Homeopathy Schools & Colleges in USA

students1American Medical College of Homeopathy
“Transforming Lives”
1951 W. Camelback, Suite 300
Phoenix, Arizona 85015
602-347-7950; 602-864-2949(fax)

The British Institute of Homoeopathy – USA
580 Zion Road
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Email :  info@bihusa.com

North American Society of Homeopaths

Centre For Homeopathic Education New York
Michele Arbogast
126 Jessup Rd
Warwick, NY 10990
845 987 7788
Email : arbogast.michele@yahoo.com

Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy
Willa Esterson Keizer, C.C.H., Director
P.O. Box 538 .Aromas, CA 95004
Email : willa@homeopathyhome.net

Allen Academy
2321 Fells Ln. Wilmington DE 19808
302-994-6838 Email : rbann@delanet.com

American University of Complementary Medicine
11543 Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064 .
310 914-4116 Email : marketing@aucm.org

Bastyr University
4500 Juanita Dr. NE
Kenmore, WA 98028-4966
Email : admiss@bastyr.edu

Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy
2001 W. Camelback Rd. Suite 150
Phoenix, AZ 85015.Email : disch@igc.org

Farrington Homeopathy School
20 Cedar Blvd. Suite 303
Pittsburgh, PA 15228
800 430-9328

The Chiropractic Academy of Homeopathy
6536 Stadium Drive
Zephyrhills, Florida 33540
Email : DANdc1@aol.com

Homeopathy School of Colorado
P.O. Box 20340
Boulder, Colorado 80308-3340
Email : info@homeopathyschool.org

Five Elements School of Classical Homeopathy
PO Box 537
Boonton NJ 07005
973 402-8510 Email : remedy@gti.net

Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
80 Nicholl Avenue
Pt. Richmond CA 94801
Email : hahnemann@igc.apc.org

New Mexico School of Classical Homeopathy
202 Morningside SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 268-6870 ext 115

The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California
2136 Oxford Ave.
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007
Email : info@homeopathic-academy.com

The Homeopathic College – Durham
Manfred Mueller D.Hom (CHC Certified)
University Office Park
Suite 230 .411 Andrews Rd
Durham, NC 27705
800-218-7733 Email : bryonia@aol.com

The Homeopathic Community School
Lucy Vaughters, PA-C, MA-T, CCH, Director
1124 6th Avenue S.
Edmonds WA 98020
425 672-4485
Email: info@homeocommunityschool.com

The Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy
321 McKinstry Road
Gardiner, NY 12525
845 255-6141
Email : classicalhomeopathy@earthlink.net

Institute of Classical Homeopathy
2325 Third Street, Suite 426
San Francisco, CA 94107
415 551-1020
Email: ICH@classicalhomoeopathy.org

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy – USA Campus
P.O. Box 242
Gardiner, NY 12525
Director: David Kramer
Email : homeopath4@aol.com

David Little’s site

The National Center for Homeopathy
801 North Fairfax Street, Suite 306
Alexandria VA 22314
Email: nchinfo@igc.apc.org

National College of Naturopathic Medicine
049 SW Porter St.
Portland, OR 97201
Email : admissions@ncnm.edu

The New England School of Homeopathy
356 Middle Street
Amherst, MA 01002
Email : nesh@nesh.com

New York Luminos School of Homeopathy
158 Franklin Street #3
New York, NY 10013. 212 925-4623

The Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy
5201 Eden Avenue, Suite 245
Edina, MN 55436 .877 644-4401
Email : info@homeopathicschool.org

School of Homoeopathy, New York
Kathy Lukas
964 Third Avenue, 8th floor
New York, NY 10155-0003
Email : kathy@homeopathyschool.com

S.W. College of Naturopathic Medicine
2140 E. Broadway Road
Tempe, AZ 85282
480 858-9100
E mail : admissions@scnm.edu

Pacific Academy of Homeopathy
1199 Sanchez Street
San Francisco CA 94114
415 695-2710
Email : health@homeopathy-academy.org

Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy
5A Lancaster St. .Cambridge, MA 02140
Email : drluc@cybermesa.com
The primary instructor is Dr. Luc De Schepper.

