PowerPoint Presentations & Lecture

Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali
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Cardiac biomarkers – Dr Aiswarya MA

Cardiac infections – Dr Aiswarya MA

Cardiomyopathy – Dr Aiswarya MA

Cerebellar diseases – Dr Shahida M

Congenital heart diseases – Dr Aiswarya MA

COPD Bronchiectasis lung abscess – Dr Aiswarya MA

Computed tomography – Dr Aiswarya MA

Diseases of pericardium – Dr Aiswarya MA

Genetics – Dr Aiswarya MA

Hemophilia A & B – Dr Shahida

Hypertension – Dr Shahida

Intracranial Space Occupying lesion – Dr Aiswarya MA

Iron deficiency anemia – Dr Shahida

Motor Neuron Disease MND – Dr Aiswarya MA

Protein Energy Malnutrition – Dr Aiswarya MA

Purpura and Coagulation defects – Dr Aiswarya MA

Spirometry – Dr Aiswarya MA

Systemic vasculitis – Dr Aiswarya MA

Water soluble vitamins – Dr Aiswarya MA

Influenza – Dr Chesta Singh

Byssinosis – Dr Reshma

Examination of thyroid, diabetic patients endocrine investigations – Dr Reshma

Eruptive skin disorders – Dr Reshma

Thyroid wonderful puzzle – Dr Reshma

Cardio vascular disease – Dr Reshma

CNS Examinations – Dr Reshma

Cyanotic heart diseases – Dr Reshma

Normal heart and functions

Aortic Stenosis and Atresia Dr Rohini Makwana

Aplastic anemiaDr. Suman Chaudhary

Iron deficiency anemia – Dr. Suman Chaudhary

Megaloblastic anemia –  Dr. Suman Chaudhary

Molluscum contagiosa – Dr SK Saklin Mustak

Sideroblastic anemiaDr. Suman Chaudhary

Dermatology Approach to the patient with skin disease D Kirtida Desai

AnthraxDr Ann Mar Jacob

Cardiac Arrhythmia–  Dr Rincy K

Chicken Pox and Herpes ZosterDr Ann Mary Jacob

Complications and management of Diabetes

Elements of Conduction System Of Heart and Heartbeat – Dr. Deepti Sharma

Differential Diagnosis &  Homoeopathic Approach to febrile patients with rashDr Ann Mary Jacob

GoutDr Kirtida Desai

GoutDr Dhanisha

Iron and Iodine deficiencyDr Aseema Bevi M

Protozoa  General Considerations ,Malaria Dr Dhanisha

Management of head injuries

Nervous system examinationDr Suneera Kurikkal

Nipah and Hendra virus Dr S Adlin Shenika

Parathyroid glands and their disordersDr Nithya T

Prospects of Homoeopathy in the treatment of Covid- 19Dr Abdul Lethif

PTSD and its Homeopathic managementDr. Hafiza.Malik

Systemic lupus erythematosusDr Jaysi C

Management of ulcer


Breast cancerDr Dipak Dhaduk

Chicek pox Sayyad Tabish

Biomarkers of cardiac diseasesDr SGS Chakravarthy

External Hordeolum or Stye -Dr. Jayanthi Naik Kulkarni

Nephrotic syndrome – Dr Fathima Rahim

Regulation of secretion of thyroid hormonesDr Shivaa Harini Shri

COPD Saleha khurshid M. Alam

Covid 19 Social distancing and its importanceDr GS Chakravarthy

Pectus carinatum Dr Jay Sarvaiya

ADHDDr Pratista P N Cuncolincar

Alopecia Dr.Veerabhadrappa C. M.D.

Anaesthesia work up anaesthesia  fitness  and  post anaesthesia care  Dr Uttam das

Bronchial asthma Dr Mansoora K

Chronic bronchitis – Dr Shafeena

Coronary Artery DiseaseDr Divya PP

Cerebellar ataxia Dr Mansoora

Chronic gastritis Dr. Anurag Yadav

Coma and Brain death- Dr Shafeena

Common facies in different clinical condition Dr Afna K

Congenital Heart Disease  Dr Anjali Jayaraj

Cor Pulomonale

Corona Virus – Dr Vaghela Sandip K.

