Extra Mural Research 2016 in Homoeopathy by CCRH

researchThe Ministry of AYUSH supports scientist in the country to conduct research in Homoeopathy. The scheme encourages research in high priority areas to ascertain efficacy of treatment, better understanding of homoeopathic principles and respond to various public health concerns.

CCRH is providing technical expertise and scrutinizing new project relating to Homoeopathy received for grant-in-aid for Ministry of AYUSH. 

Objectives of the scheme:

  • To support research and development in Extra Mural mode for treatment of prioritized diseases.
  • To standardize/validate and develop scientific evidence for safety, efficacy and quality of AYUSH drugs & therapies.
  • To make scientific exploration of AYUSH system with interdisciplinary approaches.
  • To achieve need based outcome in a priority areas.
  • To develop the potential of human resource in AYUSH system specially to inculcate aptitude and expertise to AYUSH systems.

Research is encouraged on pre-defined priority areas including Fundamental Concepts, Basic Principles & Theories of AYUSH Systems, Standardization / Validation of Safety, Efficacy & Quality different AYUSH classical drugs, Therapies, Intervention & approaches / Treatment modalities, AYUSH Pharmaceutical Research (New Drug development), Clinical Trials, Scientific exploration & operational research of metallic compounds, & other herbomineral preparations, Drug interaction, bioavailability & dose determination studies, AYUSH intervention in public health care eg, Epidemics diseases & Genus Epidemicus, Geriatric Health Care, Mental Health & cognitive disorders, Anemia & nutritional disorders, Maternal & Child health etc., Systemic review and meta-Analysis of AYUSH research studies, Literary research & scientific documentation and development of data base, Health Economics related to AYUSH, Role of ASU & H Intervention in Veterinary Health, Development of software & Bio instrumentation related to AYUSH.

Details at : http://ccrhindia.org/emr.asp

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