Exploring the personality of cyclamen europeum

Dr Asha Shivaram

Cyclamen europeum, a plant belonging to the Primulaceae family, forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy cyclamen. 

This species is also known by several other names, such as ivy-leafed cyclamen, groundbread, sowbread and swinebread. This plant is native to the regions having temperate climatic conditions and is found growing in North Africa, North America and central regions of Europe..

The woodlands,shady and humid gardens are ideal for the plant to thrive as well as flourish. Many people also grow this plant indoors as decorative items and it is valued for its multi-colored and veined leaves as well as the vivid pastel hued flowers whose petals fold backward.

CYCLAMEN is derived from the Greek word Kyklos, which means ‘circle’ and refers to the circular, disk Shaped root tuber

Hippocrates used Cyclamen roots primarily as a remedy for problems of the uterus due to its ‘purifying and dissolving’Characteristics

  • Thermal Relationship  :  Chilly Patient. It is otherwise called Chilly Pulsatilla, as it is very similar to pulsatilla except its modality.
  • Prover : Dr. Hahnemann and Vienna society 
  • Parts Used  :  Tincture Of The Root And Tuber Gathered During Summer.

PRIMULACEAE FAMILY: Cyclamen is the only remedy in Primulaceae family  which is well proved 

Sensation  :  Unable to move because of paralysis, pressure and lame sensation which is common to the family

Passive Reaction

  • Sluggishness
  • Aversion to going out
  • > in house
  • Confined
  • Not moving

Active Reaction

  • Motion ameliorates
  • Continous motion ameliorates
  • Desire to travel
  • Desire to move 
  • Industrious
  • Increased strength


  • Best suited for leuco-phlegmatic persons with anaemic or chlorotic conditions
  • Feeble functions of organs or special senses
  • Easily fatigued
  • Not inclined to any kind of labor


  • Cerebrospinal axis, sensorium
  • GIT
  • Female sexual system
  • Eye


  • Suppressed Grief
  • Terrors of conscience
  • From duty not done
  • Bad act committed


  • Great sadness and peevishness
  • Sleepiness, Moroseness, Lassitude
  • Inclined to weep
  • Desire for solitude
  • Aversion to open air (rev. of puls.)

It has the following symptom in complete repertory

  • Company, aversion to, aggravates, alone > when
  • Delusion, deserted, forsaken
  • Delusion, doomed, being
  • Delusion, persecuted that he is, everyone by

RUBRICS INDICATE THE LEPROSY MIASM according to Rajan Sankaran. When the Sensation of Primulaceae family is combined with Leprosy Miasm, the feeling of Cyclamen could be : Condemned to a restricted space. 

His mind is in a constant state of stupefaction, all its powers are in abeyance; he can neither rejoice nor be sad, although he is always as if after some Great Sorrow 

Only when he is excited his head becomes somewhat clearer, and he behaves like a person wakened up from sleep, having only half understood what has happened about him

MEMORY: Memory is sometimes very obtuse, and he can hardly recollect what has occurred quite recently but sometimes it is very active – In Quick Alteration

  Cyclamen revolves around these symptoms

  • Delusion, Neglected His Duty That He Has
  • Grief, Undemonstrative
  • Reproaches Himself
  • Forsaken Feeling
  • Conscientious About Triffles

These symptoms you can see in aurum met also,thus CYCLAMEN CAN BE CALLED FEMALE AURUM but in Aurum Met, you can see suicidal disposition whereas cyclamen persons will not think about suicide even in their deepest depression.In repertory also, not even in one mark cyclamen is been mentioned under suicidal disposition.

GRIEF: completely suppressed and unexpressed grief which is expressed only when alone, grieves such that others are not aware of it; puts up a brave face in company like ignatia

CONSCIENTIOUS: “He hate letting people down; it will worry him for days”

According to Rajan sankaran, Cyclamen persons will be having the following feelings

  • Criminal, that he is a
  • Crime, as if he had committed
  • Persecuted, that he is
  • Wrong, fancies he has done
  • Neglected his duty, he has


INDIFFERENCE LEADS TO A STATE OF TOTAL EXTINCTION OF CONSCIOUSNES: Mental derrangement during climaxis, when the patient becomes extremely indifferent. This Indifference gradually deepens and leads the patient finally to a state of total extinction of consciousness, when even questions are not answered and stools and urine passed involuntarily


  • Anaemic or chlorotic women with scanty menses or amenorrhea who suffer from palpitation and heart symptom
  • Desire : solitude, hysterical, alternation of moods weeps when alone,thinks she is alone in the world and prosecuted by everybody
  • Aversion to bread, butter, greasy food,meat, beer, pork.


  • Eye troubles : convergent strabismus, dimness, flickering with head ache or sick stomach
  • Hiccough during pregnancy
  • Suppressed menses with vertigo and headache

DOSAGE  :  Low and Mid Potencies; 3x To 30

REPETITION  :  Mostly in single dose when constitutional symptoms are present.

Lower potencies may be repeated in specific conditions


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Dr Asha Shivaram
PGT Materia Medica
Fr Muller HMC

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