Gastric Carcinoma Dr. Berly Bernnabas

GoutDr Mansoora

Hepatitis Dr. Anurag Yadav

Hypertension – Dr Shafeena

Hypertension Dr Afna K

Inflammatory bowel disease Dr. Anurag Yadav

Infective endocarditis Dr Varsha VV

Inoculative diseases Dr. Berly Bernnabas

Ion Deficiency Anemia Dr Mansoora K

LACHESIS MUTUS– A study through rubrics Dr Sithara Perveen

Motor Neurone DiseaseDivya PP

Multiple MyelomaDr Mansoora K

Multiple Sclerosis Dr Shafeena

Parkinsonism Dr Shafeena

Myocardial & Pericardial diseases – Dr Neethu KA

OedemaDr Dimple Yadav

PancreatitisDr Anjali Jayaraj


Pulmonary hypertension – Dr Anjali Jayaraj

Rheumatoid ArthritisDr Girija Kumari

Zero-Negative arthritis – Dr Nihla PK

Thyroiditis Dr Mansoora K

Valvular Heart diseases Dr Nihla PK

Failure to thriveDr Chanda Gupta

PsoriasisDr Harshavarthini M 

First aid digital book including CPR Canadian Redcross

Bronchogenic carcinoma – Dr Anil NM

Chronic bronchitis Dr Anil NM

Cushing syndromeDr Rathibha

Grave’s disease Dr Anil NM

Headache and Homoeopathy Dr Kavya KS

Ischemic heart disease – Dr Anil NM

Motor Neurone Disease Dr Anil NM 

Clinical skills 

Learn ECG in a day 

Multiple Sclerosis Kavya KS

Myasthenia graves Dr Anil NM

Nephrolithiasis Dr Anil NM 

Nutritional and other anemias Dr Anil NM 

Thalassemia Dr Kavya KS

Rheumatoid arthritisDr Anil NM 

Hypertension and homoeopathy Dr.Babita Jamwal

Obesity and Homoeopathy Dr. Swati Garg and team 

Patient safety in health care facilitiesDr. Shama Bano 

Psychosomatic disorders Dr Sindhu Mary Philip

Homoeopathic approach in viral affections of skin 

Glaucoma Dr Ganatra Nirav

HerniaDr Rakesh Parashar 

Standard treatment protocols for various disease 

Approach to Unconscious PatientDr. Sneha Lade

Gait & its abnormalityDr Indrajeet P. Shah, Dr Amit A. Bhasme

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic  PurpuraDr.P .Srinivaasa Sudhakar

Occupational lung diseases pneumoconiosis – Dr Jasmin

Congenital Anomalies of Nervous System – Dr Jasmin

Antioxidant vitamin levels   in sickle cell disorders  – Dr Jasmin

Coronary artery disease – Dr Jasmin

DREAMS – interpretations – Dr Jasmin

Motor neuron disease – Dr Jasmin

Rheumatic Fever – Dr Jasmin

Acid Peptic DiseaseDr Anju C Raj

AppendicitisDr Rumsheed

Cervical spondylosis – Dr Anju C Raj

DYSOSMIA Dr Divya Gopalakrishnan

Glioblastoma multiforme –  Dr Rumshhed Necholi

HbA1c and factors other than diabetes mellitus affecting itDr Ronisha

Heart soundsDr Rumsheed N

Infections in returning travelers Dr Soumya Mathew

Motor neuron disease – Dr Anju C Raj

Osteoarthritis Dr. Divya Gopalakrishnan

Periodontal infections: A risk factor for various systemic diseases

Pleurisy – Dr Namita S

Psoriasis and homoeopathy – Dr Anju C Raj

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Dr Divya G

Scope of Homoeopathy in Common Dental ProblemsDr R Valavan

Sexually transmitted diseasesDr Sapna M

Sterilization and Disinfection

Vertigo and HomoeopathyDr Muhammed Rashid

Leptospirosis – Dr.Bhagyasree-B

Trypanosomiasis – Dr.Bhagyasree-B

Homoeopathy in Rheumatological disorders – Dr Mansoor Ali

Cholera – Dr Ronisha

International Exchange Programme for Young Doctors in Family MedicineDr Raman Kumar

Osteoporosis Homeopathic approachDr Mansoor Ali

Homoeopathy  in dermatological disorder with specific emphasis on Psoriasis – Dr L M Khan

Homoeopathic approach Rheumatological DisordersDr Mansoor Ali

Sinusitis & its Homoeopathic ManagementDr Shama Bano

Thyroid, its disorders & the homoeopathic treatmentGyandas G. Wadhwani

Clinical Cardiology – Basics

  1. Heart Sounds –Origin,Normal&Amp; Abnormal.(Download)
  2. Heart Murmurs &Amp;
    Dynamic Auscultation(Download)
  3. Jugular Venous Pressure And Waveforms(Download)  
  4. Approach To Cyanosis (Download)
  5. Dynamic Auscultation (Download)
  6. Jugular Venous
  7. Dynamic Auscultation (Download)
  8. Second Heart Sound- Physiology &Amp; Pathophysiology (Download)

Miasmatic Clevage  of Joint diseasesDr Remya K R

Pulmonary HypertensionDr Remya K R

Why do we need a diagnostic test?Dr Midhun Ramesh

Electric shock Dr.Midhun Ramesh

Insulin TherapyDr Midhun Ramesh

Insulin & Oral hypoglycemic AgentsDr Midun Ramesh

Pharmacotherapy of hypertension

Neurocutaneous SyndromesDr Midun Ramesh

Pain and palliative care in Homeopathy – Dr Nisha C N

Acute abdomenDr Sandhanaraj

Bacillary Dysentery (shigellosis) Dr Sandhanaraj

Cardiac arrestDr Aidha


Diabetic Emergencies

Physical diagnosis – Eye exam

Homeopathy in endodontia and in the endodontic techniqeFeighelstein, Gloria André

