Keep these essential homeopathic medicines in your vehicle

Dear friends, I hope you always keep some essential homeopathic medicines inside your vehicle. If you have not made it, please make a medical kit today. It may help our family or even the needy people on the way (y) (y) (y)


©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

1. Acetic acid: Prostration after injury, surgical shock, chloroform; Panic attacks with suffocation; Anaemia with pale waxy sunken face with blue rings; Sighing; Frequent fainting; Burning thirst, water brash &profuse salivation, sour belching; Exhausting diarrhea; Hemorrhages; Dry hot skin; Dropsy.

2. Aconite N: Apprehension; Shock; Tossing in agony; Sudden violent onset; Fearful; Fear of death; Restless; Ailments from fright, from dry cold wind; Thirst for cold drinks; Palpitation with fainting; Full hard pulse; Dry red hot skin.

3. Amyle nitr: Epileptic convulsion; Hemorrhage with facial flushes; Climacteric headache with flushings anxiety and palpitations; Inhalation of Q is indicated during the attacks of angina, asthma, migraine, epilepsy.

4. Ant tart: Drowning; Death rattling; Respiratory paralysis; Gasping; Large collection of mucus, but nothing comes out; Sunken pale face; White coated tongue; Fanning of nostrils; Aversion to touch.

5. Apis mel: Sting bites; Anaphylactic shock; Stinging pains; Edema; Rolling head; Fiery red shiny skin; Irritable; Screaming; Stupor with sharp cry; Lower lids swollen; Thirstless; Fiery red tongue. < Heat; > open air, cold application, uncovering.

6. Arnica: Shock; Injury (mental or physical); Sore bruised feeling; Fear of touch; Well says when sick; Answers correctly and relapses; Head hot, cold body; Apoplexy with evacuation of stool and urine; Stupor with concussion; Fetid breath; Coated tongue; Dark hemorrhages.

7. Ars alb: Food poisoning; Vomiting & diarrhea with collapse; Exhaustion with anxiety and mental restlessness; Fear of death; Affected parts burn like fire; Burning pains> by warmth; Thirst for small quantity often; Dyspnoea > sitting and bend forwards.

8. Belladonna: Sudden & violent onset; Flushed hot skin; Congestion; Throbbing pains; Delirious; High fever; Brilliant eyes with dilated pupils; Staring; Moaning with breath; <Jar, slightest touch; > Semi erect position, pressure, lying on abdomen.

9. Bellis per: Ailments from injuries, physical exertion; Muscle soreness; Venous congestion due to injuries; Injuries to deeper tissues; Injuries to nerves with soreness and intolerance to cold bathing; Trauma to pelvic organs; Sprains & bruises; Ecchymosis.

10. Bryonia: Talks on business; Sensitive to slight motion; Constant motion of left arm and left leg; Chewing motion; Coated dry tongue; Injury to joints; Stitching pains; Fracture of ribs; Pain < motion, touch, inspiration; >absolute rest, lying on painful side.
[©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]

11. Calendula: Lacerated scalp wounds; Paralysis after apoplexy; Damage to soft tissues, muscles; Pain out of proportion to injury; Quickens healing process; Superficial burns and scalds; External application for wound healing.

12. Cactus: Cardiac asthma; Palpitation; Hands icy cold; Constriction in chest; Angina with tight feeling; Pain from apex to left arm.

13. Camphora: Shock from injury; Pale face; Dilated pupils; Icy coldness, but will not be covered; Cramps; Cold sweat; Pulse weak, scarcely perceptible; Blue skin; Prostration even from scanty fluid loss.

14. Cantharis: Furious delirium; Sudden unconsciousness; Burns and scalds with rawness and smarting pain > by cold applications; Sore vesicles sensitive to touch; Sensitive; Cant swallow liquids; Burning urination with constant urge to pass; Violent inflammation; < Touch; > Rubbing, warmth (skin by cold).

15. Carbolic acid: Irritable; Lacerated wounds from blunt injury; Septic conditions; Burns tends to ulcerate; Pain comes & goes suddenly; Bathed in cold sweat.

16. Carbo veg: Ailments from loss of vital fluids, after spoiled food; Offensive discharges; Air hunger; Collapse with weak circulation; Icy coldness; Cold sweat; Cold breath; Hippocratic face; Terminal stages; Oozing of dark blood; Wants clothing loose around abdomen; <Warmth; >Fanning, flatus.

17. Chamomilla: Fainting from pains; Cant endure anyone near; Aversion to touch or looked at; One cheek red hot, other pale cold; Oversensitive; Pain< heat; Hot perspiration; Sleepy but cant sleep; Pains with numbness; > Carrying.

18. China: Weakness; Fainting; Air hunger; Dropsy; Loss of vital fluids; Blueness around eyes; Anaemic; Bright red bleeding; < Draught of air, slight touch; > Bending double, hard pressure, warmth.
[©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]

19. Cicuta: Childish; Screaming; Moaning and whining; A/v to stranger; Convulsions with frightful distortion of face; Convulsions renewed by slight touch; Rolling of eyes; Bites tongue; Trismus; Grinding of teeth; Head twisted to one side.

