldness in stomach and abdomen Colch
  101. Canine hunger: hungry soon after a full meal; craving for sweets and different things; refuses mother’s milk Cina
  102. Cannot lie on right side or back without instantly producing dark, green vomiting; black or coffee grounds, of yellow fever. Crotal
  103. Cannot walk with legs close together, it hurts the urethra. Cann-sat
  104. Child is afraid to speak or move for fear of bringing on a paroxysm of coughing Cina
  105. Children with red face, flabby muscles, who sweat easily and take cold readily in consequence Calc-carb
  106. Children: emaciated, unable to stand; slow in learning to walk Calc-phos
  107. Chronic, painful, bleeding piles; sensation as if sticks, sand or gravel had lodged in rectum Collins
  108. Coldness & sweat of single parts Calc-carb
  109. Complaints of fleshy women when approaching the menopause. Calc-ars
  110. Complementary: Kali carb. Want of susceptabilty to well-selected remedies Carb-veg
  111. Constant pain under the lower and inner angle of right scapula Chel
  112. Constantly theorizing Cann-ind
  113. Constipation, with horrible offensive breath Carb-ac
  114. Constipation: stool, hard, round balls like sheep’s dung Chel
  115. Convulsions of children from nursing, after a fit of anger in mother Cham
  116. Convulsions: violent, with frightful distortions of limbs and whole body; with loss of consciousness; Cic-v
  117. Cough has a gurgling sound, as if water was being poured from a bottle. Cup-met
  118. Cough: as soon as the head touched the pillow a spasmodic paroxysm of cough set in. Croton-t
  119. Cough: in spasmodic paroxysms caused by dry spot in larynx ; worse at night, when lying down, and during pregnancy Conium
  120. Cough: with rawness and soreness in chest; with inability to expectorate, sputa must be swallowed. Caust
  121. Desire for very hot drinks, unless almost boiling stomach will not retain them Chel
  122. Desire to be constantly fanned Carb-veg
  123. Desire to be magnetised Calc-carb
  124. Desires many things; but rejects everything offered Cina
  125. Desires to be let alone; wants to lie down and sleep; Caps
  126. Destroys craving for tobacco Calad
  127. Diarrhoea; thin; like coffee-grounds; offense; from noxious effluvia or septic matters in food or drinks; from “high game” Crotal
  128. Diseases peculiar to drunkards. Coccul
  129. Dislocation of patelly on going up stairs. Cann-sat
  130. Distance seems immense; a few rods seems miles. Cann-ind
  131. Drawing pain through the chest from breast to scapula. Croton-t
  132. Dreads any kind of exercise Caps
  133. Drooping of upper eyelids; cannot keep them open Caust
  134. Dull, heavy, frontal headache, as if a rubber band were stretched tightly over the forehead, from temple to temple Carb-ac
  135. During the effort to menstruate she is so weak she is scarcely able to stand from weakness of lower limbs Coccul
  136. Dysentery: fluid mucus, like scarpings of mucus membranes, and great tenesmus Carb-ac
  137. Dyspnoea or asthma, where the patient can only breathe by standing up. Cann-sat
  138. Eczema: no itching; exudation forms into a hard lemon-colored crust. Cic-v
  139. Entire body painfully sensitive to slightest touch. Camph
  140. Errative pains changing place every few minutes; painful stiffness of affected joints. Caul
  141. Erythema from exposure to sun’s rays (sunburn). Canth
  142. Every stool is followed by thirst and every drink by shuddering. Caps
  143. Excessive flatulence of stomach and bowels; fermentation, borborygmus, belching gives no relief ; < after eating fruit. Cinch
  144. Excessively happy, affectionate, wants to kiss everybody; next moment in a rage. Croc-s
  145. Exteremely irritable, impatient; becomes angry or offended on being questioned. Irritable; throws things out of his hands. Coloc
  146. Falls asleep during evening fever and wakes when it stops. Calad
  147. Fear of death; believes disease incurable Cact
  148. Fears she will lose her reason or that people will observe her mental confusion Calc-carb
  149. Feels better in every way when constipated. Calc-carb
