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psychDear Doctor,
You can download and use these books for your personal use as such without any modification.
But please give the authors the credit they deserve and do not change the author’s name.
An appeal :If any of you have these type of books or links in your collection please mail to us. :

Behavioural Science Ridiculously Simple

Handbook of Psychology – Stricker Clinical Psychology

Psychologists book of personality tests

Psychology – A Self-Teaching Guide


Wiley Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology

A book of remarkable criminals – H.B.Irving 

The book of aquarius – Anonymous 

A Theory of Human Motivation – A.H.Maslow

A Young Girl’s Diary – Preface By Sigmund Freud

Basic Neural Mechanisms in Behaviour – K.S.Lashley

Behaviouristic interpretation of consciousness – K.S.Lashley

Cashing in on the “Simple Magic” of Color  – Valerieann J. Skinner

General Intelligence – Objectively Determined and Measured – C.Spearman

Instinct and the Unconscious – William H.R.Rivers

Is Thinking Merely the Action of Language Mechanisms – By J.B. Watson

Outlines of Psychology – Wilhelm Max Wundt

Perception An Introduction to Gestalt Theorie – Kurt Koffk

Principles of Psychology Volume I – William James

Principles of Psychology Volume II – William James

Psychological Types – Carl G. Jung

Psychology as the Behaviorist View It – John B. Watson

Psychopathology of Everyday Life – Sigmund Freud

Some Limits in Our Capacity to Process Information – George

Talks to Students – William James

Talks to Teachers – William James

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted – Gustavus Hindman Miller

The Analysis of Mind – Bertrand Russel

The Association Method – Carl G. Jung

The Behaviorist Interpretation of Consciousness By K.S.Lashley

The Crowd – A Study of The Popular Mind By Gustav Le Bon

The Foundations of Personality – Abraham Myerson

The History of Psychoanalytic Movement – Sigmund Freud

The Journal of Abnormal Psychology Volume X 1915 – 1916 -Richard Gbader

The Mental Traits of Sex – Helen Bradford Thompson

The Ph.D. Octopus – Willaim James

The Power of Concentration – Theron Q. Dumonf

The Psychology of Revolution – Gustav Le Bon

The Varieties of Religious Experience – William James

The Vectors of Mind – L.L.Thurstone


  1. Well I think I made a haste offering you my compliments, sorry to say that I just could read online only one book Rapid Psychiatry…at least dozen of other book I tried to download after that but the site is defunct nothing gets downloaded from this site

  2. i should appreciate the good work first of all … seperate collection of all requires things of our system under one shelter…..hats off….

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