Diabetic Foot (Gangrene) is Curable by Homeopathy

Dr Prabhakar Shetty 

We Homoeopaths have been claiming about curing the diseases among ourselves since ages, but conveniently forgetting how to convince the other school of science i.e. allopathic world now claiming to be a modern science. This modern science with the help of other pharmaceutical companies and the world of electricity along with other measures like C.T. SCAN, MRI, 2-D, ECHO including angiography proving themselves as a part of their own world whereas it is totally false.

Now instead of finding their fault and weak points which either way does not matter to them, but, does matter to them when a Homoeopath brings a cure in his own scientific way, though acceptable to the homoeopathic and the human kind still mockingly discarded by the world of Allopathy with the help of few words which is applicable to the literal world but not to the scientific world. Alas! We Homoeopaths too have been succumbing to these words SPONTANEOUS, TRANSIENT and REMISSION. Moreover we Homoeopaths are to be held totally responsible to these allegations because we have yet to retaliate the world of Allopathy in their own language.

Convincing ourselves is a matter of negligence, moreover our world of Homoeopaths have been complicating the scientific reasoning by manipulating the theories given by master to benefit their ownselves, in the bargain we Homoeopaths have been doubly claimed to be quack, that is why to prove our science as an absolute authentic science, I have picked up a topic called DIABETIC FOOT (Gangrene).

To emphasis more, let me make it clear while treating Diabetic Foot cases for 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that most of the homoeopathic teachers or a lecturers glamorises Homoeopathy beyond it’s limitations, which in fact gives more room to suspicion. How? Instead of speaking our true limitations, which is the quality of allopathic world at least in books, which is mostly not found among we recent Homoeopaths (qualified Homoeopaths). In 20 years I have yet to come across a single case of true Diabetes Mellitus being cured by Homoeopathy other than the stress induced one’s may be mental or physical stress. But this has been a hot topic among we Homoeopaths, thus the cause of destruction of homoeopathic world . Exactly it is this mistake of we Homoeopaths has all the more encouraged the allopathic world to tease the Homoeopaths as a quack, but look at the divine gift that Homoeopathy cures all the complications of diabetes. In other words instead of running after one topic Diabetes Mellitus (which is not curable as per our master, may be palliative.

THE CHRONIC MIASMA / PSORA AND PSEUDO-PSORA by J.HENRY ALLEN M.D. page No. 68).  The exact page reads this:

There comes a time when we can not do this or, at least, it would not be wise to do so, as is seen in cases of incurable disease or when the miasmatic action has progressed so far that no permanent reaction can be solicited and any attempt to make a positive cure, results in injury to the patient and often shortens life.  This is frequently seen in such diseases as diabetes mellitus, in the last stages of cancer. Tuberculosis in its third stage.  Here it is well not to base our prescription upon the basic miasmatic symptoms; as the attempt made by nature under the basic remedy causes over action and death follows sooner than if we left the patient left alone.  Here it is better to palliate the disease by remedies not based fully upon miasmatic symptoms”.

And pick up bad name to our science, let us follow the various complications of diabetes and bring glory to our science. Among all of them Diabetic Foot and Gangrene being not only unique but also very interesting and convincing to everybody in the world. Interestingly the version is exactly opposite to the world of Allopathy, they treat diabetes or rather control it, but helpless with various complication of it.

To end up this subject Diabetic Foot and Gangrene can be taught for 3-6 months to every homoeopathic student, specially the skill of manipulating the foot wound (Surgically) in diabetics. This skilful art of Homoeopathy I wish to spread among the other world of Homoeopaths. To speak the truth and teach the limitation of both sciences, which in turn  gives authenticity to Homoeopathy, also respect to every Homoeopath.  I have devised my own approach to cure Diabetic Foot and Gangrene.

I combine Homoeopathy, Surgery and Insulin.  Let us all not forget Homoeopathy brings and maintains blood supply to the limbs through “Collaterals” arteries when the prime artery or arteries are blocked.

Above all this should enlighten every Homoeopath, Surgeon and Physician that the combination of the 3 services does not antagonise but may harmonise therapy in certain difficult conditions like Diabetic Foot and Gangrene.

P.S. By Homoeopaths I do not mean each and everyone but most of them.

