Mood Swing: Roller coaster ride of women’s life

Dr Manisha G. Boricha

Abstract: Women’s life in every facet, with hormonal turbulence, like puberty, pregnancy or at last menopause. Every time she will enter into next cycle with normal physiological process & gradually declines hormones. So it also turn’s a women’s emotion into turbulence & her emotions goes out of control. Spontaneous mood swings may also open unresolved or suppressed emotional issues which are coming out on surface. From Homoeopathy perspective- “Chronic Miasmatic Block” with holistic approach require “Constitutional Remedies”

Keyword: Mood swing with Hormonal turbulence, HRT, Physiological changes- puberty, pregnancy, menopause, Miasmatic block, Constitutional remedies, familial disorder

One of the strong phenomena’s happen in women’s life is mood swing. It defines as an extreme & rapid fluctuation in mood with woman experience drastically shift in her emotional state. It produce up & down & one can feel like roller coaster, she is up one moment & down the next & never able to get off the ride.

Estrogen is directly related to produce- Serotonin- an important factor in the brain to regulate mood. Other main causes are fatigue, stress- emotional trauma, family issues, career, socio-economic, tiredness, lack of sleep, fear of change in  sexual life, children separation, look-appearance, OC pills, etc..

Is Mood swing just physiological change or disorder?
However, when it comes to moods & hormones, is something of a chicken-and-egg situation: Do women with physiological changes get mood changes, or does mood swing an early transition? Do hormones trigger mood changes, or does a mood changes after the action of hormones?? Whatever the reason for hormonal mood swing, if the quality of your life is being seriously affected by variation of mood.

The main cause of mood swing is turbulence or gradually decline of natural hormones, it has deep physiological roots insides when her body does not get the right kind of support to maintain natural balance. 

It is not any disease condition but only changes or disturbance into mental as well as physical level. According to Kent is Mind-Body connection. So this disturbance leads her into unhealthy condition. It affects her personal or professional relationship. It is often regard as a disease as a opposed to natural process & over the years it has become increasingly medicalised. So it is not consider as disorder but as a dis-ease condition. 

Mood swing treatment with different approaches:

  • Managing with allopathic treatment-

Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) is only treatment in case of hormonal turbulence or deficiency. But HRT may increase chances of blood clots, heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, vaginal bleeding, weight gain, liver & gall bladder disease, etc. HRT does not suit or even help every women, growing number of women today are dissatisfied with the harmful side effect of HRT.

  • Alternative medicine-

It involve little or no risk & can consider as the safest way to treat mood swing. Herbal remedies are most effective option- Phytoestrogen & Non-estrogenic herbs which promote glands for healthy production of your own natural hormones.

  • Auxiliary treatment-

It includes stress control with exercise, meditation, yoga, relaxing techniques, massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, bath, etc. therapies that can all help to relieves mental & emotional changes.

  • Diet & Regimen-

Nutrition & dietary supplements like pulses, green vegetables, fruits, soya, yogurt, tofu, grain, nuts, flaxseed, calcium, omega-3, fatty acid, herbs, vitamin-D, etc. in short, a well-balanced diet will be the key to balanced mind.

  • Homoeopathic treatment-

Homoeopathy offers more safer & holistic way to manage, it deals with each individual women’s condition & constitution. Theses all are important for chronic complaint, Anti-Miasmatic diagnosis consider the predisposition, disposition, diathesis & disease nature. 

As Dr. Stuart Close aptly put it ‘Disease is only cured by the internally administered similar medicine, with due regard to proper auxiliary, psychical, hygienic & mechanical treatment’

Considering the Miasmatic background, mood swing in women fluctuate in natural way, unnoticed in majority female due to transient explosion of latent psora which spontaneously return into dormant condition. In many females due to past history of manifestation of miasms, majority of cases remedies prescribed on totality of symptoms found by chief complaints, past history, family history, mental & physical generals with covering the underlying miasm. So homoeopathy offers constitutional remedy with holistic aspect for any kind of suffering.


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Dr. Manisha G Boricha
Assistant professor,   Swami Vivekanand Homoeopathic Medical College, BhavnagarEmail-

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