Homoeopathy – for Mother and Child Health Care

mothers *M.N.Sinha,  **Deepti Dewan

Child is the dearest of the dear, most lovable member of the family. Mother is the keenest weanear, care taker, educator of the child who breathes, sleep & awakes according the routine of the child. Why it should not be? As she has undergone all the excruciating, agonising pain , hard sips & regimen since the conception to ensure that no harm whatsoever may be inflicted upon till the child does not grow up to face the world.

Health of the population is greater national concern in Human Resource development. Health is an important ingredient for the overall development of a country. Healthy population of the country is an asset for a nation and may bring about radical changes by reaping yield of their labours without losing any man days. All the welfare states /Governments globally invests into the health sector amply in order to ensure that diseases (infective or others like metabolic or ageing diseases) may not ruin the health of their population. To meet this objective in addition to providing health care ,  masses need to be informed, educated & communicated about the healthy living being, do’s & don’t , food habit of balanced diet, vaccination, preventive methods, hygienic practice etc. 

Health indices
Globally statistics reveals that a woman of child bearing age (15yrs – 44yrs) constitutes 24 % and children below 5 yrs of age constitutes 10 % of the population . Thus together they constitute about 34% of the total population. By virtue of their huge number mother & child form the major consumer of the health facility as well as they are the most vulnerable or special risk group of the society pertaining to health.

In general our health indices yet lag behind the international standard found in many developed country around the world. In the light of the national health scenario the mother & child health indices of India is not very bright & rosy. The child & maternal mortality rate are very high in comparison with the many developed country or by international standard. This higher incidence of mortality is the outcome of the various restrains , shortcoming, prejudices & practices of our society – to name a few – illiteracy , lack of knowledge of hygiene, non awareness of  balanced diet, lack of safe drinking water, infection due to bad practices in the society during labour & in general , load of communicable diseases , lack of trained man power, improper distribution of available health facility which is gravitating into the urban sector deserting the rural sector, a major section constituting the Indian society.

INDIA remains in the villages as their main stay is still agriculture where these constrain & practices are much more prevalent and evident consequently they are worst sufferer. The poor health facility in interior of the country i.e. villages getting further complicated by the apathy of the medicos coming out of the institution to serve in rural sectors. They are getting lured by the facility of the modern days, which is not available in rural area. 

National rural health mission  (NRHM) launched by the Government of INDIA under the leadership of Health Minister has integrated all the possible facets of health with maximum stress on MOTHER & CHILD HEALTH starting from health of women, hygiene , dietary directions, care during Pregnancy, safe delivery, care of new born , weaning & vaccination.

Integration of AYUSH in NRHM
In view of the lack of trained medical personnel, the Government of INDIA has planned to utilize the huge number of trained manpower coming out of the institutions of Indian System of Medicines & homoeopathy covered under AYUSH. These systems of Medicine is to be involved in national health scheme as complementary to the existing health facility in order to improve the quality and sustenance of the facility because of  certain positive features of these science and their better acceptability among masses and requiring minimum   investment. It is being planned to use the AYUSH in following ways:

  1. Ensuring the ISM &H clinics are located in primary, secondary & tertiary care institutions providing complementary system care and the care is being funded by the Department of ISM & H.
  1. Specially focusing on use of ISM &H therapeutic potential for diseases in which effective drugs, free of serious side effects are not available in the modern system of medicines and for prevention and management of life style related chronic diseases for which these system of Medicine provides ample scope.
  1. Increasing utilization of ISM & H practitioners working in Government, voluntary & private sectors to improve IEC Counselling so that utilization & completion of treatment in National disease control and family welfare programme may improve.

Homoeopathy for mother & child
With a special focus on health status of women & children various initiatives had been taken by Government of India. National health policy 2002 acknowledges the role of AYUSH system in the health scenario of the country.

NRHM also advocated mainstreaming of AYUSH System of medicines in the health sectors of the country. Department of AYUSH has launched a National Campaign in order to harness the potential of these systems according their strength.

The National Campaign on HOMOEOPATHY for Mother & Child care was flagged of at the National workshop on Homoeopathy for Healthy Mother & Happy Child held at New Delhi on 5th & 6th November 2007. The workshop was coordinated by the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy. The objectives of the workshop was to sensitised policy maker , Allopathic Physicians, NGO, Industries & the common man about the strength of Homoeopathy in Mother & Child health care . The workshop ended by providing platform for the exchange of information in establishing the linkages between different stake holders to carry forward the National Campaign. It also laid the foundation for a longer collaborative relationship between professional from various discipline of medicine.