Genito-Urinary ExaminationRobert C. Flanigan

Heart murmurDavid leader

Physical Diagnosis in Otolaryngology

Hypertension – New Concept

CNS & CVS for competitive examinations – Dr Sajeev

Blood, bone, connective tissue and pediatrics for competitive exams – Dr Sajeev

Homeopathy in MDR TuberculosisDr Praveenkumar

Lung Examination: AbnormalArcot J. Chandrasekhar

Neurospinal disorders and HomeopathyDr Mansoor Ali

Meningitis in Children

Cardiac Murmurs – Lubna Piracha

Musculoskeletal exam

General Musculoskeletal Screening: Upper ExtremitiesGregory Crovetti

Psychiatry & Respiratory for competitive examsDr S Sajeeve

Practice of Medicine for competitive examsDr Sajeeve S

Respiratory Emergencies

Post traumatic stress – Homeo & Accupauncture

Hypothyroidism – Signs and Symptoms Classic Teaching

Thyroid Function and Disease

Abdomen examinations

GIT and Spinal disorders for competitive examinationsDr Sajeeve S

Vitamins and Minerals Supplements – Dr. Priya Mohanani

Acid peptic disease

Acid peptic disorders

Acute abdomen

Acute bacterial meningitis

Acute and chronic renal failure

Acte gastro intestinal emergency

Acute rheumatic fever

Acute Viral Hepatitis

Acynotic congenital heart diseases

ADHD and Homoeopathy

ADHD and Homeopathic Diagnosis

Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder

Adolescent immunization

Adverse drug reactions


Cervical spondylosis

Crystal deposit in arthritis

CVA – Stroke

CVS – Examinations

Dehydration and management

Demyelinating disorders

Dengue haemorrhagic fever


Dermatologic disorders

Detoxification and homoeopathy

Diabetes in India

Diabetes insipidus

Diabletes mellitus Part 1

Diabetes Mellitus Part II

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes features

Diabetes outline

Diabetes and prevention

Diabetes – diet and nutrition

Diabetic neuropathy

Importance of diagnosis

Importance of diet and nutrition

IBS – dietary management

Digestion and absorption of protein

Down syndrome and homoeopathy

Down syndrome facts

Eating disorders

Diseases of GIT and Homoeopathy

Diseases of Urinary tract and infections


Electrolyte therapy


Enchepahlitis and encephalopathy

ENT examinations

Environmental diseases

Epilepsy and homoeopathy

Evaluation of respiratory disorders

Examination of the respiratory system

Examination of Ear

Examination of eye

Examination of new born

Failure to thrive Part 1

Failure to thrive Part II

Exchange of respiratory gases

Fever – Homoeopathy management

Fundoscopic examination

First aid trauma care

Gall stone – cholelithiasis

Gastric cancer

Gastritis Homeopathy approach


Gastro esophageal reflux

Gastro Refluxes

Gastro enterology update

Genetic coronary artery diseases

Genetic Diabetes

Genetic basics

Genetics Introduction

Genetics – prenatal environment

Genetics primary care

Genetics Part 1

Genetics Part II

Genetics Part III


GIT – Pharmacology

GIT abdominal examinations

GIT Bleeding

GIT – Hormones

GIT – Symptomatology

Alcohol and liver diseases

Allergy and immunity


Alzheimer’s disease


Anemia- approach

Beta thalasemia

Anesthesia workup

Aphasia – types

Appendicitis and surgery

Approach to cardiac deisease

Approach to fever of short duration

Approach to hemiplegia

Arthritis and musculoskeltal disorders

Ascorbic acid and vitamins

Back ache and homoeopathy

BHP and Homoeopathy management

Cancer Prostate Interesting thingsDr Suja Pillai 

Cancer and HomeopathyDr AU ramkrsihnan

Headache and Homoeopathy

Headache – Management

Heart block – AV nodal

Heart diseases

Heart diseases Part II

Heart faiure

Heart failure -II

Hematology introduction

Hematology basics

Hemolytic anemia

Hepatic biliary disorders

Hepatic encephalopathy – nutrition

Hepatitis and Homoeopathy

Hepatitis – basics

Hepatitis – topics

Hepato renal syndrome

Hereditary hemorrhagic telengectasia

Herpes simplex

Herpes Zoster

Haemolytic disorders 

Blood component therapy

Blood components

Blood group transfusion

Parkinsonism and brain

Bronchial asthma – basics

Bronchial asthma and homoeopathy



Bronchogenic carcinoma

Cancer – signs and diagnosis

Cancer – Why?

