Homeopathy expert joins Lama Polyclinic in Oman

Oman3Muscat- Lama Polyclinic has announced the joining of Dr Naeem Karnalkar, a three-decade veteran in the field of homeopathy in Oman, who will offer his expert consultancy services at the Al Khuwayr branch.

Dr Karnalkar brings in a vast experience working in the field of homeopathy. He had a his successful consultancy at Bait al Dawa Homeopathy clinic in Al Khuwayr before joining Lama Polyclinic to continue his mission of serving the people of the sultanate. Dr Naeem is an eminent doctor who has won the hearts of his patients well over 25 years in Oman.

Dr Karnalkar’s said, ‘Homeopathy treats patients not only through a holistic approach but also considers individualistic characteristics. Homeopathic medicines are most cost effective, palatable, have no adverse side effects, can be administered easily and are gente. The end-result is very effective. It is in tune with nature and considers good health as a result of the harmonious functioning of the mind, body and intellect.’

Lama Polyclinic is one of the oldest polyclinics in the health sector for the last 26 years and offers all the facilities for comprehensive healthcare of patients including, laboratory, scan, radiology, physiotherapy etc. The polyclinic has two branches with pharmacy at CBD and Al Khuwayr having allopathy, homoeopathy and ayurveda under one roof.


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