The workshop laid down the way to take the National Campaign forward to states & district levels. Now the workshop will be organised at state level & district level by the State Government & carry forward the message “Benefit of Homoeopathy in Mother & Child Health”. This shows the commitment of Govt of INDIA to disseminate the strength of Homoeopathy in Mother & Child Care up to the Grass root level.

Homoeopathy with its tiny poppy like sweet pills has gripped the humanity in length and breadth globally, simply because of  being safe, palatable and effective and is being accounted internationally to be second most acceptable and practicing system around the world after allopathic system of treatment. The economical aspects too is in favour of this system of Medicine for the individual patient as well as for the policy makers who can integrate this system of medicine for furthering the Health care facility more effectively , with minimum investment as it is far more cheaper.

This system is capable to deal with the most problem pertaining to mother and child health without inflicting any injury (side effect) what so ever may be. The use of Allopathic medicine in pregnancy requires caution because of  fear of harm befalling on the foetus.  In contrast, because there is no toxicity in Homoeopathic remedies, may be freely prescribed with impunity, for the complaints directly concerned with gestation, parturition and diseases occurring during Pregnancy. Many of the condition, being regarded as the surgical in view of the prevalent modern system of medicine, can get treatment by Homoeopathy without aid of any surgical intervention at all. The use of this system of treatment unquestionably cares the economical condition of the patient as it is still the cheapest mode of treatment.

Homoeopathy system of medicine plays the role of mother and child health as preventive, promoters, and curative all. Using homoeopathic drug during Pregnancy act as preventive and promotive both to mother and child health. This system cares the complication cropping up during Pregnancy as Morning sickness, backache, aversion to food etc and culminates into the normal delivery. Homoeopathic drug further brings favourable effect on child health too. In post labour to it can be curative to many ailments which have a deep impact on mother’s health and indirectly on child like mood swing, mastitis, deficient lactation, slow healing etc.

Promotion of health by homoeopathy
The Homoeopathic System of medicine in the hands of its practitioner imparts  preventive, promoter & curative quality of the system of Medicine to   Mother & Child health care. Still there is the dearth of specialised section to deal with the problem in the Homoeopathic literature though things are spread in length and breadth throughout the pages of homoeopathic literature.

A short glimpse of the various aspects Mother & Child health care is being reproduced here showing the huge indications available in the Homoeopathic literature. It is simply the tip of the iceberg which has been scanned. Much of it yet remains to be jotted and scrutinized in order to collect at one place. This shows that Homoeopathic System has role to play at every stage in Mother  & Child health care.

In the Repertory by J.T.Kent & Dr William Boerick several rubrics are spread over covering  various conditions of Mother  & Child health. Rubrics related with mother and child health  after due scrutinization with  drugs particularly of 1st & 2nd grade has been collected and being displayed here.



  • Aversion friends during Pregnancy – Con
  • Confusion during Pregnancy – Nux-m
  • Escape attempts from family, children- Lyc
  • Estranged, flies from her own children-Lyc
  • Fear of death during Pregnancy- Aco
  • Fear during Pregnancy-Cimi, Lys, Stan
  • Feigning pregnancy – Vert a
  • Forsaken her own children- Lyc
  • Impatient playing of children – Anac
  • Indifference apathy to her children – Lyc, Phos, Sepia
  • Nymphomania during Pregnancy – Zinc met
  • Restlessness during Pregnancy- Aco, Vert a
  • Sadness, depression during Pregnancy – Cimi, Lach, Nat m,
  • Sleepiness during Pregnancy – Gels, Helon, Nux m
  • Unconsciousness during Pregnancy – Nux v, Nux m, sec c
  • Weeping, tearful, mood during Pregnancy- Apis, Ign, Mag c,Nat m,Puls,  Stan 


  • Vertigo during Pregnancy – Ars alb, Gels, Nat m, Phos 


  • Hair falling during Pregnancy – Lach
  • Headache during Pregnancy – Bell, Cham, Puls, Sep 


