GHF in association with Vijnana Bharati organised  the Homeopathy Vijnana Sammelan

Global Homeopathy Foundation GHF & ViBha to engage on a major series of events pan India and an International Homeopathy Summit participated by 75 countries

The Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF) in association with  Vijnana Bharati organised  the Homeopathy Vijnana Sammelan at IICT Auditorium on 09.04.2023. The theme of the conference was Sampoorna Arogyam.

This was the first among a series of conferences proposed by the GHF across India for the larger cause of finding safe health care options and to consolidate the strength of Homeopathy in  the Indian Pluralistic health care as a role model for Global Healthcare. The conference is also intended to pay respectful tributes to some of India’s legends of Homeopathy.

Eminent speakers from various field of medical science, biological science presented their thought on Public Health Initiatives, Anti-Microbial Resistance, New Directions in Health Care and Academics and New Dimensions in Research.

Two eminent living legends in Homeopathy, Dr Siva Sankar Reddy and Dr Janardhana Reddy were felicitated  in the Sammelan.

Shri Praveen Ramdas Secretary ViBha, Shri Vivekananda Pai National Secratary and Shri Satheesh Shenoy Vice President ViBha represented the organisation.

The strength of Homeopathy in Curative, Preventive, Promotive Health as well its scope as veterinary medicine and and in Agro-care were discussed at the event.

This series of HVS 2023-24, started as National Conferences in all states and curtain raisers in all continent’s, will culminate into a mega five-day international conference cum expo, in 2024 at Kolkata. Apart from the 5 day multi venue conference, to be participated by 6000 delegates from world over, the event shall have an Expo expecting a five lakh footfall and an International Delegates Assembly IDA participated by TCAM (Traditional Complimentary Alternative Medicine) Regulators from nearly 100 countries developing G to G strategies on empowering relationships in advanced academics, mutual pharma engagements and research with India in Homeopathy and other AYUSH streams.

H.E The Governor of Telangana and Puducherry Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan, who is also an eminent Gynaecologist  was the Chief Guest.  H E  praised the   non – invasive  nature of Homeopathy which is simple cost – effective and searches for the root  cause of diseases and treat them. She highlighted the need for integrated system of medicine to provide for the best possible cure for diseases. She also emphasised that no one medical system  can meet all the challenges in health care and no medical system should be considered as  alternate or secondary.

The Visista Athithi was Dr S Chandrasekhar, Secretary, Dept of Science and Technology, GoI, New Delhi.  He highlighted the opportunities for scientists to conduct research on the fundamentals of Homeopathy, through the institutions under Dept Science and Technology.  Director, IICT shared his expense on AYUSH research when he was the Director of Institute of Traditional Medicine, Jammu and suggested that  the Homeopaths may utilise the facilities available in the institute for advanced research.

Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad  highlighted the need  to look into the biochemical parameters prescribed on western models for health and diseases. He also suggested foe evolving safe and effective Homeoceuticals to tackle the lifestyle disorders. The contribution of Telangana in controlling the Japanese Encephalitis through BCT  was highlighted as a preventive health model. Dr Abdul Gafur of Apolo  Chennai deliberated on  Anti-Microbial resistance and its horrific effect in health care and  to explore potential scope   of Homeopathy.

Dr Naveen Pawaskar of JIMS, Dr Vinu Krishnan and Dr Reji Kumar  from Kerala, Dr Raj Sanghvi of Chennai Dr Pachegaonkar from Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry Dr Anita Patil of Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune and Dr Purnima Sukla , New Delhi were other eminent speakers.

The Conference was attended by about 450 delegates and was a great success. The Meeting of the Trustees and the functionaries of VBHA  took  stock of the meeting and  resolved to recommend to the Ministry of AYUSH/  Nitdhi Ayog to  constitute an Committee  consisting of  experts from Academics, research and Health care to study the strength of Homeopathic  medical system  and to explore on how to effectively mainstream  the system in the National Health care Delivery system. The Committee may also explore the weakness so as to make recommendations  as  to overcome those through revamping the education system, research and Drug development.

The Vice Chairman of Arogya Bharati and Founder Trustee of Innovative Thought forum Shri S B Dangayach suggested to  recommend to the Ministry AYUSH to constitute a Committee of Expert to draft a Chapter for Homeopathy in the Drugs and Cosmetic Act/ Rules, explore the potential of Homeopathy in Agri Care/ Veterinary care/ Dental care and to make recommendations on its development through Research.

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