Cardiac cycle

Cardiac makers and investigations


Cardiovascular disorders

Cerebrovascular accidents

CHD and Homoeopathy

CHD – Miasmatic approach

CHD – scope in hmomoeopathy

Chest pain – causes

Chest pain – differential diagnosis

Chronic pulmonary TB – Part 1

Chronic pulmonary TB – Part II

Clinical approach in GIT

Clinical features of peptic ulcer

Clinical signs of infection

Neoplasms of central nervous system

Coeliac disease

Common lab tests

Conditions of respiratory system

Congenital anomalies

Congenital cardiac diseases and homoeopathy

Conjuctivitis and homoeopathy

Connective tissue slides 

Connective tissue disorders 

COPD – Part 1

COPD – Part II

Types of cough

CPR – Principles

Chronic renal failure and homoeopathy

Chronic renal failure

Hydrochephalus – treatment

Hypertension – facts

IBD – therapeutics

Inflammatory bowel disorders

Inflamatory bowel disordersDr Bruce

Immune system in sick

Immuno modulators – canova

Inborn errors of metabolism

Indian childhood cirrhosis

Infective endocarditis

Infection – pathogenicity

Infection – labrynth

Infective endocarditis – modern concept

Inflammatory bowel syndrome

Inflammatory bowel disorders

Influenza and homoeopathy

Inhaler therapy

Inhaler therapy – II


Investigations in thyroid Cancer

Iron deficiency anemia – II

Irritable bowel syndrome RIM

Irritable bowel syndrome


Jaundice – evaluation

Jaundice – 4

Jaundice – 5

Know the kidney failure

Lab methods

Lab diagnosis – interpretations

Lifestyle diseases

Liver diseases – Learning

Longitudinal Down syndrome

Lower and Upper motorn neuron disorders

Lymphogranuloam venerum

Lymphoma – Homoeopathy medicines

Main GIT complaints

Malabsorption syndrome

Malaria and Homoeopathy

Male sexual dysfunctions

Male Sex and Homoeopathy

Medicine for finals

Meningitis and Homoeopathy


Multiple sclerosis

Mumps and Homoeopathy

Mumps Midwest ACHA presentation

Muscular dystrophy

Musculoskeletal examinations

Musculoskeletal review

Myeloma – paraprotenimias

Myeloproliferative diseases

Myocardial infarction

Myopathic disorders

NCD – cystic fibrosis

Neoplasia basics


Neurogenic arthropathy

Nutrition and obesity

Nutritional assessment

Obesity evolution

Occupational lung module

Occupational lung diseases

Spondyloarthropathies overview

Oxygen delivery system

Osteoarthrosis distribution

ParkinsonismDr Mirshad

Parkinson diseases

Pathogenesis of gingivitis

Peripheral nervous system

Peptic ulcer diseases

Protein-energy malnutrition

Protein and marasmus

Pituitary disorders

Pulmonary function tests

Pyrexia on unknown origin

Pyrexia Unknown

RA – Pathophysiology and management

Respiratory distress syndrome – hyaline membrane

Reactive arthritis

Renal disorders – clinical approach

Renal stone – Guide

Renal calculi

Respiratory identify problem

Respiratory disorders in children

Restrictive lung diseases

Retinopathy and prematurity

Calculation of your water need daily

Problems of the elderly

Rheumatoid arthritis basics

Systemic lupus – review

Rheumatic fever and homoeopathy

RHD – Connective tissues

Physical examination of joints

Rheumatic diseases

Rheumatic fever

Rheumatoid arthritis – integrated approach

Rheumatooid arthritis – Lectures

Rheumatoid arthritis 1

Rheumatoid arthritis II

Rheumatology back pain

Sarcoidosis – Rheumatology

Seizure disorders

Neonatal seizures Dr Bharath

Self detected crohns

Sensory neural hearing loss

Serological tests 

Sinus rhythm arrhythmias 

SLE – aim of management  

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 

Social issues in diabetes 

Spinal injury questions

Spinal trauma and injury 

Spondylo arthropathies – criteria

Sexually transmitted diseases 

Still’s diseases 

Stones – primary care 

Immunology tests 

Tetanus neonatorum 

Tetanus features 

Thalasemia syndrome 

Thalasemia treatment 

Thalasemia  treatment options

Thyroid functions and diseases

Tuberculosis concept by H A Robert 

Tumor markers

Tumor – therapeutics 

Urticaria and angioedema

Variants of rheumatoid arthritis 



Vernal conjunctivitis 

Vibrio Cholera

Viral Encephalitis 

Viral encephalitis and meningitis

Viral gene therapy 

Vitamin A deficiency 

Vitamin D in health 

Vitamin D and Rickets 

Vitamins and minerals 

Vitamins and nutrients 

Warts Verrucae

What is first aid

Whooping Cough 

Yellow Fever

Your active immune response

Molluscum contagiosum 

Monoarticular joint pain 

Monogenic diseases of humans 

Stroke or CVA 

Stroke – CVA

Swine flu

Swine flu features

Systemic sclerosis

Ulcerative colitis and homoeopathy

Understanding of obesity

Bronchial asthma – Dr.Asha V Sasi

Dermatitis and Homoeopathy – Dr Divya Sanal

Diabetes Mellitus – Dr. Sreeraj. R

Allergic disorders & scope of homeopathy – Dr Hitarath Mehta

Haemorrhoids and Homeopathy – Dr Arun Krishnan

Renal calculi – Hareesh Krishnan

Heart failure – Dr.Preethi A John

