Exasperated with CCH inspection? 57 homoeopathy colleges denied permission for 2018 – Any alternatives?

Exasperated with CCH inspection? 57 homoeopathy colleges denied permission for 2018 – Any alternatives? 

Dr Mansoor Ali 

The AYUSH Ministry has released the list of 57  homoeopathy colleges that were denied permission for 2018-19. and 177 colleges granted permission for this year.  

Do you think – all the denied colleges are bad and lack of infrastructure? 

Nothing changed even after BoS took charge, after dissolving CCH.

Inspection procedures seems to be an headache to homoeopathy medical colleges – that starts from February of every year and continue even after the last date of admission. Administrators of many homeopathy medical colleges were exasperated by the existing tedious and delayed inspection procedures.

Currently Quality is not a matter of concern to inspectors, but quantity counts. Inspectors are not trying to evaluate academic performance index but counting the tables and instruments matters. 

Existing inspectors are from Government sector. Many of them have no idea about the struggle behind running a college economically and successfully. Many of the Government Homoeopathy colleges have major deficits- still they get permission every year!!

Number of colleges denied permission (state wise)

  • Maharashtra – 11
  • Madhya Pradesh – 12 
  • Bihar – 9 
  • Kerala – 2
  • Tamil Nadu- 2 
  • Bengal – 1
  • Chattisgarh – 2 
  • Gujarat -2 
  • Haryana – 1
  • Jharkhand – 1 
  • Karnataka – 2
    Orissa -2
  • Punjab – 2
    Rajasthan – 2 
  • Telangana -1 
  • UP-1
  • Urrarakhand – 1

Any alternative to painful CCH inspection – NABH or NAAC accreditation – seems to be   better than current procedures?

Accreditation is definitely good as it brings awareness among teachers about their responsibility towards students and academics. But the amount of documentation is too much and definitely affects the work. Currently some accreditation are mere paper checking exercise and all get accredited 

NABH [National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers] is committed to support improvement of quality of healthcare service in our country for all strata of the population through various methodologies and tools to supplement the efforts of the providers of healthcare service.

NAAC: The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an organisation that assesses and accredits higher education Institutions (HEIs) in India. It is an autonomous body funded by University Grants Commission of Government of India headquartered in Bangalore.

The revised accreditation format of NAAC gives only 30% credit to documentation and the remaining 70% is to the output ie

  1. Innovative teaching methodologies
  2. Use of technology in teaching
  3. Adoption of villages and their health care needs
  4. Extramural funded projects
  5. Publication and more to the citations rather than number of publication
  6. Collaborations not just on paper but as an active one with output
  7. Students quality is assessed by their awards, progressing to higher studies, entrepreneurship, scholarships, etc
  8. Feedback from students obtained directly by NAAC through online format even before the actual visit and so forth

The revised format has more objectivity and assessment matrix which NAAC is ready for criticism and modifications too.

Accreditation is important as it helps in maintaining the standard of education system at the college and university levels.

Some resources for the discussions are available on links below

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