Dr PN Verma – Pioneer Indian homoeopath Passed away

Dr. PN Verma, Ex director, (founder) HPL, Ghaziabad  left for heavenly abode at 7.30 pm today.

Cremation will take place around 11.00 am tomorrow at Hindon river bank.

Dr. Varma himself has dedicated his life to up lift homoeopathy to where it stands today, his unconditional and fully devoted attitude has been a guiding light for us even till today.

Dr. P.N. Varma has made unique contributions to the homoeopathic manufacturing industry and scientific homoeopathy.

Demise of Dr PN Varma is a colossal loss to Homoeopathy profession including literature, industry and research. Not only he has documented Encyclopedia of Homoeopathic drugs, taking authentic information from different Pharmacopoeias of the world, he himself was encyclopedia of different areas of Homoeopathy.

Dr. P.N. Varma was born in 1937 at Patna. Very few know this fact about him being born in a family of homoeopath Dr. A. L. Varma (DALVAR). His father was an active leader for the development of homoeopathy and is credited for the establishment of first homoeopathic manufacturing unit and a homoeopathic medical college in 1928-29 in the state of Bihar. After Bengal, Bihar was hot with activities for Government recognition of homoeopathy. 

The activities and efforts materialized in 1953 by an enactment called Development of Homoeopathic System Act, 1953 of which his father was an active leader. He represented India at International Homoeopathic Congress in London, as back as 1950, and founded an association for research in Homoeopathy. He read about the status of homoeopathy in India carried in Britain Homoeopathic Journal October 1950 issue. This Dr. P. N. Varma re-enacted by representing Govt. of India at International Homoeopathic Congress 1990 at Barcelona (Spain).

Dr. P.N. Varma has changed the way that many have looked upon homoeopathy by giving it a scientific bend, yet clearly unexplained so far.

The contribution of Dr Varma in establishing the Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia Laboratory was a trendsetter towards the statutory control of Homoeopathic medicines in the world of homoeopathy all over India and abroad.

He has authored many books on homoeopathy including the Encyclopedia of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeias.

The latest four volume Encyclopedia of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia & Drug Index has been approved as a reference book for pharmacy by the Central Council of Homoeoapthy,.He has credit over a dozen books and hundred research papers.

May God give courage and strength to his family members to face this huge loss.

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