Infective endocarditis – Dr Preethi John

Jaundice and Homoeopathy  Dr.Deepesh

Jaundice – Clinical presentation – Dr.Soumya

Pneumoconiosis – Dr.Asha V Sasi

Pneumonia & homoeopathy – Dr.Rekha S

Pneumonia & homoeopathy – Dr.Rekha S

Psoriasis & Homoeopathy – Dr Saurabhkumar

Dialysis & renal transplantation – Rina.C.P

Typhoid Mary – Dr.Bharat Praveen

Vitamin D & deficiency diseases – Dr.Akhila G S

Vitamin D deficiency in India – A marker of malnutrition – Prof.P.K.Sasidharan

SLE Hematological manifestation, role of diet & life style – Dr Bindiya

Many faces of Disseminated Intra Vascular Coagulation – Dr Kanjaksha Ghosh

H1N1 influenza – lesson learned from Calicut – Dr Geetha P

Blood Cell counters – Interpretation of results – Dr Feroze M

In hospital hyperglycemia management – Dr Chandni R

Thrombocytopenia – Dr Hitha B

Epilepsy in the era of new antiepiletics – Dr James Jose

TIA Risk stratification & management – Dr Jayesh Kumar P

Internal Medicine update 2011 @ Calicut photos

Severe sepsis – early goal directed therapy – Dr Neeraj Manikath

Oncological emergencies – Dr Mohammed Shaan

Non alcoholic liver disease – Dr C G Kamalasanan

K+ homeostais clinical complications – Dr M Sreelatha

Approach to dizziness – Dr Sreejith R

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome – Dr R N Sharma

Smoking Cessation – Dr Shajit Sadanad

CPC – Dr P K Sasidharan

SLE – disease activity, damage, disability assessment & out come – Dr Sandeep K

Hypertensive emergencies – Dr K G Sajeeth Kumar

Pits and Pitfalls in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome – Dr K V Sahasranam

How to manage COPD effectively – Dr C Ravindran

Clinical manifestations, prognostic factors & out come of hemotoxic envenomation – Dr Venu P G

Typhus – Dr Udayabhaskaran V

Psychiatric manifestation of systemic diseases – Dr N K Thulasidharan

History of Cancer – through Civilisations – Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Das 

Homoeopathy & cancer – Dr.Sunirmal Sarkar 

Immune System & Homoeopathy

Jaundice – Dr.Sr Temy Thomas

Role of lab investigations in diagnosis – Dr.A.K.Choudry

Life Style Diseases – Dr. Sr Temy Thomas

Neoplasm – Dr.Sr Temy Thomas

Important terms in Oncology – Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Das

Serum tumor markersDr.Sanjoy Kumar Das

Medical laboratory techniques – Dr.V.K.Sasikumar

Life style diseases – Dr.K.Sandeep

Dengue Fever – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Hepatitis – Dr.Urvi.G

Motion Sickness – Dr.Ammara Sayed

Neonatal Jaundice & Homoeopathy

Neonatal Seizures – Dr.Bharat Chougule

Renal disorders – A clinical approach

Congenital viral infections

Bell’s palsy – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

BP Regulations – Dr.Asa.V.Sasi

Carpal tunnel syndrome – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Cerebral palsy – Dr.Rumsheed Necholoi

Diabetes MellitusDr Sreeraj 

COPD – Dr.Sreeraj.R

Glioblastoma multiforme

MDP Part.I- Dr.Bharat Praveen

MDP Part.II- Dr.Bharat Praveen

Psoriasis – Dr.Pramodkumar.G


Acid peptic diseases – Dr.Divya Sambsivan

Water soluble vitamins & their deficiencies – Dr.Afisa

Alzheimer’s disease- Unraveling the mystery – Dr.Praveen

Anaemia and its treatment – Dr.Asha V Sashi

Anthrax – Dr.Asha V Sashi

Antibiotic use – What should be the strategy – Dr.Seetha.P.M

Gastric & peptic ulcer – Dr.Asmabi.K.P

Burns varieties and effects

Cardiac poisons – Dr.Farhan S Nadaf

Clinical examinations of cardiovascular system – Dr.Jayadeep.B.P

Dermatology with homeopathy. Part.II

Emerging and re-emerging diseases – WHO

Gastroesophagal reflux disease & homeopathy – Dr.Praveen

Gullain barre syndrome – Dr.Praveen

Headache and its management – Dr.Venmani

Heart failure – Dr.Venmani

Haemorrhage and types

Hormone replacement therapy – Dr.Thanku Mathew

Hyperlipidemia – Dr.Rajeev.O

Insulin sensitizers – Dr.Sujatha.T.L

Know Your liver

Meningitis – Dr.Nadhiya

Renal calculi – Dr.Anu Joseph

Opthalmology – a brief introduction – Dr.Sujeesh.S.S

Opthalmology .Part.I

Opthalmology Part II

Paraplegia – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Parkinsonism – Dr.Bharat Praveen

Shoulder Dystocia – Dr.Sabeena Panicker

Principles of clinical myology

Pyrexia of unknown origin – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Rabies – the rage road – Dr.Divya sanal

Rheumatoid arthritis – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Urinary tract infections

Seborrheic dermatitis – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Cerebrovascular accident & homeopathy – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Pathological pigmentation – Dr.Sruthy Susan John

Thyroid in medicine

Everything on thyroid

Management of congenital cataract – Dr.Sujeesh.S.S

Urinary tract infections – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Urinary tract infection – Dr.Divya Sanal

