Govt. of India Regarding Recognition of Alternative Medicine


The matter regarding grant of recognition to the various streams of alternative medicine including Electropathy / electro-homeopathy, has been under consideration of the Govt. In this process Govt. has considered the orders dated 18.11.98 of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in CWP No.4015/96 & OM NO.8468/97, which has inter-alia, directed the Central / State Govts., to consider making legislation to grant of licenses to the existing and new institutes etc. to control & regulate the various “unrecognised” streams of alternative medicines and also to give adequate publicity through media informing public about the ‘Respondents’ and similar other institutes for being recognized by the Govt. & affiliated with any of the Councils

Government constituted a ‘Standing Committee of Experts’ under the Chairmanship of Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research and members were drawn from various fields of medicine to consider & give its recommendations to the Government. on the efficacy / merits of various streams of alternative medicine and also examine feasibility of making legislation as suggested by the Hon’ble Court.

The Committee developed essential & desirable criteria for grant of recognition to a new stream of medicine and analysed the different streams of ‘Alternative medicine’ viz. Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani,  Homoeopathy, Yoga & Naturopathy, Elecropathy / Electrohomoeopathy, Acupuncture, Magnetotherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Urine Therapy / Autourine Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Pranic Healing, Gems & Stone Therapy and Music Therapy.

The Committee did not recommend recognition to any of these alternative medicines except the already recognized traditional systems of medicines viz: Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy and Yoga & Naturopathy which were found to fulfill the essential & desirable criteria developed by the Committee for recognition of a system of medicine. The Committee has, however, recommended that certain practices as Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy which qualified as modes of therapy, could be allowed to be practiced by registered practitioners or appropriately trained personnel. The Committee further suggested that all those Systems of Medicine not recognized as separate Systems should not be allowed to continue full time Bachelor and Master’s degree courses and the term “Doctor” should be used only by practitioners of Systems of Medicine recognized by the Government of India. Those considered as Mode of Therapy can be conducted as Certificate courses for registered medical practitioners to adopt these modes of therapy in their practice, whether modern medicine or Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy.

After carefully examining the various recommendations of the Committee, the Government accepted these recommendations of the Committee. Accordingly, it is requested that the State/UT Govt. may give wide publicity to the decision of the Govt. They may also ensure that Institutions under the State/UT do not grant any degree / Diploma in the stream of medicine which have not been recommended for recognition and the term ‘Doctor’ is used by practitioners of recognized system of medicine.

This issues with the approval of Secretary (Health), Ministry of Health & FW.

(Bhavani Thyagarajan)
Joint Secretary

All Health Secretaries of States / UTs.
Secretary, UGC
Dental Council of India, Indian Nursing Council, Medical Council of India, Pharmacy Council of India; Indian Council of Medical Research
Secretary, Deptt. Of ISM&H

Govt. of India Order Regarding Grant of Recognition for various streams of Alternative Medicine

No. R.14015/25/96-U&H(R) (Pt)
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
(Research Desk)

Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi
Dated the 25th November 2003


  1. IAMR, Kolkata issues a Doctor of Medicine Acupuncture affiliated with open international University of complentary medicine, Srilanka. Is that valid

  2. Hello sir same question i want to ask that IBAM site show it is recognized by gov of west bengal with some gov rule and order of hon high court also. Can you plz clarify is it true or IBAM is fake ??

  3. Sir as per the committee orders maximun of the course offered by IBAM is not considered as Alternative medicine so whether IBAM validity of being recognized can be taken into granted and also RMP given by them and practising after registration from IBAM is it valid. kindly clarify my thoughts

  4. sir,
    kindly clearify the status and validity of Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine, kolkatta.
    pritpal singh

    • I thoroughly researched IBAM and yes, they are recognized by both a governing body in India and also in the US by the American Alternative Medicine Association and the Association of Drugless Practitioners. You can register with all agencies following graduation. Your MD may be restricted in some countries. The MD is a little different in the U.S.; you will not be able to prescribe drugs or perform surgery and such. You would be an Alternative Health Practitioner and should post disclosure of your degree and credentials,…IBAM is often not supported by other schools who charge more.

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