  • Diplopia – Bell, Cicu, Gels 


  • Impaired hearing during Pregnancy- Caps 


  • Smell acute during Pregnancy – Stan 


  • Discoloration Bluish during Pregnancy – Phos
  • Erysipelas during Pregnancy – Borax
  • Pain during Pregnancy – Ign, Sep, Stan
  • Swelling during Pregnancy – Merc C, Phos
  • Twitching during Pregnancy – Hyos 


  • Food taste sour during Pregnancy – Oxal.ac, Mag c, Lactic acid
  • Salivation during Pregnancy – Acetic ac, coff, Granat, Helon, Iod, Jab, Kali I, Kreo, Merc s, Sep, Nit ac
  • Taste bloody during Pregnancy – Zinc m
  • Metallic during Pregnancy – Zinc m 


  • Toothache during Pregnancy – Aco,Alum,Bell,Calc c,Cham,Hyos,Lysi,Mag c , Merc ,Nux m,Puls ,Sep, Ratan,Staph,Tab 


  • Desire strange things during Pregnancy – Chel, Lyssin, Mag c
  • Eructation like spoiled egg during Pregnancy- Mag c
  • Eructation sours during Pregnancy- Nux v
  • Eructation sweet during Pregnancy- Nat m, Zinc m
  • Eructation water brash during Pregnancy- Lact ac, Nat m, Nux m, Tab
  • Fullness sensation during Pregnancy- Nux m
  • Heart burn during Pregnancy- Merc, Caps
  • Hiccough during Pregnancy- Cycl, Opium
  • Indigestion, dyspepsia during Pregnancy – Sab, Sin .a, Thea
  • Loathing of food during Pregnancy – Lauro
  • Nausea during Pregnancy- Asar, Cocc, Jab, Kreo, Lac ac, Ipec, Mag m, Nux v, Staph ,Sep, Sulph, Symph.carp, Tab
  • Pain during Pregnancy- Con, Dios, Petr
  • Vomiting during Pregnancy- Alet, Amyg.p, Apoc, Asar , Cocc, Cocaine, Cod, Chel, Cup Ac, Ipec, Kreo, Jatro, lact. ac, Mag c, Nat S, Nux M, Nux v, Sep, stornt.c, Symph.carp, Tab
  • Vomiting Bloody during Pregnancy- Sep
  • Vomiting milk during Pregnancy – Sep
  • Vomiting Mucous during Pregnancy- Sulph ac
  • Vomiting Watery during Pregnancy – Sep
  • Pain Burning, motion of child in uterine – Ars alb 


  • Jaundice, Anaemia, Brain diseases during Pregnancy – Phos
  • Pain aching during Pregnancy- Nux v, Ars alb , Bell, Bry, Cham, Coloc, Con, Ipecac, Vert alb, Kali c
  • Pain Aching dull pain around umbilicus during Pregnancy – Plb met
  • Pain dragging bearing down during Pregnancy – Kali c
  • Pain sore bruised tenderness during Pregnancy – Nux m, Sep 


  • Constipation during Pregnancy – Agar , Alum, Ambra, Ant c, Apis, Bry, Collin, Con, Dol, Hydr, Lyc, Nat s, Nux v, opium , Plat, Plb met, puls , sep , Sulph
  • Diarrhoea during Pregnancy – Ant Crud, Chel, China, Lyc , Nux m , Phos , Puls, Sep, Sulph
  • Haemorrides during Pregnancy- Aes hip, Amm mur, caps, Collin, Lach, Lyc, Nat m. Nux v, Sulph
  • Pain burning rectum during Pregnancy- Caps
  • Pain stitching during Pregnancy – Kali c 


  • Kidney acute, subacute parenchymatous nephritis – Apis, Apoc, Cup ac, Helon, Cal, Merc c, Sab 


  • Dysuria difficulty in pregnancy and after confinement – Equisetum
  • Inflammation cystitis from operation or in Pregnancy – pop.c
  • Urging to urinate during Pregnancy – Aco, Puls, Sulph
  • Urination frequent at night during Pregnancy – Podo
  • Urination involuntary during Pregnancy – Ars alb, Nat m, Puls, Sep, Syph 


  • Albuminous during Pregnancy- Apis, Ars a, Aurum met, Canth, Chin, Colch, Gels, Helon, Lach, Lyc, Merc s, Merc c , Nat m, Phos ac, Terebin 