Valvular heart disease – Dr.Preethi John

Vitamin deficiency disorders

Acute Otitis media – Dr.Jitendra Patel

Management of Dysphagia – Dr.Divya V K P

Viral Encephalitis – Dr.Irene Jose.M

Endocrine functions of Kidney and Heart

Hagar and Medicine

Renal failure – Dr.D.Venmani

Disorders of KidneyDr.Shalini G Unnithan

Malaria and Homeopathy – Dr.Shamna.B.N

Melidosis in Calicut – tip of an iceberg

Migraine and Homeopathy – Dr.Aisha

Monsoon diseases – Dr.Anitha.P.M

The Metabolic Syndrome in Patients Treated with Atypical Neuroleptcs – Dr.Walid Sarhan

Autologous Transfusion & Blood sparing strategies – Dr.P.V.Sulochana

Introduction to Medical Parasitology & Entomology and Luminal Protozoa – Prof. Dr. HJ. Wan Omar Abdullah

Anesthesia for faciomaxillary trauma – Dr.Thomas P George

Antioxidants in our life

Nervous System – Dr.Noland

Approach to a patient with neurological disorders

Approach to a patient with coma

Approach to peripheral neuropathy – Dr.Shripal Vijayan

Approach to ascites – Dr.Faizal.U

Aspirin – Merits & de merits

Single gene disorders – Dr.Sophy R Das

The Basal Ganglia – Dr. Faizal.U

Basal ganglia

Basal ganglia and Homoeopathy – Dr.Aruna Parvathy

Bechet’s disease – Dr.Dinesh.R.S

Lung sounds – Dr.Faizal.U

Bronchial asthma and homeopathy – Dr.Smitha K Mohan

Management of malignancies – homoeopathic approach

Cardiac failure – newer modalities in treatment – Dr.Noufira.P


Coma approach to clinical diagnosis

NSAIDs -II – Dr.Noufira.P

Differential diagnosis of anterior uvetis – Dr.Sujeesh.S.S

Examination of Lumbar Spine – Maheshkumar.M.S

Haemerrhoids – Dr.Muralikrishnan.K.S

Pneumonia – Dr.Dinesh.R.S

Hazards of blood transfusion, its investigation and management – Dr.M.S.Suma

Haematuria – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Haemophilia – Dr.Faizal.U


Hypersensitivity reactions

Type 3 hypersensitivity reactions

Hypersensitivity reactions


Transplant rejection

Investigation in orthopedics – Dr.Mahesh Kumar

Soft tissue cover in knee and upper third leg defects – Dr.S.Jayachandran

Kinetics of elimination – Dr.Noufira.P

Low Backache – Dr.S.Mahesh Kumar

Swine Flu

Marked blood transfusion – Dr.Susheela J Innah


Management of neck pain – Dr.S.Mahesh Kumar

Glomerulonephritis and homeopathy – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Non steriodal anti inflammatory drugs – Dr.Noufira

Ophthalmology and homeopathy  Dr.Sujeesh.S.S

Are we over-regulating PAHs – Dr.James S Smith

Diagnosis and management of parathyroid disease – Dr.Nino Zaya

Polycythemia – Dr.Fiazal.U

Fat soluble vitamins – Dr.Bharat Praveen

All about prostate and homeopathy – Dr.Sushil.A.Jain

Protozoan diseases

Psoriasis – Dr.Arunkrishnan.T.P

Psoriasis – Dr.Samir Chaukkar

Rheumatoid arthritis and homoeopathy – Dr.Padma Suganya.N

Renal calculi and homeopathy – Dr.Abhirah.S

Renal functions – basic data for students and residents

Rhinosporidosis, actinomycosis and fatty liver

Seizures – Dr.Shriphal Vijayan

Sjogerns syndrome

Autoimmune diseases


Softer steroids – Dr.Noufira.P

Acute appendicitis

Thoracic outlet syndrome – Dr.Praveena.A

Toxoplasma Gondi

Toxoplasmosis Protozoan Parasite

Toxoplasmosis – A risk in pregnancy

Treatment of Glaucoma – Dr.Noufira

Tremor – Gayatri.R

Tumor Markers – Dr.V.P.Gangadaran

Universal Precautions – Dr.Uttam Singh

Renal failure and Prostate – Dr.Venmani

Water soluble vitamins – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

West Nile Fever -IHMA

Yellow fever – IHMA

Angina pectoris  Dr.Arun Krishnan

Cerebral palsy – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Cerebrovascular disorders – Dr.Suja Pillai

