Materia Medica Workshop – III

students5Materia Medica Workshop – 1

  1. Medicine which has got aggravation on alternate days

(a) Agaricus (b) Lac caninum (c) Alumina (d) Opium

  1. “Craves the wind blowing in his face” – Indicated medicine is

(a) Rumex (b) Arg nit (c) Lyssin (d) Fluoric acid

  1. “New moon aggravation” is seen in

(a) Crocus sativa (b) Cyclamen (c) Helonias (d) Clematis

  1. Match the following 

NAME OF MEDICINE                                  TIME AGGRAVATION

(A) Gelsemium                                            (1) 3 A.M.

(B) Melilotus alba                                      (2) 4 A.M.

(C) Nux vom                                                (3) 4 P.M.

(D) Oxalic acid                                           (4) 10 A.M.

(a)    A – 3, B – 4, C – 1, D – 2              (b) A – 4, B – 3, C – 1, D – 2

(c)  A – 3, B – 4, C – 2, D – 1             (d) A – 4, B – 3, C – 2, D – 1

  1. Choose the indicated medicine for the following aggravations
  • Leaning forward <
  • Looking down <

(a)    Dioscorea (b) Borax (c) Con mac (d) Kalmia

  1. Which medicine has got aggravation “Morning on one day and evening of next”

(a)    Lac can (b) Sanicula (c) Alumina (d) Cinchona

  1. Which medicine has got aggravation between 5 P.M to 7 P.M?

(a)    Lycopodium (b) Helleborus (c) Zinc met (d) Carcinocin

  1. Aggravation of complaints after seeing others in trouble is seen in

(a)    Tarentula hispana (b) Lycopodium (c) Phosphorus (d) Fluoric acid

  1. Sabadilla has got aggravation during which time

(a)    Full moon (b) New moon (c) Both Full moon & New moon (d) Alternate days

  1. Select the medicine which is not having aggravation after taking coffee

(a)    Asterias rubens (b) Cantharis (c) Euphrasia (d) Psorinum

  1. Choose the medicine which has aggravation of complaints from “Melting snow”

(a)    Calc phos (b) Kali phos (c) Ferr phos (d) Nat phos

  1. “Aggravation from looking fixedly at an object” is seen in which medicine

(a)    Cina      (b) Cina & Crocus sativa

(c) Cina, Crocus sativa & Phos  (d) Cina, Crocus sativa, Phos & Physostigma

  1. “Amelioration from holding ice in mouth” is seen in which medicine

(a)    Chamomilla (b) Medorrhinum (c) Phosphorus (d) Coffea

  1. “Better by getting on hands and knees” is the symptom of which medicine

(a)    Eup per (b) Ruta (c) Symphytum (d) Bellis per

  1. “Sea bathing aggravation” is seen in

(a)    Nat mur (b) Mag mur (c) Medorrhinum (d) Sanicula

  1. Choose the medicine which has “Aggravation from smoking which causes diarrhoea”

(a)    Cicuta (b) Tarentula cubensis (c) Borax (d) Ignatia

  1. “Amelioration after sleeping in daytime” is seen in

(a)    Nux vom (b) Caladium (c) Cocculus (d) Nitric acid

  1. Choose the medicines for the following modalities

< Undressing

> Undressing

(a)    Baryta carb & Hyoscyamus     (b) Rumex & Platina

(c)  Kali bich & Origanum (d) Sulphur & Murex

  1. Choose the medicines for the following modalities

< From brandy drinking  > From brandy drinking

(a)    Carbo veg & Coca                   (b) Zincum met & Medorrhinum

(c)Kali bich & Syphilinum (d) Ignatia & Glonoine

  1. “Head & chest symptoms of this medicine aggravates in the morning and abdominal symptoms in the afternoon” – indicated medicine is

(a)    Kali mur (b) Amm mur (c) Mag mur (d) Nat mur

  1. “After shaving <” is seen in

(a)    Oxalic acid (b) Hydrocyanic acid (c) Picric acid (d) Acetic acid

  1. “Cheese < colic” is seen in

(a)    Pulsatilla (b) Dioscorea (c) Colocynth (d) Antim crud

  1. “4 A.M. to 6 A.M. aggravation” is the characteristic symptom of which medicine

(a)    Ferrum phos (b) Kali phos (c) Calc phos (d) Mag phos

  1. Time aggravation of Glonoine is

(a)    6 A.M. to 6 P.M. (b) 6 A.M. to Noon (c) Noon to 6 P.M. (d) 11 A.M. to 6 P.M.

