Doctors should not dispense medicines -Indian Pharmacists Association

pharmacy5The Tamil Nadu chapter of the Indian Pharmacists Association(IPA) has demanded to the government to delete Section 42 of the Pharmacy Act 1948 permitting medical practitioners to dispense drugs to their own patients. The IPA has also demanded to the government to allow the registered pharmacists to compound, prepare, mix, dispense and supply medicines.

They informed the government that there are more than sufficient number of  qualified pharmacists in the country at present.

The resolution further said, after signing the WTO agreement India entered into international pharmaceutical trade competing multi-national firms. As a result, pharmaceutical industry in the country plays a vital role in the drug formulations.

IPA pointed out that in the case of production of Indian system of medicines,  Schedule T is introduced and the provisions thereof insist that pharmacy degree holders in Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy are given prominence in the formulations and quality control.  [Source]


  1. When comes to Homeopathy system – it is somewhat difficult to whom practice CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY SYSTEM OF TREATMENT. In the system he can give only a single dose or two and wait for results. For whom prescribing alike allopathic medication – no of of drugs at a time and multi -drug ready made drugs[ huge combination drugs] – it is good to have pharmacists dispensing them.. So far there is a long dearth for Homeopathic stores or pharmacists.

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