Common sexual problems in medical practice – Dr.T.M.Raghuram

Diabetes – Dr.Suja Pillai

Role of Laboratory investigation in the diagnosis of diseases– Dr.Lilly

Epilepsy homeopathic approach – Dr.Aji Punnen

Epilepsy – approach – Dr.Suja Pillai

Genetic disorders – Dr.Ranjith Chandra

Homeopathic approach to tumors – Dr.Aji Punnen

Glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis  Dr.Shivakumar

Homeopathic Lithotripsy – Dr.H.L.Swamy

HSP – Philosophy, repertory and materia medica – Dr.Suja Pillai

Hyperlipidemia – Dr.Rajeev.O

Intervertebral disc prolapse – Dr.ArunKrishnan

Lamellar Icthyosis – Dr.Suja Pillai

Lichen planus – Homeopathic approach – Dr.Aji Punnen

Motorneuron disease – philosophical and homeopathic perspective – Dr.Aji Punnen

Motor neuron disease – Dr.Suja Pillai

Pancreas and homeopathy – Dr.Rajeev.O

Interesting facts about carcinoma prostate – Dr.Suja Pillai

Psoriasis and homoeopathy – Dr.Arun Krishnan

Rheumatic fever – Dr.Suja Pillai

Rheumatoid arthritis and homeopathy – Dr.Suhana P Azis

Spleen – Dr.Makudam Thampi

Steven Johnson syndrome – Dr.K.Shivakumar

Stroke and homoeopathy

Tonsils and homeopathy – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Bell ’s palsy – Dr.Rumsheed Necholoi

Bronchogenic Carcinoma – Dr.ArunKrishnan

Carcinoma esophagus – Dr.ArunKrishnan

Colorectal carcinoma -homeopathic approach – Dr.Aji Punnen

Dengue Fever and homeopathy – Dr.Anisha.K.

Glioblastoma multiforme – Dr.Rumshhed Necholi

Lichen planus – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Syphilis – Dr.Nirvas.S.Bhatt

Parkinsons disease and homeopathy – Dr.Madhuri N Bhatt

Cerebral palsy – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Renal calculi and homeopathy – Dr.Hema K Kartha

Rheumatic Heart Disease – Philosophical & Repertorial Perspective – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Common communicable diseases and their management – Dr.V.K.Sasikumar

Communicable disease – prevention and control – Dr.P.R.Jaya

First Aid – Dr.T.S.Jayan

Trauma care  Dr.T.S.Jayan

Immunisation – Dr.Benny Texelem

Introduction to homeopathic palliative care – Dr.Dinesh.R.S

Basic first aid

CPCR – Basic Life Support – Dr.Sajeesh.G

Rational management of animal bite cases – Dr.Asma Rahim

Corticosteriods in Rheumatology – current concepts – Dr.Binoy J paul

Young hypertension – Clinical approach – Dr.Chandni.R

Relevance of diagnosis in clinical medicine

CPC – Dr.P.Geetha

The great Imitator – Dr.Emil J Thachil

Initiation of mechanical ventilation – Dr.N.Ganapathy

Heamoglobinoathies in India – problems & solutions – Dr.Kanjaksha Ghosh

Fourth generation antibiotics

Stroke – a practical & conservative approach – Dr.Jayesh Kumar

Fluid management – Dos and Don’ts  Dr.R.Kasi Visweswran

Practical approach to the diagnosis & management of obesity – Dr.M.V.Muraleedharan

HBSAg positive – What Next?? – Dr.Neeraj M

A case of recurrent generalised weakness – Dr.Praveen.M

Lupus nephritis – a physician’s perspective – Dr.Ramesh.S

Prevention of diabetes  Dr.P.K.Sasidharan

Urine analysis – in day to day clinical practice – Dr.Sreekumar

Investigation in bleeding & clotting disorders, practical points & common pitfalls – Dr.Sukesh C Nair

Endocrine emergencies – Dr.N.K.Thulasidharan

Re – emerging infectious diseases

The challenges of antiphospholipid syndrome – insights & hopes – Dr.Binoy J paul

Basic care in diabetes – the missing links – Dr.R.Chandni

Hepatic consequence of metabolic syndrome – Dr.T.S. Chandrashekar

Clinicopathological case discussion – Dr.T.K. Chandrashekaran

Bone marrow examination in clinical practice  Aysha CP

CNS demyelination – a practical approach to diagnosis and management – Dr.James Jose

Heart failure – optimizing medical therapy – Dr.M.N.Krishnan

Infectious endocarditis – prophylaxis, current concepts – Dr.Praveen.M

End of life care – Dr.Rajashree.K.C

Chicken Pox – management revisited – Dr.Rosy Phillips

Malaria – management issues specific to Kerala – Dr.K.S.Sajeeth kumar

Esinophilia – how to approach – Dr.P.K.sasidharan

Filariasis – new concept of an old disease  Dr.T.K.Suma

Medical management of leg attacks – how much and how far – Dr.Sunil Rajendran

Post exposure prophylaxis – Dr.Sreekuamr.S

Infective endocarditis – Dr. Shilpa Sharma

Management of fever – Dr.Harikumar.G

First Aid – what, when and why?? – Dr.Harikumar.G

Revised guidelines for the management of steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome – Arvind Bagga

