Cuban homeopathic anti-cancer product launched in Barbados

cancerBRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Cancer patients in Barbados now have the recognized “Vidatox 30 CH” Cuban anti-cancer treatment available to them, which is a 100% homeopathic supplement developed by the Cuban “Labiofam” Group and which is already used in around dozen countries.

Lab Medical Group is the local registered institution that acquired the distribution and sale rights of “Vidatox 30 CH” in Barbados, according to Dr Shazad Mohamed, clinical director of the group, who presented the natural medicine to the media at a local pharmacy, which has the Cuban product in stock.

“We decided”, Mohamed said, “to go for Vidatox 30 CH not only for the tangible results it has experienced in many countries but also for the professionalism and quality of the Cuban medicine industry and its health system.”

The Cuban ambassador in Barbados, Lissette Pérez, who was invited to the presentation by the Lab Medical Group, said in an invited comment: “Vidatox 30 CH is the result for over more than 15 years of effort, dedication and discipline of dozens of Cuban specialists imbued by the principle of tireless dedication to preserving the quality of life of the people. Cuban medicine will always be at the service of the Latin American and Caribbean and is a proud regional success.” [Source]


  1. Hi,
    it is very positive feeling to have a drug , for cancer , but I like to know , the proved symptom of this drug , is this a specific medicine.

  2. who is manufacturing this drug?
    where from this drug will be available in india ?
    What is the price of this drug in india ?
    give the details of clinical observation of this drug.

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