Homeopathic Approach to Psychosexual Disorders

Dr Ajit Kulkarni

Those who have not known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of happy mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give.”     – Bertrand Russell

Definition of sex
The conception or definition of sex would at first glance seem to be a strictly biological task. Yet sex can be defined or characterized at many levels: chromosomal (‘XX’ or ‘XY’); cellular (egg vs. sperm); morphological (gonads, genitalia and functional anatomy); physiological (normal levels) and behavioral (sexuality).

Which is “the” definition?

Human sexuality
Human sexuality is a study of human behaviour in relation to an important and over-powering human need – sex. Sex is part of our life, our personality, our identity. It is not a subject of isolation, but a composite of intangibles, the totality of which affects our life.

Sexuality concerns with sex, sexual behaviour and it involves a deep pervasive aspect of the total personality, the sum total of one’s feelings and behaviour. Sex is an integral part of one’s self.

Sex : characters
Sex is for fun, pleasure and ecstasy. It is not a function of sexual organs only. It doesn’t  act separately, as other functions of the body.

Sex binds concerned together with cords of love, respect, compassion for the other, gratitude and romance. Sex reflects the unity, sex reflects the sublime love and sex reflects nature’s way of delight a human being can experience.

Sex is powerful enough to blossom the creativity of a human being.

Above all, sex has the very basis of love, which is nothing but the basic emotion of a human being. Love is the only satisfying answer to human existence and to flourish and sustain sex throughout life, love must be built on the foundation of affection, compassion, respect, trust and responsibility. Hence sex must not be a segregated item; it can’t be an object one can bye in the market because sex is not only the physical pleasure.

Sex : The problem

Does the problem begin from the definition of sex itself?

It’s like the definition of health. The materialistic view looks upon the body made up of several parts and these parts need to be corrected by hook or crook. When the parts are put in order, health is bestowed upon.

For the most part, the popular definition of sex is to have an orgasm. This definition is a male production! Ejaculation is orgasm, and that’s sex. This definition makes the whole concept of sex too narrow. With this definition sex becomes only an aerobic exercise. With this definition the genitals become some sort of a machine that must satisfy biological output quotas, or else be deemed broken and sent to the scrap heap.

An orgasm based definition is just not realistic. While orgasm is a beautiful thing to be hold, sex can still be very pleasurable without it!

Sex : The center of emotions

Sex is a powerful force of ‘moving’; centrifugal – moving away from the center and centripetal – moving towards the center. The center is a ‘unitary’ destination, not to be reckoned with!

Sex is a powerful instinct which can bring onto the surface everything of a human being! It can ‘uncover’ everything. It can compel every nuance, every emotion to dance around itself!

When sex is bad, when sex is a source of unhappiness, it can consume much of the consciousness, much of the energy and it can make emotions like anger, shame, humiliation, fear etc. quite energized, causing an imbalance in sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The reinforcement of the emotions can be devastating!

Homoeopathic approach
Homoeopathy approaches the human sexuality through totality, through phenomenon and through the pattern of energy that each individual exhibits. This energy pattern is unique in each homoeopathic remedy and it is interesting to see the reflection of it.

1. Lachesis ‘sees’ through, is highly sexual, possessive and wants to keep his loved ones under tight control. He puts sex to love; according to him sex is the only way of love. Emissions always ameliorate him and he can’t control his sexual instinct and suffers from suppression of sex. He is romantic, joyous, passionate and ecstatic and the female Lach is mannish and often takes a lead in sexual activity.

2. Conium represents imbalance of energy between upper and lower parts of the body. He is no longer able to draw up energy from the lower parts to the upper parts. The energy finds its way in emission on the slightest provocation. Forced abstinence causes sexual incompetence or / and excessive desire (satyriasis, nymphomania). The suppressed sexual energy goes deeper to cause aberrant immune response, to cause cancer.

3. Fluoric acid is materialistic, libertinistic and hedonist. He has irresponsible gaiety, an easy going complacency. He is interested in physical pleasure only without any emotional involvement. He goes from one sexual partner to another and suffers from sexually transmitted disorders.

4. Staphysagria represents a range of action from shyness of the opposite sex to excessive indulgence in sex. It has unsatisfied sexual urge. Sex is for the sake of honor  in Staph and ‘no’ to sex by other partner is viewed by him as indignation. He can then show violent outbursts of passion. Sex then can be harassing for the partner who has to tolerate the wrath of Staph. Haughtiness, libertinism and wounded honor characterize Staph.

5. Lycopodium represents the right side, the masculinity and this is reflected in sexual relations. The inner weakness, anticipation and anxiety of performance tell upon the organ that is unable to show its worth. Repeated bad experiences makes Lyco refrain from sex as he wants to keep his honor. Lyco has both loss of sexual desire and too strong sexual desire. Lyco is deceptive, a liar and an opportunist. The sense of impotency inside is reflected to act as bravado outside ‘I-am- potent.’

6. Medorrhinum we get early sexual awakening, precocity and early indulgence in sex. The animation, the romanticism, the vivacity allow the system to develop the sexual relations without any barrier.

The following rubrics amply demonstrate the sexuality in Medo

  • Homosexuality, Men
  • Homosexuality, women
  • Lasciviousness, lustful
  • Nymphomania
  • Obscene
  • Rape, ailments from
  • Satyriasis
  • Sexual abuse, ailments from
  • Shameless
  • Shameless, children, in
  • Masturbation, disposition to
  • Masturbation, children to
  • Sexual desire, excessive
  • Sexual desire, uncontrollable
  • Sexual desire, insatiable
  • Sexual desire, perverted  
  • Sexual desire, violent

Owing to anticipatory anxiety, the anxious and restless attributes, Medo cannot enjoy the sexual act in a patient way. There is little foreplay, more hurry and finish! Medo, hence, is discontented and goes in for multiple partners. Regular visitors to prostitutes are often Medo. Medo is always better after discharges (like Lach who is also sexually oriented).Being passionate, he cannot keep off his sexual passion for long and go forward. He is able to impress upon others by virtue of his plump make-up, high-flown language and a sort of heroic behavior! Medo girls are sensual, attractive and their body gestures often reflect the sexuality.

Is Medo representative of the confusion, a male develops (and a woman is spared) owing to the single urethral tube and a single opening through which a man has to continue his journey for normal physiological excretion and for quenching sensual appetite? Medo does represent this confusion through shifting for the latter, through development of gonorrhea and through the consequences of suppression of gonorrhea.

Human sexuality is a subject of fundamental concern for researchers of many faculties. Homoeopathic science which focuses on ‘life’ of a patient has a great armamentarium to treat psycho-sexual disorders.

A skilful interview is essential to explore the MAN behind psycho-sexual sickness. Knowledge of sexuality is a MUST for a homoeopathic physician who prides himself as a student of holistic therapy! At the same time he must not make the patient embarrassed by bombardment of penetrating questions!

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni M.D.(Hom.)
Email : dr_ajitkulkarni@rediffmail.com



  2. The article is vivid.I was in search of a homeopath/ homeopathic text to solve my problems.
    I need nobody/no text now.I got my medicines after about 35 years of search.
    Hearty Thanks to Dr Kulkarni.

  3. Hi there. My name is Michael. I am concerned with my sexual urges and am in need of some guidance. I am always drawn towards self-pleasure whenever I see a beautiful woman… normally in bed at night or in the morning. But sometimes Ill see some sexy photo during the day and find myself excusing myself for some time to go release my sexual urges in private.

    I am really interested in discovering some type of herb possibly that can be used to suppress my desires… atleast in those moments.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you would be willing to talk to me that would be incredible. Thank you for all of your time.

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