Homeopathy progressing in Pakistan

The country’s homeopathic colleges have so far graduated 46,000 people and 15,000 more are currently studying at these institutes, said Health Secretary Mehmud Saleem Mehmud on Sunday.

Addressing participants of a ceremony to distribute certificates among four-year homeopathy diploma holders at a local hotel, the secretary said that the government had recognised homeopathic education due to cost-effectiveness of homeopathic system of disease diagnosis and treatment.He said around 130 colleges were currently offering homeopathic courses.He said homeopathic doctors mostly prescribed imported medicines however a large number of pharmaceutical firms had begun production.

Mehmud declared homeopathic education need of the hour and said all stakeholders, including Health Ministry, homeopathic colleges and Pakistan Homeopathic Council would jointly work to make health education more responsive to the current needs of health sector.

Principal of Capital Homeopathic Medical Collage Homeo Dr Nasir Ahmad Chaudhry said on the occasion that a large majority of population was benefiting from homeopathic system of medicine.He called for steps to improve educational and training standards in the field of homeopathic medicines to providing better, safe and effective health care to people at large.

Homeo Dr Chaudhry said Drugs Act of Traditional Medicine had been awaiting approval by parliament since long. He said the Act, when enforced, would ensure availability of quality and safe traditional medicinal products to people. He said homeopathic system of medicine should be improved to review composition of the National Homeopathic Council. Later, Health Secretary Mehmud Saleem Mehmud distributed certificates of advance homeopathic diploma to 48 homeopathic doctors, including 28 women.
Source : http://www.dailytimes.com.pk

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