Homeopathy insecticides as a substitute for lethal fertilizers

plantFerozepur’s doctor invents Homeopathy insecticides as a substitute for lethal fertilizers.

A Ferozepur based doctor – Dr. J P Malhotra – have claimed to invent a “Homeopathy” insecticide which will increase the growth of the crop upto 30 per cent. While addressing the media persons in a press conference, Dr. Malhotra said that after the research of eight years, he had planned to launch his endeavor but due to an accident, all his hopes were met to dust.

He claimed that in 2011 Vinod Bhalla, the then Health Secretary of Punjab was fascinated to see his invention. Dr. JP claimed that his insecticide, which costs only Rs. 700 for an acre land, not only nourishes the crop but also take care of the fertility of the land.

Dr. Malhotra also confirmed that after using the mixture of his “homoeopathy insecticide” named “ST Zen” and “COC Vigoura” there will be no need to use urea or any other lethal fertilizers which shortens the life of land fertility.

He informed that a number of farmers belonging to village Mallanwala, Arif ke, Kulgarhi are already using this medicine/ insecticide with satisfactory result. He claimed that after using his medicine, the crops will have an extra growth of 30 per cent.

During interaction with with this Citizen Journalist , Dr. Malhotra confirmed that the product had been patented in 2011 but due to his accident, he could not properly do the marketing. However, its use in certain areas have increased the 30 per cent yield of the crops and in certain productive areas even more than that.

The product being a homoeopath based, has no side effect and it is the best substitute of lethal fertilizers, he added.

Read more at: http://www.merinews.com/article/ferozepurs-doctor-invents-homeopathy-insecticides-as-a-substitute-for-lethal-fertilizers/15906254.shtml&cp

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