  • Abortion
  • Early month – Apis
  • Excitement due to – Gels
  • Exertion from- Erig, Rhus tox
  • Fright from – Aco, Gels, Ign, Op
  • Injury after – Arn, Rhus tox
  • 2nd month – Apis, Kali c
  • 3rd month – Sab, Cimi, Merc S, Sec cor
  • 5th – 7th month- Sep
  • Last month- Opium
  • Recurrent abortion – Apis, Calc carb, Caulo, Cimi, Helon, Kali c, Plb met, Sab, Sep, Sulph
  • After pains nursing child while – Arn, Cham, Silicea
  • Desire increased during Pregnancy- Plat, Puls, Vert a
  • False pregnancy – Caust, croc, Nux v, Thuja
  • Itching during Pregnancy – Calad, Flour ac, Helon, Merc s, Sep
  • Itching Vagina during Pregnancy- Borax, Calad
  • Leucorrhoea during Pregnancy- Kreo, Sep , Puls
  • Lochia Bloody child nurses when – Sili,
  • Menses during Pregnancy – Nux m, Phos, Plat
  • Menses, Lactation nursing the child while – Puls, Sili
  • Metrorhagia nursing child when – Sili
  • Pain Uterus, nursing when child – Arn, Cham, Sil, Puls
  • Pain Ovaries during Pregnancy- Kali Phos, Podo, Xanth
  • Pain Uterus during Pregnancy – Bry, Kali p, lyss, Plat
  • Pain during Pregnancy – Kali c
  • Pain burning vagina during Pregnancy- Borax
  • Pain sore, tenderness during Pregnancy – Bellis p, Puls , Sil
  • Prolapsed vagina during Pregnancy – Calc ars, Ferrum
  • Swelling during Pregnancy – Merc, Podo
  • Uterine inertia – Alet, Carbo v, Caul 


  • Cough during Pregnancy – Apoc, Bry, Caust, Con, Kali brom, Nux m, Vib .o 

R) CHEST   Mamma

  • Congestion during Pregnancy – Glon, Nat m, Sep
  • Nodules sensitive mamma during Pregnancy – Flour ac
  • Pain in Mamma during Pregnancy- Sep
  • Pain burning Mamma during Pregnancy- Calc ph
  • Pain sore, bruised mamma, during Pregnancy – Calc ph
  • Pain mamma in opposite when child nurses – Bor
  • Pain mamma in lactiferous tubules when child nurses – phel
  • Pain mamma in left when child nurses right – Bor
  • Constriction, tension, tightness, sensation in left when child nurses from right – Bor
  • Emptiness sensation in mamma after child nursing – Bor
  • Pain mamma nursing child while – Crot tig , Puls Sil
  • Pain drawing mamma, nipples as with string while nursing child – Crot tig
  • Lactation; Milk; Bluish, transparent, sour, impoverished, or faulty so child rejects it- Acet ac, Calc c, Calc phos, Merc , Phos ac, Sabal, Sili, Sulph
  • Palpitation, heart; Motion; from the first movements of the child- Sulph
  • Palpitation, heart; Pregnancy, during –Arg nit, Con, Lauro, Lil tig, Nat m, Sep 


  • Pain; Burning; Lumbar region; Pregnancy, during – Rhus tox
  • Pain; Sore, bruised, beaten; Motion; Pregnancy, during – Lys
  • Pain; Stitching, shooting; Sacral region; Pregnancy – Kali c 


  • Coldness; Foot; Pregnancy, during – Lyc, Vert, Cup
  • Cramps; Pregnancy – Cup, Vert a, Vib op
  • Cramps; Calf; Motion; Pregnancy, during – Sep
  • Cramps; Sole; Pregnancy, during Calc c,
  • Cramps; Toes; Pregnancy, during – Calc C
  • Heat; Thigh; Pregnancy, during – Podo
  • Heaviness, tired limbs; Pregnancy, during – Calc ph
  • Lameness; Foot; Pregnancy, during – Sil
  • Pain; Tearing; Leg; Pregnancy, During: Verat alb
  • Pain; Tearing; Foot; Pregnancy, During: Phos
  • Pain, shooting finger tips, child in Uterus during – Bell
  • Pulling; Upper limbs; Pregnancy, during – Plb m ,
  • Swelling; Foot; Pregnancy – Merc c, zinc m
  • Varices (see swelling); Lower limbs; Pregnancy, during – Ars alb, Arn, Carb v, Caust , Ferr, Flour , graph, Hamm, Lyc, Milli, Nux V, Puls, Zinc m
  • Weakness; Pregnancy, During: Calc ph
  • Weakness; Lower limbs; Pregnancy, during – Plb met
  • Weakness; Thigh; Pregnancy: Ipecac 


