Dreams of Calcarea Group medicines

Dr.S. Bidwalkar, Dr. Darshana dabhi 2, Dr. Noopur kumari2
Professor & Head of the DepartmentMD(Hom.)(PGR) 2
Dept. of Repertory,Dr.M.P.K.Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre
Homoeopathy University, Jaipur-302029

Abstract: Dream analysis is a way to understand the mind. Dreams are highly charged emotional state and directly related to nature, character, and personality of a dreamer. Here discussion is made regarding dreams of calcarea group through rubrics with the help of synthesis repertory to understand the reflection of thought process of person’s mind. 

Keywords: Calcium, calcarea, dreams, synthesis repertory, mental state, sleep, homoeopathy. 

Calcium is one of the very important earth alkaline placed in IIA position in periodic table and major element of the human body which constitutes 1.5-2% of the body weight of an adult human. The word calcium is derived from the Latin word‘‘calx”(lime). The synonym used for it is quick lime. Calcarea personality is slow, sluggish and late at both mental and physical level with bulky, flabby, fleshy appearance without fitness. They are intelligent but lack of implementation with dullness and confused state of mind.

They have need of stability and security with strong desire for company. 1Dreams reflect the unconscious drives and aspirations.2 They provide a clue to the mental state. For in sleep man is off his guard, and his subconscious self can assert itself, and under such circumstances the veil is often lifted a little so that we are able to apprehend in some degree the hidden mysteries of that disordered life we called disease. 3 Sigmund freud said “Dreaming is evidently mental life during sleep, something which has certain resemblance to waking mental life, but which on the other hand, is distinguished from it by large differences.2

They have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep; psychologically as reflections of the sub-conscious; and spiritually as messages from the God or predictions of the future.4 Persistent dreams of a particular type may indicate the proper remedy. A homoeopathic physician, however, may utilize his interpretation of the emotional background of the dreams in completing the picture of the patient, especially the mental side and thus render it more faithful for matching with the picture of the remedy. 3 Dream is given as a separate chapter in synthesis repertory. Below are the examples taken from synthesis repertory.

