Efficacy of Homoeopathy in the treatment of Osteoarthritis

neck painDr Poornnima. G 

Osteoarthritis is one among the diseases affecting human beings making it an important cause of disability. Homoeopathy offers promising treatment for Osteoarthritis. Going by the literature, the treatment is ‘palliative’ rather than curative. But the palliation provided by the homoeopathic system is more effective and long lasting


1.   To make a remedy profile used in the treatment of Osteoarthritis

2.   To assess the utility of ancillary measures in the treatment of Osteoarthritis

The study group of 30 was selected based on purposive sampling method. The diagnosis was based on clinical history, clinical presentation and examination findings. The cases were selected for the study after fulfilling the inclusion as well as exclusion criteria.

The assessment of effectiveness of the treatment was done by scoring criteria applied before and after treatment the results were calculated using‘t’ test and Fisher’s exact test.

Out of 30 cases selected, maximum prevalence was noticed in

  • Sex – Females – 20 cases (66.57%)
  • Age group (45-55 yrs) – 10 cases (33.37%)
  • Clinical condition- OA of knee joint -15 cases (50%)
  • Miasmatic expression- Sycosis- 25 cases (83.3%)

Pulsatilla is indicated as constitutional medicine in maximum number of cases – 8 cases (26.7%) & Rhus tox indicated in 5(16.7%) cases as an acute prescription. 200th potency alone were used in 16 (53.3%) cases. Regarding outcome of treatment, 27 (90%) cases showed improvement. Out of 30 cases 20 cases were given ancillary measures like warm application, neck exercises, weight reduction; and all cases were shown improvement.

The scales used for assessment and effectiveness of treatment showed significant improvement after treatment.  From the statistical analysis of the above results obtained it is found that the Homoeopathic drugs are effective in the treatment of Osteoarthritis and Ancillary measures are important adjunct in the treatment of Osteoarthritis.

Key words : Osteoarthritis, miasm, constitutional medicine, acute medicine, ancillary measures.

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