  1. “Aggravation: Every six weeks” is seen in

(a)    Nat carb (b) Mag carb (c) Chin ars (d) Cedron

  1. “Twilight aggravation” is seen in

(a)    Puls   (b) Puls & Phos

(c) Puls, Phos & Sil    d) Puls, Phos, Sil & Medo

  1. “Most pains appear during rest and disappear during motion” is the symptom of

(a)    Sanicula (b) Menyanthes (c) Bovista (d) Sambucus nigra

  1. “Amelioration from sweat” is seen in

(a)    Grindelia (b) Senega (c) Lobelia (d) Coccus cacti

  1. “Immersing in hot water amelioration” is seen in

(a)    Lithium carb (b) Strontia carb (c) Mag carb (d) Nat carb

  1. “Aggravation after Coition” is the symptom of

(a)    Kali carb

(b)   Kali carb, Theridion

(c)    Kali carb, Theridion, Agnus castus

(d)   Kali carb, Theridion, Agnus castus, Staphysagria

  1. Acetic acid follows well after which medicine in dropsy

(a)    Cinchona (b) Apocynum (c) Apis (d) Digitalis

  1. Which medicine follows Lachesis in intermittent fever when type changes

(a)    Nat mur (b) Cedron (c) Cinchona (d) Lycopodium

  1. Which medicine often cures after Collinsonia has improved

(a)    Sulphur (b) Aloes (c) Calc phos (d) Aesculus

  1. Which medicine completes the curative work of Lachesis

(a)    Naja (b) Mygale (c) Crot cascavella (d) Crot horridus

  1. Complementary medicine of Zincum met in Hydrocephalus

(a)    Helleborus (b) Calc phos (c) Merc sulph (d) Apis

  1. “Measles catarrhal symptoms, aids bringing out eruptions” – indicated medicine is

(a)    Bell (b) Ferr phos (c) Gels (d) Eup per

  1. “Hears better in a noise” – medicine is

(a)    Graph (b) Nitric acid (c) Graph & Nitric acid (d) Graph, Nitric acid & Phos

  1. “Decided aversion to coition in both sexes” is the symptom of

(a)    Kali bich (b) Sepia (c) Graph (d) Agnus

  1. Medicine for chronic effects of mechanical injuries

(a)    Con mac (b) Hamamelis (c) Calc flour (d) Both a & b

  1. “Warts with intolerable burning and itching” – indicated medicine is

(a)    Sulphur (b) Calendula (c) Ruta (d) Sabina

  1. “Fear of death, believes the disease incurable” is the symptom of

(a)    Cactus (b) Digitalis (c) Naja (d) Adonis

  1. “Vomiting during pregnancy when Lactic acid fails” is the symptom of

(a)    Psorinum (b) Tuberculinum (c) Carcinocin (d) Medorrhinum

  1. “Ailments from fright or the fear still remaining” is seen in

(a)    Acon (b) Acon, Opium (C) Acon, Opium, Hyos (d) Acon, Opium, Hyos, Samb

  1. “Headache of school girls, diarrhoea” – most appropriate medicine for this symptom is

(a)    Nat mur (b) Psorinum (c) Calc phos (d) Tuberculinum

  1. Medicine for “Constitutional effects of Onanism” is

(a)    Agnus (b) Arg met (c) Selenium (d) Origanum

  1. Choose the medicine for “Wounds with sudden pain during febrile heat”

(a)    Arnica (b) Calendula (c) Hypericum (d) Ledum

  1. “Sneezing and coryza from putting hands in water” – Choose the indicated medicine other than Phosphorus for this condition

(a)    Lac can (b) Lac defl (c) Sil (d) Sanicula

  1. Name one medicine for Nystagmus

(a)    Physostigma (b) Ruta (c) Euphrasia (d) Arg nit

  1. “Cough only during daytime” is seen in

(a)    Euphrasia

(b)   Euphrasia, Ferr met

(c)    Euphrasia, Ferr met, Nat mur

(d)   Euphrasia, Ferr met, Nat mur, Hyoscyamus

  1. “The least mental excitement causes profuse return of menstrual flow” – Choose the indicated medicines other than Calc carb for this symptom

(a)    Cimicifuga & Medorrhinum

(b)   Sulphur & Tuberculinum

(c)    Sepia & Psorinum

(d)   Nat mur & Syphilinum

ANSWERS (Workshop-3) 

1(c), 2(b), 3(d), 4(d), 5(d), 6(a), 7(c), 8(a), 9(b), 10(c), 11(a), 12(b), 13(d), 14(a), 15(b), 16(c), 17(b), 18(c), 19(d), 20(b), 21(a), 22(c), 23(a), 24(b), 25(b), 26(b), 27(d), 28(b), 29(b), 30(b), 31(d), 32(a), 33(d), 34(c), 35(b), 36(c), 37(c), 38(c), 39(d), 40(d), 41(a), 42(a), 43(d), 44(c), 45(b), 46(b), 47(b), 48(a), 49(c),

Dr.Jithesh.T.K, B.H.M.S, M.D (Hom)
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