  • Sleepiness; Pregnancy, During: Gels, Helon, Nux m
  • Dreams, child has been beaten – Kali .n
  • Dreams, child bathing in boiling water – Mag c
  • Dreams, water falling on her child – Eupion
  • Dreams children about –Amm m, Hura, Kali n, Mag c, Merc
  • Sleeplessness, insomnia, weaning of child due to – Bell 


  • Acne simplex; Pregnancy, with – Bell, Sab, Sarsa, Sep
  • Coldness; Pregnancy, during – Nux m
  • Discoloration; Yellow, jaundice, etc.; Pregnancy, during – Aur m 


  • Anaemia during Pregnancy – Calc p, China, Ferrum m, Kali ph, Nat m, Phos, Plb
  • Chorea; Pregnancy, during – Bell, Caust, Cup m
  • Convulsions; Pregnancy, during – Ced, Cham, Cicu, Cupur, Hyos
  • Epilepsy during Pregnancy – Oenentha-c
  • Faintness, fainting; Pregnancy – Bell, Nux m, Nux v, Puls
  • Pulsation; Externally; Pregnancy, during – Kali c
  • Varicose veins; Pregnancy, During- Ferr, Lyc, Lycpus, Milli, Puls, Zinc m 

Rubrics covering the various complaints of Children in various stages i.e., new born infants – Toddler – Children are as follows. 


  • Child is cross, kicks and scolds on waking: Bar c
  • Clinging to persons or furniture; Child awakens terrified, knows no one, screams, clings to those near: Stram
  • Concentration difficult in child – Aeth, Bary c
  • Weeping, tearful mood, etc.; carried; Child cries piteously if taken hold of, carried: Cina
  • Crying in children- Caust, Phos
  • Delirium; Romping with children: Agar
  • Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusion; Children, think he must drive, out of the house: Flour.ac
  • Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending; Children – Arg n, Bar c , Calc c, Calc ph, Carbonium s, Lyc , Med, Sili, Sulph
  • Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusion; Dead; Corpse; Dead brother and child of – Con, Plb
  • Fear (see anxiety); People,of;Children,in: Bar c , Lyc
  • Hides behind furniture, thinks all visitors will laugh at – Bar c
  • Indolence, aversion to work; Children: Baryt c , Lach
  • Irritability (see anger);Children, in: Calc ph, Cina , Cham , Iod, Mag c, Sili
  • Oversensitive children – Aco, Bell, Cham, Kali ph, Phos, Puls, Staph, Teuc
  • Religious affections – Ars , calc c, Lach , Sulph
  • Sadness, mental depression; Children- Ars, calc c, Lach
  • Sensitive shrieking children – Cham, Cina
  • Weeping, tearful mood, etc.; At the least worry, children – Caust, Lyc, Nitric acid
  • Morose; Child in daytime Cina
  • Mood can not bear to be touched or looked at , child- Ant c, ant t, Cham, Cina, Gels , Nux v, Sanicula , Sil, Tub
  • Wants different things but petulantly Rejects, child – Ant t, Bry, Cham, Cina, Ipecac, Kreo, Rheum, Staph 


  • Child grasps the nurse when carried- Bor , Gels 


  • Falling; Sideways of head; Child leans head, all time – Cina 


  • Inflammation; Infants – Aco, Apis, Arg n, Ars, Bell, Calc c, Nit ac, Puls, Thuja 


  • Boring; Fingers in; Child:
  • Deafness Nutrition due to in Growing Children- Calc c, Merc f i
  • Pain ear in child – Cham, Puls , Zinc m 


