Gynaecologist arrested for sex test in moving car in Jaipur

sexJaipur: Sex determination test on a national highway in a moving car! That’s exactly what a 62-year-old lady gynaecologist was arrested for in a PCPNDT cell’s decoy operation on Monday.

The doctor Santosh Pareek, a resident of Tiveni Nagar in the city, demanded Rs 13,000 from a pregnant woman sent to her by the PCPNDT cell as a decoy and then took her on a car drive on Jaipur-Delhi National Highway towards Chandwaji. A lab technician Manoj Kumar Sharma was also in the car and conducted the sonography using a portable sonography machine.

The officials were shocked to know later that apart from the decoy woman, three other women were also in the car to get the sex determination tests conducted on themselves.  These three women had been sent to technician Manoj by some other agents and so officials don’t rule out possibility of involvement of a big gang active in the city. ‘

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