Essential parts of a Post graduate dissertation and how to write it ?

dissertationDr Mansoor Ali
This article helps you to identify the major parts of a postgraduate dissertation and methods of writing it

Parts of Dissertation 

  1. First is Title page – make it as simple
  2. Declaration by the student
  3. Certificate by the Guide
  4. Endorsement by HOD or Principal
  5. Copyright to University
  6. Acknowledgment – follow hierarchy
    • First to Guide,Princial, HOD
    • Then Statistician
    • Then Patients
    • Then Health care team
    • No mention about husband, wife or family in acknowledgment, since this is an official document. You can mention them while publishing a book.
  7. Table of Contents
    • 6 items only
    • Recheck before submission
    • No vertical lines

Total: 6 chapters

  • Heading : 14 bold
  • Sub heading : 12 bold
  • Matter : 12 Times New Roman
  • Double space

No italics in dissertation – but use in medicine grading, bacteria name etc.

Margin: 1 inch on three sides and 1.5 inch on Lt side for proper binding.


  • Chapter 1
    Background of the problem
  • Need and significance of the study
  • Statement of the problem
  • Objectives
  • Operational definitions
  • Assumptions (if any)
  • Hypothesis (Write research hypothesis)
  • Conceptual/theoretical frame work

Chapter II

  • Review of literature
  • Subheading of the literature reviewed

Chapter III

  • Methodology
  • Research approach
  • Research design
  • Variables
  • Setting of the study
  • Population
  • Sample and sampling technique
  • Plan for data analysis

Chapter IV

  • Analysis and interpretation
  • (Section wise presentation of data)

Chapter V

  • Objectives
  • Hypotheses
  • Results

Chapter VI

  • Discussion
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Limitations
  • Recommendations

Points to remember 

1.Certificates Name, year, branch, institution, guide, HOD

2. Acknowledgment –  No  family acknowledgment since this is an official document.

3.Table of contents

4. List of abbreviations – Standard

2. Introduction :  specify the lacunae in current knowledge with respect to study area and states the justification of study

3. Aims and Objectives
Aim – broad single statement

Objective – Specific short bullet pointed statement

4. Review of Literature -what is already known, why new research, 2 page in synopsis, 10  page in dissertation

5. Materials and Methods

6. Observation and results

7. Discussion -conclusion

8. Reference – Should not write as Bibliography which means all related publications

9. Annexure


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