Homeopathic treatment of somatopsychic case

Dr Shobhan Bose 

Somatic disorder means abnormality of somatic cell or disorder of somatic organ or system of the body. Sometime chronic suffering of organic disease converts into mental disease. This type of disorder is called Somatopsychic disorder. 

Long suffering of physical diseases may convert in to psychological disorders due to his mental stress, tension, anxiety and depression about chronic systemic disorder.

A man became ill due to some organic disorders of his body – his sufferings may continue one or two weeks in case of acute diseases and one month to one year or more in case of chronic diseases may takes long time after taking treatment. Patient may get relief after some weeks or months by care of medical management in some cases. But some time when he tries to become fully healthy and fails due to presence of causative agent in his body and some idiopathic causes. When a man couldn’t done his normal work as usual due to recurrence of his physical suffering, in this type of situation confidence of his mind will lack or loss his mental strength . 

He felt himself useless for home and society. He wanted to avoid his relatives or friends. He tried to expresses his demand by few words or hints.  At that condition physical balance of his body was disturbed as well as mental imbalance become increasing and stays permanently.

 In these way physical or somatic disorders was converted in to mental disorders. In this type of suffering of a patient is called SOMATOPSYCHIC disorders.

Somatopsychic disorders may be classified under Anxiety disorders or Neurotic disorders. Somatoform, Psychosomatic and Somatopsychic disorders all are classified in Anxiety disorders. 

Medication depends upon the category; severity and condition of patient but Psychotherapy and counselling always help in the treatment of such type of patient. The Homoeopathic cure take place depends upon “Law of Similia”, as per our Organon of Medicine. 


A patient was come in my clinic for treatment with some problems.


Name: – Mr A. Dubey                        Age: – 31 years

S/O: – Mr M. Dubey                           Sex: –Male

Address:-Mathura , U.P.                    Occupation: – Teacher 

Education:-M.A, B- ed                      Marital status- Married

Addiction:-Cigarette smoking              Height-5.7 Ft

Weight:-52 kg                                   Temperature:-97°F

Pulses: – 71/ minute                           Blood pressure:- 120/80 mm/hg

He was suffering mainly Somatophysic disorder or mainly anxiety neurosis. He became nervous easily and suffering unidentified fear, phobia and anxiety. 

When he was suffering in anxiety and nervousness – at that time his pulses, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing, heartbeat, was increase or decrease. All physical signs mention above were in normal range on other day or other time, when he was not suffering in anxiety, fear & nervousness.  His sweating was started due to his un-identified fear and nervousness. He could not tolerate the news of street accident. He wants to take air of fan very closely when his fear, anxiety and nervousness increase. 

 He said me about his peculiar feeling of mind – 

He feels someone compressing his head, heaviness in head and emptiness of head. He had forgetfulness and weak memory, weak thinking, normal physical activity also slow except when he suffers in anxiety. Somatopsychic disorders aggravated after mental and physical exhaustion. His mental or physical exhaustion does not relief by taking rest. A current like  sensation  running up to down word and reverse in his body.

His main organic diseases are mal functioning of gastro intestinal tract. He suffers in gastritis, indigestion, excessive accumulation of gas in stomach and guts, flatulence; upper abdomen covered by full of gas, pain and heaviness in upper abdomen, stomach is swollen. He feels his stomach would be burst after taking foods or drinks, it relieves by belching, loss of appetite.

He feels heaviness in chest which relief by belching .He feels burning sensation in chest and throat, dryness in tongue, bitter test in mouth after belching and bluishness in lips. His stool is unsatisfactory due to indigestion and feels weakness


Repertory done by- (RADAR OPUS-Homeopathic Expert System Software)


After case taking and repertorization, I select the medicine Carbo Veg.


First prescription
Carbo Veg 0/1, 1 dose for 10 days and placebo for next 5 days.
After 15 days patient came again, no such improve was seen. 

Second visit
Carbo Veg 0/2 for 10 days & placebo for next 5 days. After 30 days patient some better, flatulence relief appetite increase.

Third visit
Carbo Veg 0/3 for 10 days & placebo for 5 days. After 45 days patient was better. G.I.T complains 30 % relief. Power increase for far better

Fourth visit
Carbo veg 0/4 for 10 days, placebo for 5 days. After 2 months patient was more improve, gastric complain 40 % relief. Increase potency again for more results.

Fifth visit
Carbo Veg 0/5 for 10 days, placebo for 5 days. After 75 days patient was far better, gastric complain 50 % better. So power increased.

Sixth visit
Carbo veg 0/6 for 10 days, placebo for 5 days. After 3 months patient came again, stool clear, G.I. problem 60% relief. Power increased.

Seventh visit
Carbo veg 0/7 for 10 days, placebo for 5 days. After 3½ months symptoms of mouth, tongue, head disappear, so power increase for better results.

Eight visit
Carbo veg 0/8 for 10 days, placebo for 5 days. After 4 months fear of mind disappeared. So power increase for more improvement.

Ninth visit
Carbo veg 0/9 for 10 days, placebo for 5 days. After 4 ½ months anxiety relief. Power increase for more relief .

Tenth visit
Carbo veg 0/10 for 10 days and placebo for 5 days.  After 5 months patient came again, 50% mental disorder relief. So placebo given for next visit. 

Eleventh visit
Placebo for 15 days. After 5 ½ month no more relief, potency increased.

Twelfth visit
Carbo veg 0/11 for 10 days , placebo for 5 days. After 6 months all compline about 60 % relief, potency increased.

Thirteenth visit
Carbo veg 0/12 for 10 days & placebo for 5 days. After 6 ½ months patient came again and at that time his 80 % of all suffering was improved. So power increase for more result.

Fourteenth visit
Carbo Veg 0/13 for 10 days & placebo for 5 days After 7 months’ more than 95% better, placebo for more results.

Fifteenth visit
Placebo for next 15 days. After 7 ½ months all suffering of patient was cent % improved. So power increased to avoid recurrency.

Sixteenth visit
Carbo Veg 0/14 For 10 days and placebo for 5 days. After 8 months patient was completely overcome from his suffering.


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B.H.M.S, M.D.(HOM)
H.O.D. Depart. of Physiology and Biochemistry|
N.H.M.C&H., AGRA, (U.P.)


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