Collection of Multiple Choice and Descriptive questions with answers in Medicine for competitive examinations

Dr Mansoor Ali 

A compilation of multiple-choice Questions and descriptive questions with answers for various competitive examinations in Medicine

Medicine McQs for Medical Professionals based on Harrison’s Internal Medicine Dr. Ajay Mathur

MCQs in Medicine – Debra King

Medicine MCQs for Medical Professionals – Dr. Ajay Mathur 

100 MCQ Harrison Medicine

1000 MCQs Bank Palestine faculty medicine

Memorable medicine

MCQs Community Medicine.

Internal medicine practice questions

Medical e-library MCQs (466 pages)

Download link for 500 Single Best MCQs in Medicines

22,000 MCQs on OBG, Surgery, FMT, Anaesthesia, Radiology, Skin, Psychiatry Arvind Arora

AMC Annotated Multiple choice questions 

AMC Handbook of clinical assessment 

Cardiology notes for competitive examinations – Toronto

An Overview of Physical Examination and History Taking +MCQ

Dermatology notes for competitive examinations

Dictionary of medical acronyms

Shakoree’s Notes o f AMC MCQ Recalls 2017

Medical secrets for competitive examinations – Questions and Answers Mary P. Harward

Infection – useful tips for last moment revision

Mnemonics for Medicine & Surgery

Paediatrics – Self Assessment, MCQs with answers

Quick Medical Terminology

The GIT System at a Glance

AMC Handbook of MCQS part II

Churchills Handbook of differential diagnosis 

1000 questions and answers from Kumar and Clarkes

100 cases in clinical medicine 

Harrison-Self Assessment and Board Review 14th edn 

Harrison – Internal Medicine – Self Assesment and Board review 17th Edn 

Harrison – Internal Medicine – Self Assessment and Board review 18th Edn 

Some recall 2017 – 2018 

Clinical cases for general practice exams – Susan Wearne 3rd Edition 

333 Medical Triads in Mnemonics Dr Naveen Koval

AMC 2018 course questions 

Current essentials of medicine 

Triads in medicine :

Pediatric notes by Dr Kamal Deep

Pediatrics Toronto notes

Pediatric last moment revision -by medfools

Essential Revision Notes in Paediatrics

Multiple choice questions in emergency medicine – Kristi L Koeing 

Irving Anatomy Mnemonics 

Mnemonics for Medicine & Surgery

Descriptive questions based on all the chapters of Davidson’s Practice of Medicines 

MOCKS AMC QBank and Practice Questions
Link here:  

Australian Medical Council – Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions
This will assess the competence at the graduate and post graduate level
Link :

Differential diagnosis in clinical medicine – Dr Deenadayalan

More Medical Multiple choice questions subject wise 

MCQ bridging course 

Red book – Guidelines on preventive activities in General medicine 9th edition

Medical ethics 138 cases 

Lange Internal Medicine, MCQs 4th Ed

Medicine  PreTest® Self-Assessment and Review 

Practice online – Oxford University Press MCQs

Extended matching questions – Oxford University Press – consist of lettered options followed by a list of numbered problems/questions. For each numbered problem/question select the one lettered option that most closely answers the question. 

More study materials and question papers on various subjects 

100 cases by Conrad fischer on medical ethics

100 cases in clinical medicine – P John Rees

Psychiatry 1200 Questions to Help You Pass the Boards

Pre test Psychiatry – Debra L Klamen, Philip Pan

AMC MCQ Past recalls and MCQS 

High-end MCQs in practice of medicine 

Pre-test Psychiatry 12 edn 

Essential revision notes in Pediatrics

More MCQs and last moment revision notes in Medicine 

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