Eligibility criteria for a PG Teacher

Eligibility criteria for a PG Teacher in Dental Colleges
This is about Dental PG teachers
Can we have similar one to Homoeopathy PG teachers??
Just think about it

Category I:  Journals Indexed to Pubmed – Medline  Please see-www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

Journals published by Indian and international professional Societies (speciality journals eg :journals published by indian prosthodontic society,Etc) Peer reviewed International and national Journals run by association – Medical Journals

Medical or dental journals published by health universities according dental degrees /Universities (only Govt.)according dental degrees

Original Research/Study  approved by I.C.M.R./Similar bodies

1.  At the time of starting the new PG Course/Increase of PG seats in an institution the PG  Teacher with 50% of the required points may be provisionally allowed & a Moratorium  period of 3 Academic years would be given to them to achieve the requisite points before the Recognition Inspection of the PG Course.

2.  A recognised P.G. Teacher would be re-evaluated after every Three years and there  should be at least 10 points addition in their score every 3 years.

3.  In all the Institutes where PG courses is already running they will be exempted from the criteria and after the moratourium of three years all the PG faculty of all the institutes must comply with the above criteria and the further admissions will be considered accordingly.

4.  Any publication, first author will be given 100% points and remaining authors will be  given 50% points.

5.  The interested PG faculty has to apply with all the supporting documents through their  respective Institutions only, no direct application / representation of any dental faculty in the subject matter shall be considered by the DCI.

6.  In case publication of thesis or original research work both first and second authors would be given 100% points.

7.  All the different dental Journals accepted by the DCI in the concerned categories may be  placed in the DCI website also and will be updated from time to time.

8.  The cut of date i.e. 28.02.2012 may be considered for the article/publication published  in the various journal for starting/increase of seats in MDS Course for the session 2012-13.

9.  The article/publication published in various journal as on a particular cut of date i.e. 28.02.2012 will be considered for starting/increase of seats in MDS Course only, the acceptance letter from publication houses would not be accepted.

Download  Dental  Council recommendation : www.similima.com/pdf/dental-pg-teacher.pdf

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