Resonance School of Homeopathy
Campuses in Reno, NV and
Port Ludlow, WA on the Olympic Penninsula

School of Homoeopathy, Devon England
North American Flexible Learning Program
Misha Norland, FSHom, Director
Betsy Levine
PO Box 3122 .Evergreen, CO 80437
Email : betsy@homeopathyschool.com

Teleosis School of Homeopathy
Director: Begabati Lennihan
5A Lancaster St
Cambridge, MA 02140
617 547-8500
E mail : teleosis@verizon.net

University of Bridgeport
College of Naturopathic Medicine
60 Lafayette Street
Bridgeport, CT 06601 .203 576-4109
E mail : natmed@bridgeport.edu

Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy

San Diego Center for Homeopathic Education and Training

Pacific Academy of Homeopathy
San Francisco Bay area

The Institute of Classical Homeopathy
San Francisco, CA

Luminos Homeopathic Courses
In Washington DC and San Francisco, director is Louis Klein.

Curentur Institute of the American University of Complementary Medicine
Los Angeles

Colorado Institute for Classical Homeopathy

Institute of Classical Homeopathy

The Homeopathic College – Durham

The New England School of Homeopathy

National College of Naturopathic Medicine


  1. Dear Rezaul Bhai,
    I read your letter but not realize that what want to say you? Don`t forget that every pathy has certain limitation, nobody can say I am enough.. Where allopathy fails to cure there homeopathy radically cure it side by side reverse seen it in cases of emergence and critical condition . It is the drawback of homeopthy.
    Thanx with regards
    Dr. SR Choudhuri
    Durgapur, West Bengal ( India)

