Homeopathy Medicines for occupational disorders

DrSamir Chaukkar

We come across so many occupations, animate and inanimate articles and materials in our day to day life. These things are also seen in our materia medica in form of comparision with our ailments. Lets have a quick look at these things which will make our materia medica more interesting and easy to remember.

1) Minister’s sore throat : Collinsonia

2) Clergy man’s sore throat – Arum Triphyllum

3) Piles like bunch of grapes -Aloe

4) Pop corn like diarrhoea- Cina

5) Gardener’s remedy- Bellis per

6) Railway Spine -Bellis per

7) Spinach like stools – Chamomilla, Ipecac, Arg nit, Mag Carb

8) Stools like sago like particles-  Phos

9) Rotten egg like discharges – Hepar sulp, Cham

10) Leucorrhoea like white of egg- Borax

11) Body bent like an arch -Cicuta

12) Urine has odor of violets- Terebinth, Copaiva

13) Sailor’s asthma -Bromium

14) Miner’s Asthma- Cardus mar

15) Splinter like pains -Nitric acid, Hepar sulp, Arg nit

16) Singer’s cold -Allium cepa

17) Dog like stool- Phosphorous

18) Pipe stem stool -Digitalis

19) Tomato sauce like stools -Apis

20) Ear discharge smells like fish pickle -Tellurium

21) Mapped tongue -Nat mur, Taraxacum

22) Writer’s cramps- Actea racemosa

23) Housemaid’s knee -Sticta

24) Honeymoon cystitis -Staphysagria

25) Canine Hunger- Lyco, Cina …

26) Type writer’s paralysis -Stannum met

27) Tender feet of shop girls -Squilla

28) Morbidly conscientious- Spiraea ulmaria

29) Red sand in urine -Lyco, Sepia

30) Yellowish saddle across the face -Sepia

31) Leucorrhoea like odor of fish brine -Sanicula

32) Miller’s asthma- Sambucus

33) Stools like green frogs spawn -Salicylicum acidum, mag carb

34) Rice watery stools -Arsenic, Veratrum

35) Stools of cadaverous odor- Arsenic, Rhus tox

36) Rectum aches as if full of broken glass- Ratanhia

37) Sheep dung like stools -Alumina, Platina

38) Fan like motion of alae nasi -Lyco, Brom, Pyrogen

39) Strawberry tongue- Arum

40) Mentally an April Day -Pulsatilla

41) Weather cock amongst remedies -Pulsatilla

42) Eructations like Bad Eggs- Psorinum, Arnica

43) Urine- cat like odor- Viola tricolor

44) Painter’s colic- Platina

45) Writer’s palsy -Picric acid

46) Stools like sago particles- Phos

47) Milky urine- Cina, Phos acid

48) Sweat smelling like honey -Thuja

49) Leucorrhoea smells like green corn- Kreosote

50) Tongue coated milky white- Ant crud, Ant tart

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