HomeoQuest -Free Homeopathy Repertory & MM Software

Homoeopaths to experience the latest features, the most advanced technology and the best books. And now they can have the Community version of HomeoQuest is free.

Its various versions are being used by thousands of professional homoeopaths and students to find the most accurate medicine for their patients.

The impact has been crazy huge… it is being used in all corners of the globe in over 74 different countries.

Provided tools and resources that help thousands of practitioners to unlock their challenging homoeopathic cases especially when their favourite approach does not work.

But I get most excited about my free HomeoQuest Community Software and helping all those practitioners and students out there who may never have been able to afford a world class software to provide the best for their clients.

The software is free on the understanding that it is shared with the wider Homeopathic community, in fact the more you share the more access to the system you get.

Here is the link to a code for people to register to get free access to the system http://apps.homeoquest.com/hquest/community/1d2f/

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  1. Please can I register for your free access to Jeremy Sher’s Mental Symptoms Homeopathic Repertory

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