Rubrics pertaining to dreams of the calcarea group5:-

  • DREAMS – AMOROUS- calc-ar. calc-i. calc-p. calc-sil. Calc. 
  • DREAMS – AMOROUS – menses – before- Calc. 
  • DREAMS – AMOROUS – menses – during- calc. 
  • DREAMS – AMOROUS – pollutions, with- calc-act. calc-p. Calc. 
  • DREAMS – ANGER- calc-act. calc-sil. calc. 
  • DREAMS – ANXIOUS- calc-caust. calc-i. calc-p. calc-s. Calc-sil. CALC. 
  • DREAMS – ANXIOUS – morning- calc. 
  • DREAMS – ANXIOUS – morning – waking; on – amel.; anxiety is- calc. 
  • DREAMS – ANXIOUS – menses – during- calc. 
  • DREAMS – BITTEN; being – animals; by- calc. 
  • DREAMS – BUSINESS- calc-act. calc-sil. Calc
  • DREAMS – BUSINESS – day, of the- calc-f. calc
  • DREAMS – CATS- calc-p. 
  • DREAMS – CATS – army of- calc-p.
  • DREAMS – CLAIRVOYANT- calc-sil. 
  • DREAMS – CONFUSED- calc-act. calc-f. calc-sil. Calc
  • DREAMS – CONNECTED- calc. 
  • DREAMS – CONTINUATION – dreams, of – waking, after- Calc
  • DREAMS – CUTTING- calc-f. 
  • DREAMS – CUTTING – woman for salting, cutting up- calc-f.
  • DREAMS – DANGER- calc-f. calc-p. 
  • DREAMS – DANGER – impending danger- calc-f.
  • DREAMS – DEAD; of the- calc-act. calc-ar. calc-f. calc-i. Calc-sil. Calc.
  • DREAMS – DEAD; of the – relatives – talking with dead relatives- calc-sil.
  • DREAMS – DEAD BODIES- Calc-sil. Calc. 
  • DREAMS – DEAD BODIES – smell of dead bodies- calc
  • DREAMS – DEATH- calc-f. calc-sil. Calc. 
  • DREAMS – DEATH – morning- calc.
  • DREAMS – DEATH – relatives; of- Calc-f. Calc-sil. 
  • DREAMS – DEATH – relatives; of – daughter; of his little- calc-f.
  • DREAMS – DIFFICULTIES – journeys, on- calc-p. 
  • DREAMS – DISEASE- calc-act. calc-sil. Calc. 
  • DREAMS – DOGS – bitten by dogs; being- calc. 
  • DREAMS – DOGS- calc. 
  • DREAMS – EYES – stitches in eyes- Calc.
  • DREAMS – EVENTS – book, from- calc-f.
  • DREAMS – EVENTS – previous – day, of the previous- calc-f. calc-p. 
  • DREAMS – EVENTS – read- calc-f. Calc-p.
  • DREAMS – EVENTS – read – previously heard, read, talked or thought about- calc-f. calc-p. 
  • DREAMS – EVENTS – previous- Calc-p. calc. 
  • DREAMS – EVENTS – past; long-  calc. 
  • DREAMS – FALLING- calc. 
  • DREAMS – FALLING – height, from a- calc
  • DREAMS – FAMILY, own- calc-sil. 
  • DREAMS – FAMILY, own – poisonous and dying; whole family eating something- calc-sil.
  • DREAMS – FANTASTIC- calc-sil. CALC. 
  • DREAMS – FINGERS – stiff fingers- calc-s.
  • DREAMS – FIRE- Calc-p. calc-sil. calc. 
  • DREAMS – FORMS- calc.
  • DREAMS – FRIENDS- calc-sil. 
  • DREAMS – FRIENDS – meeting friends- calc-p.
  • DREAMS – FRIGHTFUL- calc-act. CALC-AR. Calc-f. Calc-p. Calc-s. Calc-sil. CALC. 
  • DREAMS – HEAVY- calc. 
  • DREAMS – HUNGER- calc.
  • DREAMS – INSULTS- calc-sil. 
  • DREAMS – JOURNEYS- calc-f. Calc-p. 
  • DREAMS – LONG- calc. 
  • DREAMS – MANY- calc-caust. calc-f. calc-p. CALC
  • DREAMS – MURDER- calc-sil. Calc
  • DREAMS – NEW SCENES, places etc.-calc-f.
  • DREAMS – NIGHTMARES- calc-i. calc-sil. Calc.
  • DREAMS – NIGHTMARES – children, in- calc..
  • DREAMS – PEOPLE- calc-ar. 
  • DREAMS – PEOPLE – seen for years; people not- calc-ar. 
  • DREAMS – PERSISTENT- Calc. Chin. 
  • DREAMS – QUARRELS- calc-act. calc. 
  • DREAMS – RESTLESS- calc-caust. Calc.
  • DREAMS – ROUSING the patient- calc-f. Calc. 
  • DREAMS – ROBBERS- calc-p.
  • DREAMS – SCENES, new- calc-f. 
  • DREAMS – SHUDDERING- calc-act.
  • DREAMS – SICK PEOPLE- calc-act. calc-sil. calc.
  • DREAMS – THROWN; being – downwards- calc.
  • DREAMS – UNPLEASANT- calc-caust. calc-f. calc.
  • DREAMS – UNPLEASANT – fear; from- calc-f
  • DREAMS – UNREMEMBERED- calc-act. calc-ar. calc-caust. calc. 
  • DREAMS – UNSUCCESSFUL EFFORTS- calc-f. calc-lac. calc-met. calc-sil. calc. 
  • DREAMS – VEXATIOUS- calc-sil. calc. 
  • DREAMS – VISIONARY- calc-sil. Calc. 
  • DREAMS – VIVID- calc-act. calc-f. calc-i. Calc-p. calc-sil. Calc.

Discussion and conclusion: In a patient with a clear history of dreams, the homeopath can quickly narrow down the field of possibilities and concentrate on a smaller set of potential remedies. Here discussion is made regarding manifestations of conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind in dreams, followed by correlation between homoeopathic drug personality and dreams with the help of synthesis repertory in terms of rubrics. Above are the few examples quoted from synthesis repertory. These can be clinically helpful in finding out the individuality of the patients. 

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