History of ‘Hate propaganda against Homeopathic Medical System’ in Kerala

Dr Felix James 

It all started suddenly on Sept 8th, 2018 as one of the biggest medical comedy. Initiated by a letter written by the then President of IMA Dr. Sulphi Noohu to Honorable Prime Minister from his FB account in the language Malayalam to ban Homeopathy. As an ironic ‘repercussion’ what we saw soon afterwards was the order issued by the Drug control department banning several allopathic Fixed Drug Combinations (FDC) on 13th Sept 2018. https://www.businessinsider.in/govt-bans-several-painkillers-diabetes-and-antibiotic-drugs-over-safety-concerns/articleshow/65793205.cms

Some people have the habit of ridiculing others just to relieve their inner insecurity. When the President of a responsible Medical organization exhibits such traits; it has to be taken seriously. Such immature responses pave way to unwanted clashes between different disciplines of Medical systems.

A second wave of ridiculous hate propaganda against Homeopathy was taken up by ‘Capsule’ Kerala spear headed by a hepatologist a.k.a TheLiverdoc (twitter). False reports of social media posts began to appear in FB and Whatsapp by the end of Sept, 2021 accusing homeopathic remedies Beriberis Vulgaris and Sarsaparilla tinctures to the liver injury of a 38 year old male. It was an attempt to malign Homeopathy and to create a public scare so that the decision to give Homeopathy Preventive Arsenic Alb 30 against COVID to the school students of Kerala may be revoked.

This false propaganda was known in advance to the professional Homeopathy Organizations and the folly of their disinformation was incapacitated and exposed to the public. Even a failed PIL was filed in the High court of Kerala by TheLiverdoc. However, the Homeopathic Immune Booster distribution campaign by the Govt. of Kerala known by the name ‘Karuthalode Munnotte’ proceeded successfully. It was inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala Sri.Pinarayi Vijayan on 25th Oct 2021.

Not satisfied with the ‘placebo’ disinformation of homeopathy, the ‘neo’ propagandists resorted to Arsenic Album = ‘poison’ campaign. They were trying to show as ‘evidence’ for this funny accusation, the finding of .18mg/kg of Arsenic Album in the medicine tablets manufactured at HOMCO, a homeopathic medicine manufacturing unit of Govt. of Kerala. The analysis was done at a private laboratory managed by TheLiverdoc in Ernakulam.

The allowable limit of Arsenic is 10ppb. An acute lethal dose of Arsenic is in the range of 2-20mg/kg body weight/day.  To reach this toxic limit one has to consume approximately 226kg of AA 30 tablets which equates to 1,73,913 tablets as a single dose, which is unthinkable. Millions of people have been benefitted from the use of AA30 during the COVID pandemic and the adverse events reported with the prescribed dose are nil.

With the mounting adverse events as a result of the mRNA COVID vaccines become reported around the globe, the Allopathic system is again on a public trial. The catastrophic thalidomide tragedy of 1960’s opened the eyes of the public and everyone became vigilant regarding the adverse events of untested pharmaceuticals. This paved the way for mandatory human clinical trials before a medicine is rolled out for public use. Thalidomide was prescribed and available over the counter as a relief medicine for morning sickness of pregnancy. The teratogenic effect of the monster medicine was completely unforeseen.

Human body is diverse and we cannot expect a drug to perform on the living exactly as it was observed in the lab. This limitation of molecular reductionist approach used as the guiding light by the Allopathic system a.k.a Modern Medicine makes the human race rest on a sinister program.

It is quite natural for thinking humans to resort to safe alternate treatment methods. To prevent this and to distract public attention from their unexpected adverse events, disinformation campaigns against the AYUSH systems are taken as the escape agenda. The public need to be alert against such disinformation campaigns.


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