Dental Abscess and homoeopathy- A case Study

Dr. Surendra Kumar Agnihotri  


Bacterial infections are a significant part of oral and dental clinics. More than 250 to 400 bacterial species cause an abscess. These infections present clinically as Periodontal disease, root canal infections, and infections of hard and soft oral tissues. Rapid onset continued throbbing pain, tenderness to pressure, and pus formation followed by swelling of associated tissue. Treatment of such infections is challenging as these are intolerably painful as well as highly infectious diseases, leading to pulp death. Early diagnosis and treatment are the key to success. Severity may increase due to gas formation or may lead to tooth loss. And eventually, it might occur as bone infection or bacteria may invade the bloodstream. Homoeopathy may be an option of choice to be treated if diagnosed timely.

Key words: Anaerobic, Bacterial infection, Abscess, Homoeopathy

Introduction: Homoeopathic medicines are more effective in various chronic diseases as well as acute diseases. Since time of Hahnemann Homoeopathy is growing day to day. Modern research, Pathological tests, X-rays, CT scans as well other investigations are fruitful to prove the efficacy of Homoeopathic Medicines. Exact Diagnosis, Correct interpretation, and rational explanation of cause along with therapeutics may help a speedy recovery. From ancient times Homoeopathy has been proven effective for abscess.

The case: The case was presented to me with the chief complaint of intense toothache. The patient was weeping due to pain, and the only alternative remained to give him anesthesia. According to Dr. Ashish Katiyar BDS, MDS (Lko), before giving anesthesia, he ask me to help as I had helped many such patients with Homoeopathic medicines. There was acute toothache with mild fever, relieved by allopathic medicine but not for very long. Dressings also gave him little relief, the same as holding the cold water in his mouth. As soon as the water reaches room temperature, pain starts again immediately. Although the doctor was planning an extraction of the teeth, I helped the patient with homoeopathic medicine. It not only relieved but also healed him within two days. These types of cases compelled me to explore Homoeopathy in dentistry in association with Dr. Ashish Katiyar.

Totality Of Case:

  1. Weeping pains with
  2. Mouth Abscess gums
  3. Teeth Pain amelioration by holding cold water mouth, Pain returns as soon as water become hot

Homoeopathic Treatment:
CHAMOMILLA 30 , 5 drops dissolved  in half cup of Luke worm water and  advised to take 1 spoon of water every 5 minute until get rid from pain, then two hourly 2 drops.

Observation:  Pain was relieved within half an hour. and abscess was healed on 2nd day visit to dentist.

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