  150. Feels complaints more when thinking about them Calc-phos
  151. Fever paroxysm returns at 11 a. m. and 11 p. m. Cact
  152. Fistula in ano, alternating with chest symptoms Calc-phos
  153. For the bad effects of exhausting diseases, whether in young or old Carb-veg
  154. Gall-stones, with pain under the right shoulder-blade Chel
  155. Girls who are fleshy, plethoric, and grow too rapidly. Calc-carb
  156. Great apprehension of approaching death. Cann-ind
  157. Great coldness of the surface with sudden and complete prostration of the vital force Camph
  158. Has cured aphonia from exposure when Acon., Phos. and Spong. had failed Cina
  159. Has cured umbilical hernia with obstinate constipation after Nux failed. Coccul
  160. Head sweats profusely while sleeping, wetting pillow far around Calc-carb
  161. Headache in anaemic patients, with flickering before eyes or dim vision, on rising in morning. Cycl
  162. Headache: as if a tornado in head; as if head had been blown to pieces; has to sit up at night and hold it together. Carb-an
  163. Headache: as if the skull would burst;after haemorrhage or sexual excesses Cinch
  164. Headache; during climacteric, throbbing, pulsating, < during two or three days of accustomed menstrual flow; Croc-s
  165. Hearing confused; cannot tell from what direction a sound comes. Carb-an
  166. Heart feels as if clasped and unclasped rapidly by an iron hand Cact
  167. H’ge from any part, blood black, viscid, clotted, forming into long black strings hanging from the bleeding surface Croc-s
  168. Hippocratic face; very pale, grayish-yellow, greenish, cold with cold sweat; after haemorrhage Carb-veg
  169. Homesickness (of indolent, melancholic), with red cheeks and sleeplessness. Caps
  170. In aged people should not be repeated; especially if the first dose benefited, it will usually do harm. Calc-carb
  171. In cases spoiled by the use of opium or morphine in complaints of children Cham
  172. Intense itching of genitals of both sexes Croton-t
  173. Intense itching of skin, but so tender is unable to scratch; > by gentle rubbing; eczema over whole body Croton-t
  174.  Intense sympathy for sufferings of others. Caust
  175. Intermittent fever: returns every seven or fourteen days; never at night. Cinch
  176. Intolerable urging, before, during and after urination; violent pains in bladder. Canth
  177. Is followed well: by, Psor. in tumors of mammae with threatening malignancy. Conium
  178. Is frequently to be thought of, in children, as an epidemic remedy, when adults require other drugs. Cina
  179. Is often useful after bad effects from spoiled fish and decayed vegetables Carb-an
  180. Is useful in bad effects from excessive tea drinking or abuse of chamomile tea, when haemorrhage results. Cinch
  181. Labor pains short, irregular, spasmodic; tormenting, useless pains in beginning of labor; no progress made. Caul
  182. Lacerated wounds with blunt instruments; bones bare, crushed; much sloughing of soft parts Carb-ac
  183. Leucorrhoea: ten days after menses Conium
  184. Lochia protracted; great atony; passive, oozing for days from relaxed vessels Caul
  185. Longing for whiskey and tobacco Carb-ac
  186. Measles and scarlatina when eruption does not appear; Camph
  187. Melancholy mood: sad, hopeless; from care, grief, sorrow; with weeping, “the least thing makes the child cry.”. Caust
  188. Menses flow only in the morning Carb-an
  189. Menses: feeble, suppressed; with rash of small red pimples over body which ceases with the flow. Conium
  190. Menses: too early; too feeble; only during the day; cease on lying down Caust
  191. Menses: too late, scanty, of short duration; stopped by taking cold; by putting hands in cold water. Conium
  192. Menstrual flow ceases when lying down Cact
  193. Mental calmness contra-indicates —–. Cham
  194. Milk runs out in nursing women Cham
  195. Milk runs out in women after weaning Conium
  196. Mosquito and insect bites burn and itch intensively. Calad
  197. Must move constantly, but motion does not relieve Caust
  198. Must not be used before Nit. ac. and Sulph.; may produce unnecessary complications. Calc-carb