Case No. 1.
Mr. A.H.Q., aged 70 years, came with the great toe amputation at South Africa of  his right foot with the H/O Cardiac By-pass Surgery.  The Cardiac by-pass Surgery was done as preparation for the amputation of the great toes and finally go for B/K amputation.  In fact the blood circulation was poor all over.  True, the picture does depict the book picture of a Diabetic Foot but with some sign.  The head of the first metatarsal bone is covered up with green pussy slough.  This Green slough was detected to be Pseudomonas on Culture Sensitive Anti-biotic Test. This made me to think what next? In spite of various good indicated remedies like Arsenic Alb., Hepar Sulp., Kali Suph., Pulsatilla.,  the slough would not yield to the treatment . On the contrary it started spreading and the situation worsened.  The Surgeon and Physician friends started pressurising me for Anti-biotic called Ceftazidine (Commonly known as FORTUM).  I understand in normal conditions of chronic ailment it would have been not difficult for me to wait and watch as a Homoeopath.  Whereas here the patient might have gone into other complication like Renal failure and worst was amputation.

I preferred to read Principles of Internal Medicine authored by non other than Dr. Harrison (Read Details of Pathology of Pseudomonas). This gave me the clue similar to Dr. Hahnemann’s words or in fact it was Dr. Hahnemann’s reminder to me saying forget not “Vital Force”.

I immediately ordered for blood investigation i.e. C.B.C. and to my expectation the HB% was 7.5 g/dl.  I preferred for blood transfusion.  I gave 3 bottles of whole blood against the wish of my Physician friend.  The patient being old the Physician wanted to give Pack Cell.

In the mean time I had already returned back to my Ars. Alb. 1000 every one hourly once again with full confidence.   As the patient was totally meticulous, fastidious, particular in every respect with fear of incurable disease.  The cadaveric smell with burning sensation and better by covering. The wound improved and aggressive debridement of the infected parts was conducted by my Surgeon friend on my instruction as per my method and choice.

The spreading cellulites of the center of foot disappeared. The sloughs vanished and small incision was done on the healthy granulated part of the wound anteriorly to unload the wound.  The whole wound with the gangrenous margin closed as shown in the after treatment picture.  The foot was salvaged without further surgery.

Mr. J.M. from East Africa came to me with post surgical large wound of the right foot.  The First metatarsal and second metatarsal bone’s head being exposed and infected. The third toe being gangrenous (totally black) and the surrounding skin with thick gangrenous margin. The third toe totally gangrenous and rest of wound with secondary infection.  I did start with homeopathic medicine Ars. Alb. 1000 3 hourly but the surgery was to be designed to my choice.  The decreased vascularisation improved within 48 hours as per Non- Visualising Doppler study.

Normally I hate osteotomy of the head of the metatarsal bone as it promotes osteomyelitis and worsen the patients condition.  Here the picture clearly reveals that the head of the first and second metatarsal bones have become brittle and osteolytic.  So both the heads were removed surgically.  A vigil was kept by to see that after the osteotomy the margins of excised bones were filled and were made smooth to ensure no further infection.  Moreover the bones were excised deep under the healthy granulation tissues.

Shows that the whole wound was sutured and an attempt was to cover up the maximum part of the wound.  At this juncture SULPH. ACID 200 was introduced.  Sulph. Acid is a king remedy to hold sutures intact and also keeps the sutures away from getting infected in all cases.  Here the patient being diabetic the fear of infection is much more higher but Sulph. Acid will never disappoint. Sulph. Acid prevents the complication of surgical trauma.

As usual the patient was kept on Regular Human Insulin tds.  Later step wise the sutures were removed as per the merit of the wound.  This picture also shows that rest of the toes have completely recovered from Dry gangrene and the shapes were also maintained

After the complete removal of the sutures the patient was once again put on to Ars. Alb. 1000 three hourly for another 15 days.  The X-Ray was advised to rule out any post operative complication of osteomyelitis.  Though in the initial stages of diabetic foot the X-Ray is always deceptive, still the precaution was observed.

Complete recovery and the patient went back walking on his foot. Ars. Alb. was chosen as the patient had mental disgust, Fear of recovery without suicidal tendency and without thirst.

Duscussion and justification of using only few medicines especially arsenic alb.

First of all let me clarify and inform to the Homoeopathic world that it was Dr. Constantine Hering,s miraculous cure from gangrene of the finger by Dr. Kummer with Arsenic Alb. Gave us another great homoeopath to our science.