  2. Sir,
    Salam and welcome. To make you stand of a cruel reality and horrible truth is this writing. Hope I will get the answer.
    Universe is the selfless gift of the creator, after creation it he has given to the mankind some of his own attribute and powers. Besides that be a man has to think too much to conduct his daily activities and to elect occupations. Unanimously, creator makes mankind do his action; or only man does the action of the creature. So as a representative of creator I am makeing this anxious prayer to you and pay heed to this huge veracity.
    I am Rezaul Islam Rezu the village – Haripara, Upajelah- Kalapara, Dist- Patuakhali, Bangladesh.
    On 31/03/1981 in Bangladesh, I was born. This country brings father two Nobel Victors, one of them is Dr. Mohammad Yunus and another is Rabindranath Thagor.
    Affection for the Bengoli, his unwearied effort has cause to be victor of Nobel prize, for Bangali pour out blood from the bosom coloured on delighted to the royal road, As a result we obtained international mother language day- to defence this language from the exotic language capitalist, but on all sides bangali is still neglected.
    For whole in the common layers of people workmanship Dr. Mohammad Yunus has obtained the Nobel prize, but his activities today in packed in a sack due to modern capitalist, can’t be blowned due to the rich – poor brutal definition and discrimination in society through the creator.
    Such as is the packed in a sack of this sort original, beautiful, and intellectual medical procedure Homoeopathy today. At that place also onstruction some capitalist and waist beneficiary medical procedure even where some dessentient attendant of homiopathy.
    Phthisis, Malaria and AIDS even this moment horrible great epidemic and from its murderous sudden biteto defence to the human attempt to whole- heartedlt, contrary to disease tradeing.
    Therefore, as the representative of creator this natural medical procedure of your own accord to make come to hand to the threshold of the mankind with contrived way-on the point of you will get me towards as your fellow-soldier.
    As a matter of fach, convenience is not I to excessively study. I actually did not get too much education lack of precise convection and concerted dependants preceptorship liability is turn out me-sense of iresponsibal vision led me to the superstitious religious education, where one and all appointed to work only the fear and avarice of the next world hereafter, but sciencefical contemplation, and curious reflection couldn’t throughout for a surplus day to so- called twilight way. I mentioned this so- called for that of the history of thousands years can be reviewed, and that the religious beliefs ceased improper and unchaste, since then the moral philosophy hass taken with folded hands-pure and simple invocation of religion, for make pleasure of the Master.Which is never can be pleasure of the Master. Year that the creator will never can be sti. Even though, fanaticism of intelligentsia takes the side of it with various kinds.
    Whatever, now I am fully absolute and quite full man about anxi and amour. I found the meaning of life – one noble veracity and address of pretty. Found out an isthmus of close combination between natural disposition and human, one huge song of reunion.
    Disease mouring, infirmity attacks earth as like human being. Although there is more than one difference between the world and human being but in one direction excessive harmony consistent is there. In spring the nature is as like blooming lightning & adolescent girl, in advent of the rains full adolescent as like sixteenth girl and in autumn & dewy season is as like pregnant mother.
    Can be exception? Sometimes may be, but it doesn’t become beneficent; as in the manner doesn’t become, attempted to destruct volcanic eruption with stroke of dynamite. In fact, that volcanic eruptions are that proclaims in public of living of earth. Due to inconvenience of momentary shooting on earth to be obliged to transformed a deceased city. So, let these volcanic eruptions / diseases be stayed in their own site, in another safety shelter cause to happen of green magnificence to solicited for the human residence is the work of talented.
    Mr. Kent generous’s one row could be remembering hat, “the people can be in excess surpassing with bacillus than as long as without germ. Can be conceived? Become understand the purport of writing?
    We the wises of the world at once has declared war together with modern apparatus against the infectious disease, wrapped up unusually busy to defeated them; transformed the human biobot- one half human another one machine – ringing on heart, bypass, open heart surgery is much more. Can be thought, being set ring in heart an artificial heart is being set. Is it human or machine? And as a result of change the patient is really becoming cure, or not?
    To bring back to life in artificially is canbe fruitfulness of science but it can’t become a medical procedure; and i do not think it has necessity, magnanimous Haniman’s theory teaches us like this.
    How can people get emancipation from disease, even how the people can be indestructible on the destructible earth, this theory and to suggest the way can be confessed as a medical procedure? But dismissaling an assaulted organ putting in a machine to transform human into the robate is may be fulfillment of science, but it is not a medical method, and i have often proved that no need to the homoeopathy method, even though I am not professional in this workmanship.
    “Which having done whatever that may be, that having done becomes the same”; – this one is veracity of long standing; but it may not be anyone in sight. Telling about to one devotee of homeopathy. He knew this formula and the rule to apply in all ages. But, in my case this formula would not work very much. Once upon a time i was very ailing of agthma, would in front of homiopathi with difficulty. In the beginning he has given me medication for a few days, at one time he despairied. Suddenly one day he took away me to a library. Buying a book of homeopathy one’s own money holding in my hand and said, keep reading, you will find the solution.
    After that growing severity of disease, desire to be in excess in fury and desire to learn new one after another unknown thing at one time come to me noble veracity. Obtained a tiny but worth gems is given up generous Haniman. I listened to outcry to proclamation of imperishable life to the people. Discovered that its formula and complete the unfinished work of his – which he couldn’t have done due to short-lived; moreover he was incessant up to the last days of life.
    Today I am claiming that, it is the hightime revealing in front to the people of the generous’s that incomplete action. Today this one cause to take and revealing in front to the people from anxiety to the fit for habitation laboratory that,’ o! Mankind, it is not the certained consequence, which you are watching about live, you may be immortal.
    The two conditions of people, one is healthy and anotherone sickness. What does consolation by the healthy? Contrary of sickness; In that case what does consolation by the sickness? Hardship; in a ward tears. In which condition become sorrow or cause one to weep, exactly that is sickness. Conceive that; is there any madicine to cause to lough to the people? If you obtained in that case you obtained a medicine to open declaration to immortal to the human.
    Heart, lungs, even than liver, if cause one to weep be defeated of beloved person, desire to suicide since then him can be make of sound mind by the homiopathic medicine.
    In that case why it couldn’t still today recognized and widely accepted method of treatment into the newly sick traders. Which is more beneficial for mankind between NOSOD’s of homiopathy and penicillin of alopathiy. Doubtlessly nosods, in that case why is emaciated its real application? The answer is one. Can’t trade of it. To be a doctor he has to know all of human body even the condition from first to last of disease. But, the so-called modern medical science, even if some of the medical practitioners of homeopathy think that on surgical treament using name of disease that can cure disease. In meteriya medikate has been told the disease name, the symptom and drugs. Actually there are wrong to understand, which are become envious in the ground of practical uses.
    However, i’d like to lay the institutional foundation of my realization, and in this case desired your help. I want to gay and festive my future life for the human welfare, and for this reson necessity your co-operation and patron. I am in resolute that getting exactly patron i will think homeopathy to be worshipped for my whole life – I must raising up the victory banner of homiopathy on the top of all medical procedures. That’s end for today, if I get the answar I will write next time.

    Thanks & best regards

    Rezaul Islam

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