  • Epistaxis in children – Abort, Arn, Calc c, Croc, Ferr m , Ferr ph, Hamm, Phos, Teuc
  • Itching, rubs nose constant, screams out at sleep, child – Lyc
  • Obstruction nursing infants- Aurum m, Kali bi, Lyc, Nux v, Sambu
  • Obstruction in children – Amm ca, Ars, Asce t
  • Coryza purulent in children – Calc carb, Kali bic, Lyc Hep, Nit ac, Nat c
  • Snuffles in new born infants – Amm c, Bell, Cham, Dul, Elaps, Hep, Lyc, Nux v, Puls , Sambu,
  • Sunken nose in infants – Aurum met 


  • Anxious expression when lifted out of cradle – Calc c 


  • Apthae in children – Bor, Kali Chlor, Merc, Muriat ac, Nux m, Nux v, Sulp ac
  • Thumb sucking, puts finger in mouth – Calc c, Cham, Ipec
  • Gangrenous ulcer in children – Ars, Casac
  • Pain aching gums in teething children – Bry
  • Saliva suppressed in teething children- Kali brom 


  • Caries, decayed, hollow, Premature in children – Calc c, calc f, Calc ph, Fl ac, Kreo, Staph
  • Cupped in children – Syph
  • Pain toothache general in children – Ant c, Bell, Calc c, Cham, Coff, Merc, Puls
  • Irregular formation of lower teeth in scrofulous child with mesenteric disease- Phos 


  • Inflammation in children – Cham 


  • Indigestion dyspepsia; Cause; Fatigue, brain fag, in children – Calc fl
  • Vomiting; Teething children, in: – Bism, Calc c, Hyos
  • Child refuses mother’s milk – Bor, calc c, Calc ph, Cina, Lach, Merc, Sil 


  • Distension children in – Bar c , Calc c, Caust, Cina, Sulph
  • Enlarged in children – Barc c , Calc c, Psor, Sanic, Sarsa, Sil, Sulph
  • Enlarged liver in children – Nux m
  • Hard in children – Calc c , Sil
  • Hernia inguinal in children – Aur , Calc c, Lyc, Nit ac, Nux v 


  • Constipation general in children – Aes, Alum, Bry, Coll, Lyc, Mag m, Nux v, Podo, Psor, Sep , Sil , Vert
  • Constipation bottle fed, Artificial food, infant – Alum, Nux v, Op
  • Constipation children & infant – Aes, Alum, Bry, Coll, Lyc, Mag m, Nux v, Podo, Psor, Sep, Sil, Ver.
  • Constipation, pain compels child to desist from effort – Ign, Lyc, Sulph, Thuja
  • Diarrhoea in infants and children – Aco, Aeth, Arg n, Ars, Bell, Bor, Calc c, Calc p, Calc s, Cham, Coll, Crot , Hell, Ipec, Kreo, Mag c, Merc c, Merc d, Nux v, Phos, Podo, Psor, Rheum, Sil, Sulph, Vert
  • Diarrhoea in infants , dentition due to – Aco, Aeth, Bell, Calc c, Calc p, Cham, Kreo, Mag c, Podo, Sil
  • Dysentery, emaciated under sized children – Bar m
  • Sudden development of Haemorrides in marasmic children – Mur ac
  • Haemorrides in children – Mur ac 


  • Retention of urine in children – Aco, Apis, Art v, Benz, Caust, Cop, Dulc, Gels, Op
  • Retention of urine in new born infants, when catches cold – Aco, Dul
  • Urging to urinate, in effectual in children – Aco, Apis, Lyc
  • Urging to urinate, painful, child cries – Bor, Lyc, Sarsa
  • Urging to urinate painful child grasps genitalia – Aco , Merc
  • Urging to urinate, child jumps up & down with pain if not gratified – Petrosel
  • Urging to urinate, child wakes up but can not get out of bed – Kreo
  • Urination painful cries before urination starts – Bor, Lyc, Nux v, Sarsa
  • Urination involuntary, night, difficult to wake up child – Bell , Kreo
  • Urination involuntary, 1st night aroused with difficulty from sleep – Caust, Kreo, Sep
  • Urination involuntary at night out of habit without cause in weak children – Cham, China
  • Strangury in children – Bor, Lyc , Sarsa 


  • Odour ammonia in infants- Iod 


  • Erections child in – Lach, Merc, Tub
  • Handles child with a spasm – Stram
  • Masturbation in children due to itching – Clad, Erigeron, Zinc m 


