Homeopathic therapeutics of sciatica with differential modalities

Dr Archit K Mehta

Here, in this article I have summarized majority of drugs that covers the symptoms of sciatica. First part of article contains common drugs with their one-line description regarding sciatica.  Minute differences between drugs regarding their situational modality is also mentioned in later part. It will help you to put sciatica drugs in one heading.

The selection of homoeopathic remedy is based on individualizing characteristic symptoms. Sciatica is type of disease which may present with diversified symptoms. There are very much hidden peculiarities present in patients of sciatica which we generally look over by not noticing them. They can be hidden in their modalities, or in their causations or patients’ peculiar adaptation with the complaints. Here, author has tried to bring majority of most commonly used sciatica remedies in one title.

(BOERICKE, 2013)


  • Ammonium Muriaticum: lying completely removes pain. Pains are worse sitting, better lying.
  • Bambusa Arundinacea: opp. of colocynth in modality (i.e., aggravated on lying on painful side) cold aggravates,
  • Carcinosin: rest cannot in any position
  • Colocynthis: better by lying on painful side, better by pressure and heat, aggravated by gentle touch.
  • Gnaphalium: aggravated by walking, lying, better by sitting in a chair. Sciatic pain alternates with numbness. Better by drowing limbs up flexing them on thighs.
  • Indigo: sciatica from middle of thigh to knee, Pain in knees worse after every meal.
  • Kali bichromicum: left side, better by motion, flexing leg relief, pressure aggravates, worse standing, sitting & lying on back
  • Kali hydroiodicum: cannot stay in bed; worse at night and lying on affected side.
  • Lac caninum: aggravates on morning of one day and evening of next
  • Ledum palustre: coldness, ascending complaints
  • Loliium temulentum: cramps night, (MORE THAN CUPRUM)
  • Phytolacca decandra: Pain from back of thigh comes to knee and descends downward., ameliorated by raising feet.
  • Plumbum Metalicum: pain with emaciation.
  • Ranunculus Bulbosus: Chronic sciatica of alcoholic.
  • Tellurium Metallicum: pain more at night, while at rest, from friction, coughing, laughing.
  • Valeriana Officinalis: pain aggravated by standing, resting on floor. Better by walking. (Pain in heels while sitting.)
  • Xanthoxylum: sciatica worse in hot weather.
AMMONIUM MURIATICUM Agg. Must walk bent Amel. L
PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA Amel                            on lying on abdomen, & raising feet R
TELLURIUM METALLICUM Agg on lying on painful side R
IRIS Continuous motion L
VALERIANA Agg; restiing agg Agg amel
INDIGO Agg Amel. By motion/pressure, rubbing
GNAPHLUM Amel on sitting chair, flexing limb on abdomen Agg agg
LAC CAN Agg jar R
KALI IOD Agg, agg Amel; and by flexing legs Agg on lying on affected side,
COLOCYNTH Agg least motion Amel on lying on affected side L/r
BAMBUSA Amel Agg on lying on affected side,
KALI BICH Agg Agg Amel by motion an flexing leg Agg L
RUTA Amel Amel Agg

Table 1: common sciatica medicines with their differential modalities.

There are many sure shot differential modalities are hidden in many remedies as well as in patients. If we are able to trace them out accurately, then it will become easier to trace the most similar medicine based on presenting peculiarities. When the prescription is based on hard facts, then chances of success will increase.


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Dr. Archit K. Mehta
M.D.(Hom.) Psychiatry (scholar)

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