  199. Nausea or vomiting from riding in carriage, boat or railroad car Coccul
  200. Never have been well since that burn Caust
  201. No erection, even after caress; no emission, no orgasm during an embrace Calad
  202. Often cures in dropsy after Apis and Ars. fail. Colch
  203. Often the students’ remedy for night work; intense photophobia Conium
  204. Old, putrid, spreading ulcers, with a history of liver disease, or of a tubercular diathesis. Chel
  205. Oozing of bloody fluid from naval of infants Calc-phos
  206. Pain better while thinking of it Camph
  207. Pain extending from orifice of urethra backward, Cann-sat
  208. Pain in distant parts on coughing (bladder, knees, legs, ears). Caps
  209. Pain: seems unendurable, drives to despair; with numbness of affected part; Cham
  210. Painless hoarseness < in the morning. Calc-carb
  211. Pains are < by slightest touch, but > by hard presure Cinch
  212. Pains are felt intensely; seem almost insupportable, driving patient to despair ; tossing about in anguish. Coff
  213. Pains are terrible; come suddenly, last a short time, disappear suddenly Carb-ac
  214. Pains: are worse after eating or drinking; compel patient to bend double Coloc
  215. Pale, chlorotic; deranged menses Cycl
  216. Palpitation: day and night; worse when walking and lying on left side Cact
  217. Paralysis: of single parts Caust
  218. Passage of white or pale, red, tough mucus, like scrapings from the intestines, with streaks of blood Canth
  219. Patients crave things that make them sick; old topers crave whiskey or brandy; want clothing loose around abdomen Carb-veg
  220. Persons who have never fully recovered from the exhausting effects of some previous illness Carb-veg
  221. Physical exertion, even much walking, brings on abscess in some part, but generally in the right ear. Carb-ac
  222. Pit of stomach swollen like an inverted saucer, and painful to pressure Calc-carb
  223. Piteous moaning of child because he cannot have what he wants; Cham
  224. Prevents caries of teeth Coca
  225. Profound prostration, collapse; surface pale and bathed in cold sweat Carb-ac
  226. Prutius vaginae; induces onanism Calad
  227. Rawness of soles of feet from perspiration Calc-carb
  228. Relaxed penis, with sexual desire and excitement Calad
  229. Rheumatism of women, especially of small joints Caul
  230. S/A a room were filled with smoke; as if had been weeping; as of cold wind blowing across the eyes. Croc-s
  231. S/a something alive were moving in the stomach, abdomen, uterus, arms or other parts of the body with nausea & faintness. Croc-s
  232. Sciatica: crampy pain in hip, as though screwd in a vise; lies upon affected side. Coloc
  233. Sensation as if the cavarium was opening and shutting Cann-ind
  234. Sensation as of drops of water falling on or from single parts Cann-sat
  235. Sensation of a cord tightly tied around lower part of chest, marking attachment of diaphragm Cact
  236. Sensation of swelling in the perineum or near the anus, as if sitting on a ball Cann-ind
  237. Sensation: in abdomen of cutting and rubbing on every movement, as of sharp stones Coccul
  238. Should not be allowed in the sick room in its crude form Camph
  239. Smell painfully acute; nausea and faintness from the odor of cooking food, especially fish, eggs or fat meat Colch
  240. Stool green, watery, corroding, like chopped eggs and spinach; hot, very offensive, like rotten eggs. Cham
  241. Stool passes better when person is standing; Caust
  242. Surface cold to the touch yet cannot bear to be covered; throws off all coverings Camph
  243. Swashing sensation in intestines, as from water, before stool Croton-t
  244. Sweat day and night, as soon as one sleeps, or even when closing the eyes Conium
  245. Sweet sweat attracts the flies. Calad
  246. Tenacious mucus in the air passages Canth
  247. The bowels are moved as if by spasmodic jerks, “coming out like a shot” Croton-t
  248. The burning pain and intolerable urging to urinate, is the red strand of — in all inflammatory affections. Canth
  249. The constricting, burning, smarting pains differentiate — from Apis and Belladonna. Caps
