What is the relevance of MD(Hom) Psychiatry-If CCRH appointing allopathic psychiatrist?

CCRH-PsychWhat is the relevance of MD(Hom) Psychiatry-If Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) appointing allopathic psychiatrist?

It has been around 15 years since Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) had started MD (Hom) Psychiatry. The objective behind the course was to produce homoeopathic specialists at par with allopathic psychiatrists.

So what is the basis for recruiting allopathic psychiatrists in a homoeopathic hospital (CRI, Kottayam)?

If these posts, which are meant for homoeopathic psychiatrists, are filled by allopaths, then what is the role of homoeopathic psychiatrists?

If the argument is that homoeopaths are not capable, then whether it is an admission that the CCH has failed in producing quality specialists?

Even in such scenario also, allopaths can be appointed only as consultant for a specified period till homoeopathic MD Psychiatrists learn and get confidence to manage the case alone.


  1. Either CCH sholud raise it in system or shut down speciality in homoeopathy. MD (Hom) are equally capable to any doctor in other system.

  2. I, Dr. Thajuddin K P, [BHMS, MD (Psych)], completed my MD in 2005 and is the first batch student in Homeopathic psychiatry. I had applied for this post for past four times they called for, since 2008, yet I hadn’t received any response regarding the same during these periods.
    I am a member of Indian Psychiartic Association and it indicates that even they had recognized our psychiatric qualification and i had got training under Allopathic psychiatrists. We had followed CCH’s syllabus and yet we are not receiving any favourable support from them.
    It shows that these CCRH authorities are not at all interested in working for any beneficial development of the field and they need to spend their term in their respective post undisturbed and without any stress and strain.

  3. what is the point of introducing such specialties in homoepathy when you are not ready to employ them in your own organisations.its like underestimating ur own system n ur own people..these homoeo organisations should do something about it.

  4. well said sir..CCH and CCRH should be ashamed. In every way we degrade ourselves. MD (Hom) Psychiatrists, it’s time you stand up for yourself and raise your voice.

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