Examination of CVS – Dr.V.Satheesh Kumar

Delayed milestone – Homeopathic approach. Part.1 – Dr.Satheesh Kumar

Delayed mile stone – Homeopathic approach. Part.11 – Dr.Satheesh Kumar

Young Recurrent hematuria – Dr.Karunan

Acute Kidney injury – Dr.Karunan Prakasan

Chronic Kidney disease – Dr.Karunan Prakasan

Dengue Fever – Dr.S.Manilal

Japanese Encephalitis– Dr.T.N.Parameswara Kurup

Leptospirosis – Dr.S.Manilal

Examination of the Abdomen Michael J. Klamut, M.D

Acid Peptic Disease – Dr. K. George Thomas . MD.DM

Ascites – Homeopathic approach – Dr.Aji Punnen

Ascites – Dr.Suja Pillai

Auto immune disease – Dr.Harihara Iyer

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia – Dr.Binu Raj.T.K

Calcaneal spur

Cerebrovascular disorders – Dr.Suja Pillai

Cervical spondylosis – Dr.Santhoshkumar.M.N

Irritable bowel syndrome in adults – Dr.Mathew Kurian

Chikungunya – Dr.Raju

Chikungunya Fever – Dr.V.S.Ampadi

Colorectal cancers – Dr.Suja Pillai

Control of infection – current scenario – Mrs.Jothis Ampadi

Obstructive pulmonary disorders – Dr.Suja Pillai

COPD – an overview – Dr.K.P.Venu Gopal

Homeopathy & dengue – Dr.A Shantha Kumar

Diabetes Mellitus – Dr.V.S.Ambadi

Diabetes – Dr. Hafeezullah Baig

Bronchial asthma an d homeopathy – Dr.P.E.Abraham

Acute gastroenteritis – Homeopathic perspectives – Dr.Mansoor Ali.K.R

Primary (Essential) Hypertension – Dr.Reena Thomas

Encephalitis – homeopathic management, treatment & prevention – Dr.Gurudev Choubey

Preventive aspects of treating adenoids & tonsils with nosodes – Dr.Gopal.R

Epilepsy – Dr.Divya Narayanan

Anemia – Dr.Anu Joseph

Gastroenteritis and dysentery – Dr.Mathew Kurian

Homeopathic approach to glioma – Dr.Aji Punnen

H1N1 or swine flu – Dr.Abdul Hameed

Hypothesis- Cytokine storm and the Influenza pandemic– Dr. Vipul Gandhi

Hemorrhoids – Dr. Jose Gamalial

Homeopathic management of hemorrhoids – Dr.Jose Isac

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – Dr.Binuraj.T.K

Treatment of bronchial asthma with similimum – Dr.S.Gopinathan

Hypertension – a silent killer – Dr.Hafeezullah Baig

Irritable bowel syndrome & homeopathy – Dr.P. V. Venkatraman

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus -An overview – Dr.Jayaprakash.P

Lamellar icthyosis – Dr.Suja Pillai

Lichen planus – Dr.Aji Punnen

Lung Examination: Abnormal – Arcot J. Chandrasekhar

General Musculoskeletal Screening: Upper Extremities – Gregory Crovetti

Rheumatic fever – Dr.Suja Pillai

Rubella – Dr.Aji Punnen

Systemic Lupus Erythematosis – Dr.Smitha Velayudhan

Hereditary Spastic paraplegia – Dr.Aji Punnen

Neuro spinal disorders – Homeopathic approach – Dr Mansoor Ali.K.R

Upper respiratory tract infections and homeopathy – Dr.S.R.Sharma

Upper respiratory tract infections and H1N1 influenza – Dr.K.P.Venu Gopal

How to handle an abdominal pain

Approach to chronic cough – Dr.Habib Khan

How to handle seizures

Approach to vomiting

Clinico pathological relationship & Miasmatic interpretation – Dr.M.K.Kamath

Clinicopathological Correlations in Materia Medica – Dr.Sreenath Rao

Homeopathic approach to CNS disorders

Obstructive Pulmonary disorders (COPD) – Dr.Suja Pillai

Homeopathic approach to eruptive fevers

Approach to a child with fever

Headache in Children

Homeopathic approach to GIT disorders

Growth and development

Principles in the homeopathic management of multi drug resistance tuberculosis – Dr.Champat B Jain

Interpretation of lab reports  Dr Vasanth Kumar

Information acquired from investigations

Malaria diagnostics – Gail Stennies

Homeopathic approach to pediatric ailments – Dr.Reetha Krishnan

Homeopathic approach in neonatology

Investigations in orthopedics

Homeopathic pain and palliative remedies

Managing Epilepsies in Children and Adolescents – Kurupath Radhakrishnan

Respiratory infections

Management of surgical condition with homeopathy

Homeopathic approach to respiratory disorders

Swine flu H1 N1

Swine flu – the real facts – Dr.Suja Pillai

Homeopathic approach in swine flu – Dr.Aji Punnen

Sinusitis and Homeopathy – Dr Kulwant Singh

Homeopathic Management of pneumonia – Dr.Hitesh Purohit

The Big C – Oncology an out line – Dr. Sreekumar Pillai

Pain Management of Cancer and Palliative care in Homoeopathy – Dr.K.L.Babu

Oncology – A homeopathic approach – Dr.Vinu Krishnan

The Care and Use of Nebulisers -NHS

Autism-Homeopathic approach Mathew Jo

Blood test in day to day practice – Dr Nazarulla

Antiretroviarl therapy – Calicut experience – Dr Sona N

Recurrent haemoptysisDr Faizal U


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