  250. The least mental excitement causes profuse return of menstrual flow Calc-carb
  251. The slightest emotion causes palpitation of heart Calc-ars
  252. The slightest mental emotion or excitement aggravates the symptoms Collins
  253. Time seems too long ; a few seconds seem ages. Cann-ind
  254. Tongue fiery red, smooth and polished; intensely swollen. Crotal
  255. Toothache: intermittent, jerking, relieved by holding ice-water in the mouth, but returns when water becomes warm Coff
  256. Traumatic and idiopathic neuroma Calend
  257. Unsteady walking and easy falling of little children. Caust
  258. Unusual activity of mind and body. Full of ideas; quick to act, no sleep on this account Coff
  259. Vertigo: especially when lying down or turning in bed; on turning the head to the left ; of old people. Conium
  260. Vertigo: when quickly turning head, especially to the left, as if he would fall; from stimulants. Coloc
  261. Very sensitive ot noise; slightest noise startles from sleep Calad
  262. Vicarious menstruation; in debilitated constitutions Crotal
  263. Violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bed at night, compel him to walk about Cham
  264. Want of breath: in those engaged in athletic sports; shortness of breath, in old people. Coca
  265. Was first used as a tobacco antidote. Coca
  266. Weakness of memory and slowness of thought. Carb-veg
  267. When fever assumes a slow, “sneaking,” nervous form, with vertigo; with disposition to anger. Coccul
  268. When reading, the letters seem to turn, go up or down or disappear. Cic-v
  269. Whole body feels as if caged, each wire being twisted tighter and tighter Cact
  270. With every explosive cough (and at no other time) there escapes a volume of pungent, fetid air. Caps
  271. Yellow-gray color of the skin; wilted skin; of the palms of hands Chel


  1. Hering advice, acids are electro negative morning loose bowels cough evening but Alkalies carbonates electro positive cough morning loose bowels evening.
    Thomas Duncan provided these two group remedies list said Alkalies are hydrogenoid lax tissues mucus prone with extra critical thinking like sea waves due to hydrogen affinity.Acids affinity for oxygen burn candle both ends produce extreme debility.
    Selenium is king of debility after exhaustng continuous fevers like typhoid incipient tubercular loss vital fluids etc,exhaust nervous system make it melancholic,lower back spinal nerves paretic involuntary pass urine semen,laryngitis hoarse voice plus bloody sputum at times,atony intestines hates even apples oranges,left side headache.
    esp worse by dreamy unrefreshing sleep wakes up with dry mouth or sweating stains linen yellow.
    TF Allrn back pain morning hand pain evening itchy hands spasmo soles.
    Dorothy Shepherd Kent pupil colitis case discussion is eye opener says selenium debility so serious emaciated almost one leg in grave.
    those homeopaths who prescribe selenium simply as sex remedy after reading cryptic notes are not following classical homeopathy rules.

  2. when i had acidity, i was given a small bottle of medicine, which i was told contained small quantities of mud/earth/clay/sand . i forget the medicine. can anyone remember it? it was given in chennai.

  3. Best compilation.olden time homeopaths used to explain detailed reasons for each remedy,very best explained hints practical homeopathy edward c chepmell md available free archive site.for example nux is semiparalytic intestines costipated where as china irritated nerves intestines catarrhal thats why stomach worse by touch loosens clothing after meals full of gas as digestion impaired undigested stools pass.all body nerves on fret even scalp worse by touch is china.nux is loose temper persons become chilly want cover spoil their liver plus bilious headaches morning esp for whisky takers.

  4. In mind section point no 6
    Chronic blue condition,everything seems so dark that it can grow no darker-Here it is given lil tig,but it is in lac can(lyc,puls)
    Make a correction.
    Thank you

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