This clearly means that Snake group of remedies came after Arsenic Alb. This justifies that Arsenic Alb should be the first choice of remedy for gangrene. Another important factor is when we read the toxicology of Arsenic Album written by Dr. RICHARD HUGHES   

A Cyclopedia Of Drug Pathogenesy Vol.1  By Richard Hughes

54.    A man took, June 10th, 10 p.m., 15 1/2 drachms of Arsenic with suicidal intent. In 1 hour, there was abundant vomiting, ………………………………swollen; pulse full and frequent, skin hot; vomiting and liquid stools continue……….. But he stated that  on  previous evening  he  had felt in left leg rather acute  pains  which  had disturbed  sleep; leg was a little cold to touch and  painful  on pressure,  otherwise  natural.  Next day, pain in leg was very acute, and toes remarkably cold and void of colour. On 15th, foot and leg were cold and livid, as it was cyanosed, with blue patches as high as knee, very painful on pressure. Pulsations of left femoral and popliteal arteries were less strong and full than those of right, and those of post. Tibial could not be felt. Mortification progressed, and leg was amputated on 20th.  No artery required tying saves femoral.  Patient gradually sank; sphacelus attacked stump, and he died July Ist. In severed  limb there  was  mortification  of soft parts in  almost  their  whole extent; redness in patches of chief arteries……….

Moreover in my personal experience I have seen that the most indisciplined patient becomes obedient and particular in taking care of his diet schedule, medicines etc after he develops gangrene. He has fear of incurability and the disease also. Though they are not uncomfortable due to Diabetic Neuropathy initially, but later they do develop “Burning pain and sensation of the foot, also has restless feet <in the night”. In other words 99% of the Diabetic Foot and Gangrene patients become the book picture presentation of ARSENIC ALBUM.

Let me confess one more fact that among all these medicines the most frequently used medicine by me is 1. Arsenic Album 1000 and 2. Secale Cor. 1000, both depending on the condition of the patient they are repeated like in Septicemic condition the indicated medicine I repeat 1 hourly till the serious situation comes under control. Later 3 time a day.  Once complete cure takes place than followed by Placebo as usual.

The other fact is by specialising in one field, not only the physician (doctor of any field) tends to know more regarding his/ her subject but also the usage of number of remedies become less and almost nullifies the confusion in selecting the right remedy.

One should not forget that Diabetic Foot and Gangrene is a one sided disease and  is of more surgical condition than medical.  I am of the opinion that in Diabetic Foot and Gangrene the constitutional treatment is ruled out and it is mixture of all the misaims.

Conclusion:  Homoeopathy can bring blood supply to the limbs without By-Pass Surgery.  Without Homoeopathy every effort to save the foot and leg is well known till date and that is nothing but AMPUTATION of leg or the affected part.  Well simple Homoeopathic medicine not only saves the foot and leg but the human life.  One important factor has to be mentioned that my method is a synthetic method of Homoeopathy, Insulin and Surgery.  I warn every Homoeopath that without the perfect knowledge of surgery one should not treat Diabetic Foot and Gangrene.  This may cost the life of human.  Moreover from legal point of view I always summon a Surgeon and a Diabetologist to take care of their field.  But surgery is conducted as per my own designed method.

This is a teamwork, but the captain of the team should be ‘A HOMOEOPATH’.  This is my method of bringing ‘AUTHENTICITY and GLORY’ to Homoeopathy.

The other Remedies as per indication are: Sec. Cor., Lacheses, Crotalus Horridus., Carbo Veg., Tarent. Cub., Kreosotum, Antraxinum etc…

For spreading cellulites:  Rhus Tox., Apis M., etc..

For Bleb: Hep. Sulph., Apis etc..

For Callosites: Antimony Crud., Thiosinaminum etc..

Local (Topical) application :  Echinacea q (Mother tincture) in 1: 5 dilution with distilled or auto-claved water.

Dr Prabhakar Shetty   L.C.E.H. (Bom.), M.D. (Hom)
Consultant Homoeopath ,Specialized in Diabetic Foot & Gangrene)
Sai diabetic foot (gangrene) nursing home,andheri (east),mumbai – 400 069.
Web Site www.diabeticfootgangrene.com   Email: sdfoot@vsnl.com

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