20. Echinacea: Blood poisoning; Snakebite; Spider and scorpion bite; Sepsis; Crushing injuries.

21. Gelsemium: Fear of falling; Sun stroke; Apoplexy; Ailments from anticipation, bad news; Motor paralysis; Tremulous weakness; Heaviness of eyelids; Lack of muscular coordination; Dullness; dizziness; drowsiness; Thirstless.

22. Glonoine: Apoplexy; Congestive headache; Sunstroke; Visible heart pulsation with throbbing carotids; Heart congestion with fainting on any exertion; High BP, pulsation even in finger tips; Sudden irregular circulation.

23. Hepar sulph: Hyper sensitive to pain; Faint from slight pain; Intolerance of suffering; Dyspnoea> sitting and bend head backwards; Sensitive to air; Profuse sweating with no relief; <Touch, cold, lying on painful side; > Warmth.

24. Hypericum: Vertigo with urging to urinate; Crushed finger tips; Injuries with horrible pains; Injuries to parts rich in nerves; Shock after spinal injury; Fracture of spine; Convulsions from injury; Lacerated wounds with frustration; Twitching of muscles.

25. Ignatia: Emotional shock; Fainting; Hysterical troubles; Contradictory symptoms; Involuntary sighing; Ailments from being abused, bad news; Muscular jerking; < Consolation, tobacco in any form.

26. Ipecac: Vomiting with salivation; Clean tongue; Nausea persists even after vomiting; Bleeding with nausea; Bright red bleeding; Chest seems full of phlegm; Suffocation from mucus; No expectoration.

27. Lachesis: Loquacity; Muttering; Ailments from poisoned wounds; Trembling and protrusion of tongue; Breathing interrupted by least things coming near mouth; Left sided apoplexy; Dark hemorrhage; Bluish or purple appearance; <Heat, touch, on going to sleep. >Discharges, fanning from a long distance.

28. Ledum: Puncture wounds; Stings and bites; Black eyes from blow; Injured part turn blue or black; Injured part cold to touch, but not cold subjectively to patient; Sprain of ankle; Intolerance of heat of bed; Dark bleeding; Twitching of muscles near wound.

29. Mag phos: Antispasmodic; A/f standing in cold water; Angina with constriction sensation; Muscle cramps with radiating pains; Colics; Spasms without febrile symptoms; <Cold bathing, motion, touch, cold air; > Warmth, bending double, pressure.

30. Nux mos: Fainting from pains; Palpitation with fainting; Hysteria; Fainting from sight of blood; Vertigo when walking in open air; Dryness without thirst; Saliva looks like cotton; Tongue adheres to roof of mouth; < Cold wet stormy weather; > Warmth, wrapping warmly.

31. Nux vom: Sudden unconsciousness; Convulsions with consciousness; Fainting from odors; Over sensitive; A/f anger, rich food, alcohol; Reactions to allopathic drugs; Posterior half of tongue coated; < Eating, stimulants, dry weather; > Rest, lying down, damp wet weather.

32. Opium: Ask for nothing; Well says when sick; Delirium with wide open eyes; Coma from fright, injury; Picks bell clothes; Spasm from approach of strangers; Bloody froth; Deep red hot face; Tongue black paralyzed; Bad effects of inhaling gas, charcoal vapors; Stertorus breathing; Involuntary stools after fright; Bed feels too hot; Hot sweating; < Heat, stimulants; >Cold, constant walking.

33. Phosphorus: Ailments from anticipation; Electric shock; Wants to be magnetized; Palpitations from lying on left side; Ascending paralysis with numbness; Thirst for cold water; Profuse bright red bleeding, even from small wounds; <Lying on left, warm food and drinks, salt, thunderstorm; >Cold items, lying on right, open air.

34. Rhustox: Joint injuries; A/f lifting weight, physical exertion; Strained muscles, tendons and ligaments; Cant remain in bed; Delirium with fear; Tongue coated except red triangular tip; Sensitive to open air; < Rest, beginning to move, cold, uncovering; > Motion, warmth, hot bathing, rubbing.

35. Ruta: Injury to bones, periosteum, joints; Sprains; Fractures; Injury to chest; Lameness after sprains; Bruised pains; Pains with stiffness; <Lying down, cold, wet weather.

36. Spigelia: Shuddering from touch; Left sided headache; Angina> hot drinks, lying on right; Dyspnoea >lying on right with head high; Stitching heart pain synchronous with pulse; Violent visible audible palpitations.

37. Tabacum: Rapid blindness without reason; Vertigo on opening eyes; Nausea on least motion; Death like pallor; Icy cold sweat; Pale sunken face; Nausea with profuse sweating; Angina with prostration and cold sweat; Pulse intermittent hard cord like; <Opening eyes, motion, tobacco; >Uncovering abdomen, open fresh air.

38. Veratrum alb: Faint from least exertion; Tip of nose cold; Rapid sinking of vital force; Cold sweat on forehead; Loss of vital fluids; <Cold weather, least motion, drinking; > Walking.

©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Kerala, India.

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