List of Sarcode and Nosode remedies in Homeopathy

homeo11Sarcodes are preparations from the secretions of healthy organisms, healthy animal tissues and secretions.

They may be considered to belong to the animal kingdom. Secretions of poisonous animals and venoms are classified under animal kingdom. Hormonal secretions and endocrine and exocrine glands, as also secretions of mammary glands may be put under sarcodes in Homeopathy.

  • * Adrenalin (secretion of medulla of supra-renal gland)
  • * Adrenocorticotrophin (from anterior pituitary gland of pigs)
  • * Aorta
  • * Arteria
  • * Bulbinum
  • * Cerebellum
  • * Cerebellum cortex
  • * Cholesterinum
  • * Cholinum
  • * Colon
  • * Colostrum
  • * Conjunctiva
  • * Corpus luteum
  • * Corticotropinum
  • * Cortisone (steroid hormone from adrenal cortex of man)
  • * Diaphragma
  • * Discus invertebralis
  • * D.N.A.
  • * Duodenum
  • * Fel tauri (ox gall)
  • * Fel vulpis (fox gall)
  • * Fibrinum
  • * Folliculinum
  • * Hemoglobinum
  • * Hypothalamus
  • * Insulin (beta cells of Islet of Langerhans of pancreas)
  • * Labyrinthinum
  • * Lac caninum
  • * Lac felinum
  • * Lac vaccinum
  • * Liquor amnii
  • * Luteinum
  • * Lymphatica
  • * Mamma
  • * Meconium
  • * Medulla ossea
  • * Medulla spinalis
  • * Mucosa nasalis
  • * Myocardium
  • * Nervus auditorius
  • * Neurinum
  • * Oophorinum (ovarian extract)
  • * Orchitinum (testicular extract)
  • * Pancreatinum (extract from pancreas of beef)
  • * Parathyroid gland
  • * Pepsinum (enzyme produced from stomach of sheep or calf)
  • * Pituitaria glandula
  • * Pituitaria glandula anterior
  • * Pituitaria glandula posterior (posterior pituitary gland of sheep)
  • * Placenta
  • * Placenta suis
  • * Prostata
  • * Pulmo
  • * Pulmo vulpis
  • * Retina
  • * R.N.A.
  • * Secretinum
  • * Serotoninum
  • * Thyroidinum (healthy thyroid tissue of sheep or calf)
  • * ThyroiodinumSome of the nosodes are questionable, for example: 
  • Ambra grisea – it is not clear whether it is a healthy or unhealthy discharge of the sperm whale. Hence whether nosode or sarcode.
  • Malaria officinalis – it is not a discharge but called vegetable nosode, as it is the swamp mire that is potentized.
  • Bacteria and fungus are animals or plants in their own right. They are labeled as nosodes, as they are pathological to other beings.

Most of the nosodes listed below are not listed in the pharmacopoeia, hence standardization is suspect.

  1. Agaricus Muscaris – entire fresh fungus found in dry pinewoods.
  2. Ambra Grisea – morbid secretion from the liver of Spermaceti Whale (Physeter Macrocephalus). It is extracted from the rectum of the whale, found floating on the sea along the coasts of Madagascar and Sumatra.
  3. Anthracinum- lysate obtained without addition of antiseptic from the liver of rabbit suffering from Anthrax.
  4. Anti-Colibacillary- purified form of stock serum anti-colibacillary of caprine origin, made from goats immunized with E.coli.

5.Boletus Laricis- prepared from dried fungus Purging Agaric / Larch Boletus.

6.Botulinum- Clostridium Botulinum toxin made from putrefied pork.

7.Brucella Melintensis- a filtrate of a 21 days old culture of the microbe of undulating fever.

  1. Calculus bilialis
  2. Calculus renalis- prepared from renal calculus.
  3. Cholesterinum – prepared from gall stone.
  4. Colibacillinum
  5. Diphtherinum- diphtheria toxin; diphtheric membranes of a patient.
  6. D.T.-T.A.B.- mixed vaccine of antidiphtheric, antitetanic and antitypho – paratyphoid.
  7. Eberthinum- prepared from culture of mixture of many stocks of Salmonella typhi.
  8. Enterococcinum- stocks of Streptococcus faecalis.
  9. Flavus- prepared from Neisseria pharangis.
  10. Gonotoxinum- prepared from anti Gonococcic vaccine.
  11. Hippomanes- prepared from a sticky mucoid substance of urinous odour found in the amniotic fluid of the mare. It is also found attached to the membrane of the foetal organ of the mare in last month of pregnancy.
  12. Hippozaenium- lysate from the glander of horse.
  13. Homarus
  14. Hydrophobinum (Lyssin)- lysate of saliva taken from a rabid dog.
  15. Influenzinum – stock prepared by Pasteur Institute especially for homoeopathic uses.

