Effect of Myristica Sebifera

Dr Puneet Kumar Misra B.SC,BHMS

The Homoeopathic Medicine Myristica Sebifera having the great Antiseptic Powers as per the book of Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica  by W.Boericke. And also stated that Acts more powerfully often than Hepar or Silica .

After study the studious work on myristica sebifera   in the Book of 

1) Encyclopedia Pure materia medica  vol 06 by  T F  Allen  , 

2) A dictionary of practical Materia  Medica Clarke vol  2nd

3) Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica  by W.Boericke. 

The following findings are occur  

As per encyclopedia Pure Materia Medica  vol 06 by  T F  Allen
Throat- Burning sensation at the bottom of the throat (second day) .Constriction of the isthmus of the pharynx; this pain increases progressively (first day). Difficulty in swallowing the saliva (first day). Superior Extremities Pain in the finger-nails, with swelling of the phalanges (first day).

A dictionary of practical Materia  medica Clarke vol  2nd Mure proved and introduced *Myr. Seb. And in the proving occurs this symptoms: “Pain in the finger-nails  with swelling  of the phalanges.“(*Rev.  Hom. Fran. Quoted *Rev.  Hom  Belge,  December, 1898,  p 261) gives two experiences of his own with  the  remedy. (I)  A young girl has been three months with her leg in a splint for inflammation of the knee and doughy swelling of entire  limb. Cartier  came to the conclusion that there was pus in the  joint. *Myr.  seb. 3, five drops three times a day, was given for  three months. Five months later the swelling and inflammation were  all gone, walking gave no pain, but the joint was anchylosed. (2)  An old  man, 87, was seized with sudden arthritis of  the  shoulder, with   intense   fever.   Allopaths   first   diagnosed   it   as osteomyelitis, but later a surgeon was called, in who  pronounced it an hands of eminent old-school authorities in Paris, who  said nothing  could  be  done, Cartier was sent for,  and  found,  the shoulder  quite full of pus, and a particularly painful  spot  on the scapula, at a point where the bone was said by one  authority to  be attacked. *Myr. seb. 3, five drops three times a day,  was given,  In ten days there was no longer suppuration, the size  of the joint has become normal, and the tender spot was gone Throat Burning at bottom of throat. Constriction at isthmus of pharynx, this pain increases progressively.  Difficulty in  swallowing saliva. Upper Limbs Pain in finger-nails with swelling of phalanges.

Pocket manual of homoeopathic material medica  by w.boericke.
Inflammation  of  skin,  cellular   tissue   and   periosteum.    Traumatic    infections. Parotitis.    Fistulas.    Carbuncles.    SPECIFIC   ACTION    IN  PANARITIUM.   Pain  in  the finger nails  with  swelling  of  the  phalanges.  Coppery taste and burning in throat. Inflammation  of middle ear, suppurative stage.  Acts more powerfully often than Hepar or Silica.

Review of literature

As per above mention and rest part of details in the books it is found that the myrisetica seb act on.

  1. throat (T F  Allen ,W  Boeric ke, Clarke)
  2. hand finger(T F  Allen ,W  Boeric ke, Clarke)
  3. suppuration in large joint (j h clarke) Inflammation  of middle ear and suppurate stage (w.boricke)

after study  all disorder mentioned above, one disorder related to throat ,one from hand  and one from the joint& middle ear suppuration , but when entirety of disorder study under Etiology point of view the following finding are occur.

  • The Throat is commonly affected by the viral and the gram positive bacteria.
  • the Hand & Fingers  are commonly affected  by allergy and bacterial infection mainly gram positive
  • Joint Suppuration and middle Ear suppuration mainly due to the gram positive bacteria

in  the above  case context  the gram positive bacteria is commonly associated with all disorder ,and the staphylococcus  & streptococcus most commonest gram positive  bacteria,  Most infections of the skin, soft tissues and bone are caused by either staphylococci (mainly Staph. aureus) or streptococci  Skin and soft tissue infection (including erysipelas, impetigo, necrotizing fasciitis Streptococci are nasopharyngeal and gut commensals. after all above finding over the study are focused on the various disorder caused by staphylococci (mainly Staph. Aureus).

Continues observation of drug action in two years 113 case  the following finding are occurred

S.No Disorder No of case Result

  1. Aphthous ulcers 07 Mild response
  2. Ear suppuration 06 Rapid response
  3. General skin infection  18 Rapid response
  4. Facial skin / acne 19 Slow response
  5. Dental pain 04 no response
  6. URTICARIA (NETTLE RASH, HIVES) 07 no response
  7. Hand skin infection 08 Rapid response
  8. Nasal infection /sinuses 10 Moderate response
  9. Throat disorder  14 Moderate response
  10. Eyes infection /Styes 08 Rapid response
  11. UTI 07 No response
  12. Diarrhea 05 No response

Total 113

During the course of above observation the following finding are seen.

  1. No effect are seen on the Urticaria , Dental pain, Diarrhea and UTI disorder even after 3-4day on 30/200 c
  2. Mild effect seen on the apthus but not satisfactory by 30/200c
  3. Acne and other infective disorder on face slowly respond.  200 c are more effective   than 30c
  4. Nasal  and Throat disorder are moderately  respond by 200c instead of 30 c and taking the time of 7-10 day on the BD or TDS dose
  5. general body Skin  Infection,  Ear Inflammation and Suppuration , eyes infective inflammation are respond very rapidly within  2-3 day but required TDS  dose
  6. In the few case of nasal, throat, ear and eyes infection the positive report for Staph. Aureus are seen.
  7. In few case where inflammation is more prominent then infection the association of drug with belladonna or heper sulpha  gives good results


  1. The finding show that drug are ineffective on allergy disorder and disorder due to gram negative bacteria
  2. The drug is susceptibility for disorder caused by gram positive bacteria (Staph. Aureus )
  3. The dose of drug in 200c is more effective than 30c in TDS/BD frequency up to 8-10 drop.
  4. In further study of drug, if institution having the facility of culture study of micro organism is provide more evidence based result along with blood picture study for white blood cell status  for systemic effect of drug on entire body.


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Dr Puneet Kumar Misra

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