  • Leucorrhoea infants in – Aes, Calc c, Cann s, Caulo, Cina, Cup, Hydras 


  • Hoarseness in children – Cham 


  • Arrested suddenly in children – Cham
  • Asthmatic in children – Aco, Cham, Ipec, Mos, Nat s, Puls, Samb
  • Asthma humid in children – Nat s, Thuja, Samb
  • Difficult in children – Ambra, Lyc, Samb, Nat s, Puls 


  • Cough at the sight of stranger – Amb g, Ars , Bar c, Phos
  • Cough paroxysm, waking child at 6-7 am & vomits to – Cocc
  • Cough anger due to – Anac, Ant t,
  • Cough falling a sleep after , tickling of larynx due to – Aco, Aral , Cham
  • Cough due to post nasal catarrh – Hydr, Pop c, Spig
  • Croupy, wheezing, starts up, child turns up black & blue – Stan
  • Chronic dry cough in scrofulous children – Bar m
  • Spasmodic, exhaustive, <night, lying down, going to cold room to sleep – Sang
  • Fears to, seems to avoid as long as possible in children with bronchial catarrh – Phos
  • Frightens them weak nervous child , dry spasmodic cough , cry out – Kali br
  • Snow fall exposure children from – Sep
  • Raised child must be, gets blue in face, can not exhale – Meph
  • Springs up, clings those around, grasps the larynx – Ant t
  • Suffocative, becomes stiff & blue – Cup m , Ipec 


  • Inflammation bronchial tube (bronchitis) in children – Dulc, Ipec, Kali c,
  • Inflammation lungs in infants – Aco, Ant t , Bry, Ferr p, Ipec, Kali c, Lob, Lyc, Merc , Nux v , Phos 


  • Child late learning to walk – Calc c
  • Child does not learn to walk – All s
  • Slow to learn walking – Bar c , Calc c , Calc p, Caust , Nat m , Sil 


  • Weakness ankle children learning to walk – Carb an, Nat p
  • Enlargement of femur in rachitic infants – Calc f 


  • Deep children in – Cop
  • Sleeplessness, child must be carried – Cham
  • Sleeplessness, rocked child must be – Cina 


  • Remittent fever in children – Ant c, Cina, gels, Lepta, Puls, Sant 


  • Discoloration yellow, jaundice a new born and children – Aco, Bor, Chin, Nat s
  • Eruption rash in children – Bry, Sulph, Cham
  • Acne simplex in tubercular children – Tub
  • Urticaria in children – Cop
  • Sore , child in a – Calc c , Cham, china, Lyc, Sep , Sulph
  • Naevus in right temple – Fl ac 


  • Children growing fast – Phos ac
  • Children who have grown fast – Phos
  • Convulsions, concomitant to fever, frightful, cross, twitching of muscles – Aco
  • Convulsions in infants due to reflexes causes – Aeth, Bell, Camphor m,. Borax, Cham, Cicu, Cina, Cup m, Hyos, Ign , Kali br, Mag p, Oen , Sant , Stram,  Zinc m
  • Convulsion in children – Aeth, Art v, Bell, bufo, Calc, Cham, Cina , Cup m, Hell, Ign, Op, Sil, Stram, Sulph, Verat a, Zinc
  • Emaciation in children – Abr, Ars, Ars i, Calc c , Calc p, Iod, Nat m, Sil
  • Neurosis in children – Pasii
  • Nursing children – Bor, Calc, Nat p, Puls, Sep
  • Obesity in children – Ant c, Bar c , Calc , Caps , Ferr,  Kali bi
  • Weakness in children – Lyc, Sulph 

Mother  & Child constitute the most important & huge segment of the society who are best covered by the Homoeopathic medicines for its various complaints. Experience and observation around the globe reveals the fact that Homoeopathic medicines are best suited to them. Its palatability and absence of any side effects, makes it the first choice for the parents in infants and children. In pregnant mother too where many of the toxic drugs of modern system requires caution in prescription, Homoeopathic medicines becomes the first choice. Last but not the least is the financial involvement which is minimum here.


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* Assistant Director (H) ** Senior Research Fellow (H) Regional Research Institute (H), Dr MP Khuteta Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Station Road, Opp Sindhi camp, Rajasthan.

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