(a)Influenzinum virus A
(b)Influenzinum virus B

  1. Leprominum
  2. Leprum
  3. Leptospira- lysate of Leptospira ictero-haemorrhagie
  4. Leusinum (Syphilinum)- prepared from serosity of Trepanoma pallidum of syphilitic chancres.
  5. Malandrinum- lysate from exudates of the horse malandra: discharge of eczema in the fold of the knee of horse.
  6. Malaria Officinalis- prepared from mire taken during dryness of a malarial marsh.
  7. Medorrhinum- purulent urethral secretion taken during the period of discharge infected with Neisseria Gonorrhoeae.
  8. Melitagrinum- nosode of Eczema capitis
  9. Meningococcinum- prepared from stocks of Neisseria Meningitidis.
  10. Monilia Albicans- lysate of culture of Monilia albicans
  11. Morbillinum- from exudate of mouth and pharynx of measles affected patients
  12. Mucor Mucedo- lysate obtained by isolating and transplanting the mushroom Mucor Mucedo from the medium of culture.
  13. Mucotoxin
  14. Nectrianinum- nosode of Cancer of trees.
  15. Oscillococcinum- autolysate filtered from liver and heart of a duck.
  16. Osteo Arthritis Nosode (O.A.N.)- synovial fluid of articulations especially knee and hip of osteoarthritic patients.
  17. Ourlianum- lysate from the saliva of a patient suffering from mumps.
  18. Paratyphoidinum- prepared from cultures from mixture of different stocks of Paratyphoidinum bacilli.
  19. Pertussinum- lysate from expectoration of patient suffering from whooping cough.
  20. Pneumococcinum- Diplococcus pneumoniae found in saliva
  21. Pneumotoxin- prepared from Diplococcus lanceolatus.
  22. Psorinum- lysated stock obtained from serosity of furrows of itch of an unterated patient.
  23. Pulmo anaphylacticus
  24. Putrescinum
  25. Pyrarara- lard of Pyrarara, a fish of the Amazon river.
  26. Pyrogenum- prepared originally from decomposition of meat of beef.
  27. Rheumatoid Arthritis Nosode (R.A.N)- prepared from synovial fluid of knee afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis
  28. Sanguisuga- prepared from leech.
  29. Scarlatinum- lysate from the scabs of a patient suffering from scarlatina.
  30. Secale Cornutum- prepared from the fungus Claviceps purpura.
  31. Serum of Yersin- from the anti-pest serum obtained from animals that have been immunized by means of live or killed cultures of Yersinia pestis.
  32. Septicaeminum – prepared from septic abscess.
  33. Sinusitisinum
  34. Staphylococcinum- lysate of culture of many stocks of Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus.
  35. Staphylotoxinum- antitoxins of staphylococcus.
  36. Streptococcinum- lysate obtained from stock of streptococcus.
  37. Streptoenterococcinum- lysate of culture of strepto-enterococcus.
  38. Tetanotoxinum – dilution of tetanic toxin.
  39. Toxoplasma Gondii – lysate of Toxoplasma Gondii.
  40. Ustilago Maydis- prepared from a fungus growing on the Indian corn.
  41. Usnea Barbata – prepared from lichen infecting soft maple.
  42. Vaccin attenu bili
  43. Vaccinotoxinum- prepared from anti-variolic vaccine.
  44. Vaccinonum- prepared from the lymph of cowpox.
  45. Variolinum- lysate obtained from the serosity of smallpox pustule.
  46. Verriculum- prepared from warts.
  47. Yersin (Pestinum)- nosode of plague.

Carcinosins Nosodes in Homeopathy:

  1. Epitheliomine – extract of epithelioma.
  2. Schirrinum- carcinoma schirrus (stomach).
  3. Onkolysine- from a stock of Onkomyxa Neojormans.
  4. Carcinosin-hepatica-metastat
  5. Carcinosin laryngis
  6. Carcinosin adenopapillary
  7. Carcinosin adeno-stom- from adenocarcinoma of stomach.
  8. Carcinosin adeno-vesica- papillary adenocarcinoma of bladder.
  9. Carcinosin pulmonale- pulmonary cancer.
  10. Carcinosin Schirr-mammae- schhirus of mammae.

Tuberculinums are Nosodes In Homeopathy:

  1. Tuberculinum avis- prepared from Mycobacterium tuberculosis aviaire.
  2. Tuberculinum bovinum- prepared from the pus of tuberculosis abscess.
  3. Tuberculinum Koch- culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  4. Tuberculinum Marmoreck- obtained from horses vaccinated by the filtrates of young cultures of Tuberculosis bacilli.
  5. Tuberculinum laricus
  6. Tuberculinum residuum Koch
  7. Bacillinum Burnett- from the sputum of tuberculosis patients containing the bacteria.
  8. Bacillinum testium- prepared from the testicle of tuberculosis patient.
  9. Diluted B.C.G.- from vaccine B.C.G.

Other Nosodes 

  1. Actinomyces
  2. Adenoidum
  3. Arteriosclerosis
  4. Bacillus pyocyanaeus
  5. Bilharzia
  6. Brucella melitensis
  7. Cysticercosis
  8. Egg vaccine
  9. Epihysterinum
  10. Framboesinum
  11. Haffkine
  12. Osseinum
  13. Ringworm

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