Frustrated british doctors panic over spread of homeopathy

Dr. Shaji V Kudiyat
There are criticisms against Homeopathy coming out in the recent past from few organizations and British Medical Association in England. I wish to share certain views about what is truth behind such criticisms and why they make such criticisms. There is a clear indication that it is result of mere frustration and fear about the spread of Homeopathy around the world especially in England, where Homeopathy has special support from the royal family.

These opposing people speak from their incomplete scientific understanding and also with the fear of losing clients and business, if a better system of medicine like Homeopathy gets established in the world. So they come out with wrong propaganda in the name of researches and study reports conducted without mentioning clearly where and how they conducted such studies and researches. So they call Homeopathy different bad names like “witchcraft,” “nonsense,” “only psychological boost,” etc. But in fact those who know Homeopathy and experienced it are laughing at them.

Homeopathy is vastly spreading around the world due to its effectiveness in curing many diseases incurable for allopathic medicine and also due to its uniqueness as the only dynamic or energy level medicine which can go beyond the material level and reach out to our dynamic level existence – the vital force. The only difference between a living and dead body is the presence of a dynamic or energy level entity present in the living body, which is absent in the dead body. This energy level entity can be identified by subjecting living and dead body to an experiment using EEG (Electro Encephalogram) and ECG (Electro Cardiogram). When we take the EEG and ECG of living and dead body, we can see that EEG and ECG are positive in the living body and negative in the dead body indicating the presence of the energy level entity in the living body. Where as, in the material level, all the organs and material functional ingredients are same in both living and dead body. No material ingredients were taken out or removed from the living body at the time of death to result in death.

Unfortunately the present material philosophy based science and particularly medical science is not considering the energy or dynamic component of our existence in understanding health, disease development or in the management of the disease. They are trying to cure all diseases with material medicines which can reach up to the material plane only. So they fail to understand disease development and try to treat diseases with out understanding the origin of diseases. Thus they fail to cure diseases and declare many diseases as incurable diseases. This is simply due to the wrong disease management methodology they apply from their ignorance. Such disease management rather complicates the disease and makes progress further. Here comes the relevance of holistic approach in the management of diseases. Incidentally other than allopathic medicine, all other systems of medicine including Homeopathy is holistic in its approach in understanding disease and managing it.

Homeopathy through its holistic approach and effective dynamic medicines – which can go beyond the material plane and reach out to the dynamic plane – is emerging as the front runner among all alternative systems of medicine. Homeopathic medicines become dynamic or energy level medicines through the special way of medicine manufacturing called Potentization or Drug Dynamization which is unique with Homeopathy alone. It can be easily explained and understood by the newly developing “Dynamic Science.” Dynamic Science defines “matter” as made of energy vibrational units as basic units which are highly compressed and arranged in solid state, loosely arranged in liquids and very loosely arranged in gaseous state. Through the process of potentization, the individual vibrational units in the medicinal substance first used are liberated by a series of dilution and another mechanical process called succession or trituration.

All chronic diseases are product of the deviation of our vital force from the original healthy state of its frequency, wavelength and amplitude to an unhealthy altered state of frequency, wavelength and amplitude. The basic principle in Homeopathy by which the medicines are selected and applied is called “Similia Similibus Curentur” or “Law of Similars” meaning likes be cured by likes. All homeopathic medicines are proven in healthy human beings by observing subjectively, objectively and clinically the changes produced after its inception in the mental, emotional, spiritual and in all areas of the physical plane from head to foot. These changes observed during proving of Homeopathic medicines in healthy human beings are actually resulted from the resonation and superposition of the liberated vibrational unit present in the medicine with the vital force, as both exist in the same medium at the same time.

When a patient comes to Homeopathic physician, who study totality of the signs and symptoms of the manifestation of the disease in mental, emotional, spiritual and physical plane altogether. This totality of symptoms is actually the expression of the deranged vital force from the healthy state of its frequency to an altered unhealthy state. So the Homeopathic physician through the application of the “Law of Similars” as mentioned earlier chooses the medicine which produced similar manifestation of signs and symptoms during proving. It means that the medicine contains such liberated energy vibrational frequencies or units which can resonate the altered unhealthy frequency of the vital force to reinstate its lost healthy state of frequency, wavelength and amplitude. This is how homeopathy works.

If Homeopathy is nonsense or psychological effect, application of any homeopathic medicine might have cured the patient. But those who are familiar with Homeopathy know that homeopathic medicines work only if it is selected based on the “Law of Similars.” The right homeopathic medicine selection is an art and an expertise of the homeopathic physician.

Nowadays more and more qualified and competent homeopathic physicians are produced in India and India leads world in its popularity among the people. This is happening all over the world. That is the reason why some frustrated British Doctors are criticizing Homeopathy. They feel it as a threat to their livelihood. Also the material philosophically trained allopathic doctors and researchers have difficulty in understanding what is curative in homeopathic medicine as the chemical analysis will not reveal any material component/s in homeopathic medicine.

If Homeopathy is nonsense, why they are concerned about it? It will automatically die away. But it is vastly getting popular and even the royal family in Briton is the biggest supporters of Homeopathy. Banning Homeopathy in Briton because of the wrong propaganda only will adversely affect the British people from getting a complete cure for their ailments. The money might of the multinational drug manufacturing companies and frustrated doctors’ ignorant opinions and propaganda will not be succeeded in defeating the truth. Truth always prevails. So Homeopathy definitely thrive all these wrong propaganda.

Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat
Chief Researcher, St. George Homeopathic Research and Development Center, Philippines
Chief Physician and Researcher, St. George Cancer Care and Research Center, Bangalore   City, India.
President, Philippine Homeopathic Foundation
Life Member, Indian Homeopathic Medical Association and Institute of Homeopathy Kerala
Member, Faculty of Homeopathy, Malaysia

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