Foul play behind Kerala Central Council Homeopathy election 2013

The entire problems behind the delay in Kerala CCH election is arises because of the internal politics in a professional Homoeopathy organisation in Kerala.

One so called God father’s nominee failed miserably in their party election. This fellow then made lot of complaints to the registrar, health secretary,  CCH, AYUSH etc and even threatened many officials…regarding the second candidateship from Kerala. Claiming that “majority doctors registered under TC MC Council are dead…..we need only one candidate from Kerala” etc.

Then the TC Medical Council registrar wrote to AYUSH for an expert opinion, AYUSH permitted the registrar to conduct election with the existing list of doctors containing more than 10,000 doctors-for two candidates from a state more than 10,000 voters are must as per regulations.

We reliably know that Registrar already taken all preventive and protective measures for faire and free voting in consultation with postal department — knowing the bitter experience in the last CCH election in Kerala.

AYUSH allowed two seats for Kerala since the existing list has than  11,800 candidates.

This fellow and followers never allow for this….they wants to throw out the second candidate of his own organization (who defeated his nominee)

Then his binami filed a case in Kerala High Court to stay the Kerala CCH election!!…Court not allowed to stay…but directed Registrar to continue election process  with list of doctors…that is why we have only updated list…not renewal/updated high security certificate with hologram and photo as given to all allopathy doctors.


Many of the homeopathy doctors are working or staying abroad and in other states.

Is it possible to renew with in this limited time??

Life certificates from Gulf countries or European countries are acceptable to our registrar??

Is it legal to issue a life certificate in Kerala to a doctor working or staying abroad??

This will further delay the election process. CCH Elections were over in majority of the states

We are requesting all doctors and organisation to ensure maximum updation by contacting your friends and colleges working or living across globe…to ensure two elected candidates representing Kerala in CCH- we can’t loss our second candidate.

Earlier we had two nominated candidates from Calicut & Kerala Universities. Now we are under one University ..KUHS…so nominated candidates are also less in number

Whoever wins…Kerala should have two elected members in CCH...fight against vested interest

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    Nomination – Before 4 PM 18th February 2013
    Scrutiny – 11 AM 19th February 2013
    Withdrawal – 4 Pm 26th February 2013
    Dispatch of Ballot – before 4 Pm 12th of April 2013
    Poll – Before 4 Pm 13 May 2013
    Counting of Votes – 10 AM 15th May 2013

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