Homeopath couple designs and patents genetic inheritance prediction card

A homeopath couple in Bhopal has successfully designed and PATENTED genetic inheritance prediction card (GIPC) and web app to separate couples carrying gene and trait of sickle cell anaemia and Thalassemia before they get married to eliminate the breeding ground of two diseases globally.

Researchers of the Bhopal-based Government Homeopathic Medical College Professor Dr Nisanth Nambison and his wife Dr Smita Nambison have designed GIPC and web apps in 11 Indian languages to eradicate these two genetically transmitted diseases. National Health Mission MP Blood Cell Deputy Director, Dr Ruby Khan said, “Nambison GIPS and web app- www.drnambison.com/gipcard/ is an excellent initiative that will nip sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia in the bud.

The treatment of these diseases needs huge money which the poor can’t afford. A lot of work was needed in this direction, she added.

While the sickle cell anaemia prevalence was 20 to 25 percent in almost one-fourth of the state’s tribal dominated districts, thalassemia patients were found across the state, Dr Khan said. 

With thisnew invention the couples wanting to get married will just have to place one (Nambison) GIPC of their medical history over another to instantly know about whether their progeny will inherit this 100 percent preventable disease if they become one in flesh and blood, Dr.Nambison said. THIS ELIMINATES THE NEED AND PRESENCE OF MARRIAGE OR GENETIC COUNSELLOR.

The matching of the GIPC of man and woman will instantly predict whether their offspring will be affected by the two diseases or not, he added.

The matching of the cards thus comes handy in checking the spread of the disease, he added. 

If the couple, carrying either of the disease or its trait gets to know that their offspring will be affected, they would prefer not to unite. Thus, the spread to the two diseases to the next generation will get arrested, he added.  

“Over 9 million women become pregnant and carry these diseases or their trait worldwide, he added.

People, mostly tribals, living in a swathe of land connecting MP, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Gujarat affected by the two diseases have their medical dossier in cards, he added.

The MP government gives people living in the affected areas cards half yellow and half white that carries their medical history, he added.

Similarly, the people in the affected areas were given cards in Maharashtra, Odisha and Gujarat, Dr Nambison said.

He said that the government has appointed genetic and marriage counselors in these areas.

The couples who want to get married approach them.

The counselors by matching their cards predict whether the couple should marry or not to check the spread of the two diseases.

Usually, the couple getting married don’t contact the counselor for a variety of reasons, causing the spread of the disease to the next generation, he added.

According to Dr Smita Nambison over 300,000 babies with severe forms of these diseases are born mainly in low and middle-income countries annually.

She said approximately five percent of the world’s population are carriers of a trait gene for hemoglobin disorders mainly sickle-cell disease or thalassemia.“About 56000 have a major thalassemia, of them at least 30000 need regular transfusions to survive and 5500 who die pre-natally due to thalassemia.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in the 2015 winter parliament session speech 2015 described sickle cell anaemia as a condition worse than cancer, she said he had done a lot to check these two diseases in Gujarat when he was the chief minister.


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