Psoric Love Story

Dr J Vaishali

 Gently came the winds and slightly kissed her cheeks. The tangled hairs just got jailed in between her fingers waiting for a little moisture to rescue it from her fingers. And he out there, watching it all with eyes full of tears out of joy. The pleasure of meeting his love after 12 long years of hardship was seen in his eyes. But he, in the fear of hurting her with his expressions, showed nothing but a smile.

He was filled fully with excitement and anxiety of what his girl would feel on seeing him? What would be her first reaction after seeing him? Millions of such questions running a tornado inside his mind. But his face, knew nothing of them and showed the most innocent childish smile. The scorching sunlight was an uninvited guest out there and he had to really mask it using the coolers. The coolers, of course, his best buddy as it was the weapon used by him to see or in other words, admire his girl, even without the other eye knowing of it.

He just decided to move forward towards his girl. His heart felt full and he could feel his heartbeat outside his shirt. His tension was reflected in his body, his hands and feet were shivering. In spite of the coldest of the breeze blowing, his triangular face started to perspire making him completely drench with sweat. He felt as though he would die at the moment but the deepest wish to live his life with his love did not allow any negative thoughts to overpower.

Building up all the guts he just stepped on forward towards her. Tension building up inside him, he was not able to move any further. He just waved his grey tinged hair and found few of them in his hands too. Feeling of getting too old pinched him in his heart but his sincerity towards his job gave him a sense of satisfaction. His eyes was filled with tears for making his love wait for such a long time. But he knew that this wait was worth and he will be blessed for it someday or the other.

She on the other hand, was still admiring the beauty of the nature with her small teeny weeny eyes. Her fingers dancing to the rhythm of the breeze, the nails giving the background music. Her beauty was not something that could be expressed by words. She was something beyond description. “Her eyes spoke millions of languages which only I can understand”, his inner voice of pride spoke to him. The way she was just standing on the top of the rock and looking at the blue sea made him fall for her yet another time. He just felt like thousands of little spots just flickering in front of his eyes. He got angry as they were disturbing him from seeing his girl. The index and the middle fingers along with his thumb, constantly working for him to clear his vision to make sure that she is not out of his focus.

The distance between them started to reduce as he stepped on forward. With each step ahead, his confidence was dropping but he somehow managed to make himself fit to meet her. Hundreds of rehearsals on what to talk to her and how to begin to speak with her was done before coming there but now everything started to fade away because of the predominance of his anxiety.

The sound of the waves giving a pleasurable moment to all out there, he alone felt it too disturbing. The sound of the cuckoo singing miles away was heard by him and he felt as though the cuckoo is wishing him the best before he could meet his girl. He just closed his eyes and a sense of gratitude was expressed by his gestures to the bird. The cuckoo gave a sharp shrilling sound in return. A calmness started developing inside him after the violent episodes of anxiety and fear. He decided to make use of this calmness and move towards her even faster.

The fastness was only in words and mind. In reality, he was not able to keep pace with the speed of his words or mind. His usual slowness preceded his thoughts and he gradually neared her. May be around ten meters now in between him and his love. His heart beat now bounding and his legs and foot dancing in rhythm to it.

She was just a call away from him. A simple cough or a sneeze was enough for her to turn back and look at him. He just raised his arm and they travelled a distance to just about to touch her shoulders. His fingers was more expressive of his fear than he himself. He just managed somehow to make a communication between his wiry fingers and her robust shoulders, which was the other way round usually.

The touch was felt by his love and she just gave a sharp turn with a sense of anger to know who the culprit has touched her so indecently. Her shrieking eyes gave a look at his eyes……..

What was her reaction to him? What will be her response to his questions?? What will be the fate of his love??  Have all your questions ready and please wait for the next issue to know more…..

TASK : Hunt for all the Psoric Symptoms from the story… 


The moist touch was felt by his love and she just gave a sharp turn with a sense of anger to know who the culprit was who had the guts to touch her so indecently. Her shrieking eyes gave a look at his eyes…  There was a pendular movement of the 4 eyeballs, as breezy as A R Rahman BGM.  She made all possible means to avoid looking directly into his eyes. Fear and guilty conscious pinching her to the extreme extent. She felt everything unexpected was happening in her life and her life now is not under her control. Incidents that happened in her life in his absence just gave a flash in her mind.

Before even she could utter a word, his tears filled eyes spoke million stories. He conveyed the best he could presuming her to understand everything. She wanted to burst out to him but something happened to resist her. She could not give him the same look that she used to give him before. Her eyes still wandering in search of something unknown. The smile that was there before on seeing his face was missing now. She wanted to re-live those wonderful moments that they had lived but she realized the bitter truth that it cannot and will not happen anytime again in her life.

He was in a perplexed state as things happening in front of his eyes were not something that he expected. He thought his girl would be as excited as he was and he was expecting a magical moment between them so close that even air would find it difficult to pass through them. He could not match the incidents happening in his life with hers. So many questions started to arise within him and unfortunately it never had a vent. All the questions were buried inside him intentionally as he understood that even a single question from him will hurt her the most.

He was just standing before her helplessly understanding that something went wrong in his absence. She didn’t talk a word and he found her moving away from him. The distance between them kept on increasing and he could do nothing but give her a blank look. As she moved about a few steps she could find her mobile ringing. A name flashed in front of her eyes in her mobile which she felt to be the most unwanted one at that juncture. She managed to hide the mobile before even he could see, but unfortunately things went the other way round. He had the curiosity in his eyes to know who on the other end of the call was.

Her hands started to shiver. She started to perspire profusely and that gave him a feeling of her experiencing a heart attack. He got all the more tensed and quickly turned on to grab out the water bottle from his bag. She was just looking at him helplessly and the look ended when the water bottle got transferred from his hands to her hands. She grabbed the bottle from so greedily as if it has been years since she has seen water. She started gulping the contents of the bottle, most of them falling away from her mouth drenching her outfit.

He was on the other side still admiring her childish behaviour controlling his laughter. She then gave him a satisfied look. In spite of so many incidences occuring, his mind was still wondering, whose call was that which made her shiver.

Who was on the other side of the call?? Why did she hide the call from him?

What happened next?? Keep thinking and wait for the next issue.

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