Homeopathy regulation by Sri Lanka Homoeopathic Council

The Homoeopathy regulations of  Diploma, BHMS, MD (Hom), Licentiate Homoeopathic Medical Practitioner, Bachelor of Medicine and surgery, Diploma in Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Nurse Cum Pharmacist courses in Homoeopathy at Sri Lanka

Homoeopathic medical education Systematization Regulations
In Accordance with the powers vested by Section 22 a -e ,section 23 (1) a- -l and section 24 of the Homoeopathic Act ,No.7of 1970 and to exercise the powers  the council shall take the following steps to control ,Regulate and upgrade the Homoeopathic Medical education and here by makes the following regulations.


They Shall come in to force on the date of their publication  in the Gazette of  Democratic  Socialist Republic of  Sri Lanka.

The Regulations and the Syllabus are subject to modification by the Homoeopathic medical education and Examination Board.

The Homoeopathic  Medical council shall start a model Homoeopathic Medical college in the council Land at 94 Shelton Jayasinghe Mawatha, Welisara ,Ragama  to impart  Homoeopathic Medical Education.  

2. Definations In these regulations ,Unless the context otherwise requires

  1.       i.    “Act” means The Homoeopathic act of 1970.
  2.      ii.    “college” means the homoeopathic medical college run by the Homoeopathic medical council
  3.     iii.    “ Board” means The Homoeopathic Medical Education and Examination board.
  4.     iv.    “President” means The President of Homoeopathic medical Council.
  5.      v.    “Director”  The director of education of the Homoeopathic Medical college.
  6.     vi.    “Principal” Means the Principal of the Homoeopathic Medical college.   

3.NAME OF THE COLLEGE: The Name of the College Shall Be “ Mahinda Rajapaksha Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital” 

4. Vision of the College: As per its Strategic Plan, The vision of the college is to be credible and dynamic Homoeopathic medical education contributing to the Health care prosperity of Sri Lanka.

In addition to provide strategic leadership for the medical sector the college provides Prudential and pro-activate  national Health care policy recommendations to the Government with the highest integrity and professionalism.    

5.Mission of the college: The College shall strive to Generate High quality Human resources with best Knowledge and skills in Homoeopathic Field.

6.Governing Body of the College:The College shall be governed  by a nine member board consist of all members of Homoeopathic medical council, a ministry official appointed by the minister and a Homoeopathic Practitioner appointed  by  the  President of Homoeopathic medical Council.

6.1.Name of the Governing body:The Name of the Governing Body Of the College Shall be Homoeopathic Medical education and Examination Board of Sri Lanka.  

6.2Chairman of the board and powers:

a) The President of the Homoeopathic council shall be the Chairman of the governing board of the college.

b) Every board meeting is chaired by the President. If the President desires he could delegate it to any member of the board.

c) The Chairman has the power to appoint a new member from the registered Homoeopathic medical practitioner when a member of the board absent for three consecutive meetings.

d) The chairman shall call for Special meetings with Short notice if any urgent circumstance arise.

6.3Director Education:

a) Director Education a competent person in the subject Shall be Appointed by the Governing board.

b) The director shall be responsible for the educational affairs of the  college.

c) The director shall associate with the principal of the college and guide for the smooth running of the college.

6.4.Powers of the Board:

a) The board shall be the supreme body  in decision making and implementing the programs.

b) The board will have the power to appoint a director for the educational affairs of the college.

c) The board shall decide and make changes on the course fees and admission fees.

d) The board shall recruit the Teaching faculties and other staffs of the college.

e) The board shall develop the curriculum and syllabus with the assistance of Academic staffs.

f)  The Board Shall have the power to appoint competent Lecturers and Professors As internal or external  examiners to conduct the examinations of the college

g) The Board shall appoint an experienced person who has knowledge of all sector of the college in managing a Homoeopathic Medical college as the principal of the college,. He shall be responsible for all affairs of the college.

h) The board shall decide on Scheme of Scholarship time to time.

i)  The board shall decide a special fees structure and admission fees for foreign Students.

6.5Secretary of the board: The registrar of the Homoeopathic medical council Shall be appointed as the secretary of the board.

6.Courses Proposed, Duration, eligibility and Medium :

Download the full regulations: www.similima.com/pdf/sri-lanka-homoeopathy-regulations.pdf


  1. Respected. I’m a Qulified Dispenser, a four year DHMS RHMP Dr and also BA B. Ed. I want to continue my education in homeopathy for more research experience and knowledge. Can you help me what can I do?

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